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Third Person P.O.V

"I'm hoooome!"

Tiger Lily's voice rang out, causing a bunch of fairies to scatter and fly into their small fairy homes. Most of them looked fear-stricken, each of them trying to get away as their wings could take them. Two of them ran into each other when they weren't paying attention, causing them to lose their balance and fall to the ground, narrowly missing the tan, pink fairy who was skipping towards a particular green flower with a cheeky grin on her face.

"Tink! You won't believe the wicked bitch I had to deal with earlier today-"


"-who I'm sure was a lovely person deep down underneath her green skin." Tiger Lily turned around and flashed an innocent smile at Blue, who was flying towards her with a grim expression.

"Hey, Blue," she greeted her cheerfully. "Nice night, huh? Do you know where Tink is? She's usually home by now."

Blue took a deep breath. "Magenta, I think we should find a private place to talk."

Tiger Lily narrowed her eyes. "I'd prefer to be surrounded by witnesses, thank you." She sniffed in a superior manner. "Now where's Tinkerbell?"

"I'm afraid she's gone."

She blinked slowly. "Gone . . . as in dead? Or gone as in not here?"

Blue sighed. "Gone as in her wings have been stripped and her fairy privileges revoked."

"WHAT!?" Tiger Lily exploded. She stomped her small foot, glaring furiously at the brunette woman. "Why the fuck would you do that!?"

Normally she would receive a scolding for using inappropriate language or talking so rudely to the woman who was practically the fairies queen. But now she could see that Blue was trying to avoid a scene. Oh but Tiger Lily would give one. She'd give her pure hell for this.

"She stole pixie dust," Blue replied calmly.

Tiger Lily's eyes widened. shook her head. "Tink wouldn't do that," she insisted. "I know she wouldn't. Not unless there was a good reason."

"She did it in order to help the student of the Dark One."

Relief clouded the pink fairy's mind so completely that she burst out laughing before she could help it. "Regina!?" she exclaimed, ignoring the startled look on Blue's face. "Tink was trying to help her? Oh bless her heart I love that cute little blondie." She shook her head. "It's okay, Blue. She just was trying to be a good fairy. You can bring her back." Still chuckling, Tiger Lily began to head back to her own dark pink flower.

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

Tiger Lily froze mid-step, feeling as though someone had doused her with ice water. Carefully she turned around, meeting the Blue Fairy's brown eyes that reminded her of steel.

"Sure you can," Tiger Lily said slowly. "You better hurry too. She might be cold and hungry, or scared. Living in the human world is unnatural and scary for a fairy."

"She broke the rules, Magenta," Blue said gently. "She can't return."

"So what?" Tiger Lily snapped. "I've broken the rules six thousand times and you've never cast me out!"

"She's not coming back," Blue said flatly. "I'm sorry." With that, she waved her wand and vanished, her usual method of dealing with the arguments she had with the young fairy when she thought she was right but wouldn't be able to convince Tiger otherwise.

Tiger Lily took out her own wand, staring at it for a long time. It was beautiful, made from the wood of a cherry tree with small vines covered with tiny flowers laced around it. Her fingers traced the smooth, polished wood, and tapped the tip.

"If she's not coming back then neither am I."

With a loud 'snap', she broke the wand in half and chucked it over her shoulder, not even bothering to look at where it landed.

Though a squeak of pain from her friend Nova gave her a slight indication.

A harsh ache settled in Felix's head. The glaring sunlight beaming straight into his eyes didn't do much to help it. He rolled over onto his stomach, desperate to catch a few more minutes of sleep. The grass was soft underneath him and there was a cool nip in the air. His thick clothes did well to keep the cold out though and soak up the warmth instead. The weather here sure was a change compared to Neverland, where it was always unpredictable.

More sleep might do him some good, he decided. Then he could go back to whatever it was that he was doing.

His eyebrows furrowed together. What had he been doing? And when did he go to sleep?

Frowning, his head snapped up. He was in the middle of the forest in Storybrooke. There was the well that he had planted the curse in, that part he remembered clearly.

But where had Pan and Amy gone? They had come to try and stop him. And what about that other stupid girl? Hadn't she tackled him? Did she somehow manage to knock him out and run off? Did she get the hat to Peter and Amy. Felix got to his feet and ran to the well at full speed, his feet skidding across the dirt when he forced himself to come to a sudden stop. Peering inside, there wasn't a single trace of his curse left inside. No green smoke or anything. Just darkness.

Had his curse already been cast? Was the entire town now under his command? Was Pan back to being the cold, mischievous leader he knew?

But if the town was under a curse then that meant that Felix was the king now. The New Neverland was his.

"Only one way to find out," he murmured. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and began making his way out of the woods. First order of business, put Amy in cage or something equally bad. If the curse really worked out then Pan wouldn't care. If he was feeling generous maybe he'd even let him play with her still.

A sickening sensation crept into his stomach at these thoughts. When had he become like this?

Worse, why was he feeling so guilty about it? The brat ruined his life, that's all there was to it. If it weren't for her they might very well still be on Neverland, Henry's heart beating inside Peter's chest with another source of unconditional love to keep it alive. Anyone would be better than her. She made Peter weaker.

'Or maybe she just gave him something more to live for other than hate,' his stupid conscience chastised him.

Felix sighed. Having a tiny sense of empathy used to to help him keep Pan from going completely over the line. Now it was just confusing him. Maybe he should talk to him, he decided. He'd talk to Pan and really listen this time, without the dark magic distracting him.

Who knows, maybe Pan would even give his own congratulations for enacting the curse. After all, he couldn't do it himself because he didn't want to kill Amy. So wouldn't it make sense that his second-in-command stepped up and did it for him?

Though Pan had claimed Felix hadn't used the correct heart . . .


Felix whipped around just in time to send a kick out as a flash of red pounced at him. His foot landed straight in the girl's stomach, who let out a loud, "Oof!"

She went flying back and landed on the ground. Before she could get back on her feet, Felix was on her, pinning her to the ground. She bared her teeth at him and smirked back.

"Serena, wasn't it?" he questioned sarcastically. She growled in response. "You know, yelling when you're about to do a sneak attack doesn't help."

"Whatever!" she scoffed, though a hint of pink went into her cheeks. "Now get the hell off me before I rip the feather out of your hair and shove it up your ass."

His eyes narrowed. "That's a pretty bold thing to say to your king," he said coldly.

She blinked in surprise. "Uh . . . either this is some kind of turn on for you or you think the curse worked."

In response to his startled look, she burst out laughing hysterically, her body shaking underneath his.

"You're such an idiot!" she crowed. "KING!? Are you serious!?"

He dug his nails into her arms, which only made her laugh harder despite the crescent shaped bruises he would be leaving.

"Ooh, scary," she taunted. "What are you going to do next? Give me a paper cut?"

"If my curse didn't work then what happened?" he asked through gritted teeth.

She managed to calm down, though a wide grin stayed on her face. "I don't really know. But I do know that if you don't get off of me in the next five seconds you're going to see my bad side."

He let his eyes trail over her pointedly. "Such a shame."

A yell escaped his mouth when his wrists were seized by something thick and rough, yanking him off of the small girl and dragging him down to the ground. He snarled, kicking his legs and thrashing against the restraints before his ankles were tied down too. He took a moment to look at what was holding him captive.

"Are these tree roots?"

"The hippies know what they're talking about when they tell you to hug a tree," she told him with a straight face. She held a hand out and another root shot straight up from the ground and smacked her hand, as though it was giving her a high five.

Pushing aside the desire to know what a "hippie" was, Felix instead said, "So now what?" he drawled. He wasn't too worried. He had figured out that she was attracted to him while in the jail cell, which meant that she wouldn't kill him. At least not at this point.

"Now we're going to perform an interrogation."

Felix craned his head painfully to see Henry's grandfather, Prince Charming or David or whatever, walk over, a pair of those painful silver handcuffs gleaming tauntingly from his hand.

"Nice work, Serena," he complimented her.

She smirked. "Anytime." She winked at Felix as the roots released him from their death grips. But before he could even think about running, David had him in his own death grip.

"How did you even get a hold of him?" Felix snarled, wincing as David clasped the cuffs around him. "He was all the way back in town."

Serena pulled something out of her pocket and dangled it from the very tips of her fingers. "This, my dear, is called a cell phone. And these buttons? They're for a little something called texting." She gasped mockingly.

"Shut up," he muttered, yet again restraining from asking what it was.

"Don't bother with the interrogation, by the way," Serena told the man. "He's clueless."

"About what?" Felix snapped, trudging along with the two who each had one of his arms in their grip.

"About what happened after we got hit by your curse," David explained. "Because we're all missing something."

"That was like five, ten minutes ago," Felix retorted. "It must have just failed, is all."

To his surprise, Serena nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I'm kind of confused as to what the big deal is too. What's happening, David?"

They didn't receive an answer until they reached the station, where Snow White was sitting in a chair with their back to the three of them.

"Hey, Snow," Serena greeted her as the dark-haired woman stood up. "What's up-WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EATING!?"

Felix could only stare at her very pregnant stomach as David pushed him past her and into a cell.

"I'm going to have a baby," Snow White said softly, her hand running over her stomach.

As Felix settled on the bed, prepared to listen to whatever was going on in this town, another thought struck him. There would be no shadow to break him out of the cell this time.

Even more importantly, someone else was missing too.

"Where's Pan?" Felix cut in before anyone could start talking. "And Amy?"

David and Snow White exchanged a long look. Serena frowned, removing her hands from feeling the baby bump.

"Yeah, where are they?" she questioned. "And what about Emma and Henry?"

Snow White took her time clearing her throat before carefully saying, "We don't know."

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