Promises, Escapes and LoVe

Chapter 1: Preparations


I hated watching Aaron hurt our son. I knew sometimes Logan would egg his father on to keep him from hurting me, but the suffering needed to end. I knew I wasn't strong enough to stop Aaron on my own; I would never be strong enough to stand against Aaron.

"Mrs. Echolls how can I help you," Keith Mars says as I watch his daughter typing away on her laptop. I remember the days when she would come with Lilly and they would hang out with Logan. Logan was less of a pain then, but Lilly Kane's death affected each of the kids differently.

"I need your help with something," I say as I hand him some paperwork I had drawn up for this situation.

"I don't understand what you are really asking me," he says looking over each of the documents I handed him.

"I need you to help protect Logan from his father. I have a bad feeling about what is going to happen. His affair coming to light during the Christmas party is just the tip of the iceberg. There are things he has done, that people wouldn't believe. I just need to know that you'll do anything you can to help Logan," I say as he looks me over. I watch silently praying that he would allow me this promise.

"I will sign them, but Lynn I can't make her do anything she doesn't want to do," he says softly signing the documents for me.

"Thank you so much Keith. I need you to keep this package safe. If anything happens to me give it to Aaron," I say as I hand him a package. The contents of it would make the best police officer furious. It would make Aaron livid, and it was an insurance policy if he tried to prevent this.

"Veronica, it was nice seeing you over during the week," I say as I exit Keith's office.

"It was a nice time," Veronica says as she gives me a small smile.

"I have to admit, you were my favorite," I say as I walk out of the door. I head to my car and drive off. There was still so much planning I had to do and I needed it done before Aaron was released from the hospital.

My next stop was my lawyer who helped redefine my will and all of my possessions. I also took out a large sum of money from our joint account for the purchase of something for Aaron to come home to as a ruse. It would be held over in an account for the next part of my plan.

"Lynn, the bank called to ask about you taking out money. I hope you aren't getting any ideas in that head of yours," Aaron says all too calmly for my liking.

"It was to pay for the Christmas party and some unwanted surprises," I lie as I hear Logan in the background.

"I just want you to know I have our son here. I would hate for something bad to happen to him because you weren't thinking carefully," he sneers toward me over the phone. Yes, I needed to finally protect my son from the monster that has entrapped us for way too long.

"Aaron, you know me. I couldn't survive without you," I lie yet again as he laughs.

"Actually, you wouldn't because I would take you with me when I go," he says hanging up the phone. I had put some money away, I got Keith to help keep evidence, and I changed my will. I just needed one more thing.

I headed home with papers I would get Aaron to sign once he was distracted. I wasn't sure if my plan would work, but I needed to try. The woman who put a knife in Aaron was a wakeup call that Logan was in danger. I mean every time Aaron hurt him I knew something wrong could happen, but this was the final straw. I gathered up some photos of Aaron and his many women that my PI had taken over the years and started sending them to different magazines.

"Mom," Logan says as he enters my room. I quickly push aside the papers for him to sit before he saw what I was doing.

"Yes," I say as I can tell he is half drunk.

"I don't know why we don't just leave," he mutters as I see him for the little boy he once was. He was so innocent before all of the crap with his father started. It was me at one time, but then to keep me in my place he began hitting Logan.

"I just can't," I mutter softly.

"You can't, or you won't," Logan snaps as he stands up quickly.

"Logan," I start but he cuts me off.

"You won't, he is destroying us. He has taken everything and is using it against us. He is destroying me," he yells. I have only seen him this upset once before. When he told me he was through with Veronica. He wasn't even like this when Lilly was killed.

"Logan, please calm down," I say as I go to put my hand on his shoulder.

"Don't, just don't," he snaps as he walks out of the door. I sit back down crying quietly as it sinks in just how much Logan has been suffering. My little boy was no longer that innocent child, and I was at fault. I allowed his father to hurt him.

I am walking down the hallway to his father's study when I hear Aaron yelling at Logan. I want to barge in and make him quit, but I can't bring myself to do it. I stand idly by as he hits my son 6 times with sharp snaps.

"Lynn," Aaron snaps when he opens the door to his study and I am standing there.

"I need you to sign some papers for a few events. I didn't know you were busy," I say as innocent as I could. He snatches the papers from me and begins to sign without looking over what he was signing. I am smirking inside because he just did something he will regret very soon. I notice Logan standing still facing the opposite direction. I could see the welts forming on his back.

"Is that all," he snaps shoving the sign papers into my waiting hands.

"Yes, thank you," I say as I hand them to Lettie Navarro with instruction s to take them to my lawyer who will be waiting for her at Mars Investigation.

After a week of being stuck in the house with Aaron, who finally left to do damage control do I finally get to finish my plan. I see Keith's car in the driveway of the nice house I just pulled up to.

"I was thinking you decided not to do this after all," he says as he shakes my hand.

"I had to wait for Logan to get back to school and Aaron to get out of the house," I say pulling a small package out of my purse. "This is for Veronica," I say handing it too him.

"Thank you," he says as he puts it in his pocket. "So is this the only house you have looked at," he replies as we walk into the next open space.

"No, I looked at a few others, but this is the one I know will be the perfect place for two people to start fresh," I say imagining what it would look like filled with furniture and a loving family; a family that I couldn't be a part of because it wasn't meant to be.

"Your lawyer brought over all of the paperwork you needed me to sign a couple of days ago. I don't like this idea one bit, but I know what must be done if it has to happen," he says as I walk out to the large patio that opens right up to the beach. This was the perfect house. I loved the view.

"Yes, I know, but I want Logan protected if something does happen," I say softly before adding, "If it was Veronica you would do everything in your power to protect her,"

"I would," he says with a finality that makes me glad I came to him for help. We both leave the house to go our separate ways, but I have a nagging in the back on my mind that my trouble was going to be catching up to me as I pull into Neptune High's parking lot.



I hated going behind Veronica's back and doing this, but I know the desperation in Lynn's voice and her words. If the roles were reversed and I was in her situation I would be doing the same exact thing right now to protect Veronica. I hope that it never comes to this, but her plan is very thought out and full proof. Aaron will not know what hit him at all.

I have to shake my head when I see the beautiful, but yet very simple house in front of me. It isn't too over the top or anything. I bet if Lynn could go back this is a home she would love to live in. I smile as I follow her around the house and make small talk. I fully understand everything that she is putting into motion is for Logan. She may not have been there for him like he needed, but right now in this moment she is stepping up.

Once she drives off I get into my car and drive to Mars Investigation. If my luck would have it Veronica will be there. If I had my way she wouldn't be, but she helps me out a lot by picking up the slack. I know she thinks she is being sly, but I know she takes on some of the cases without my permission.

"Dad is that you?" Veronica says as she sticks her head out of the room we call our staff lounge. It really is just a small room with a fridge and counter.

"Yeah, it's me," I say as I see her coming into the area.

"Where were you?" she questions as I walk into my office.

"I had to meet with a client over something," I say leaving out who it was or what it was for.

"Okay, I filed away the finished cases, and I need to head out to meet up with Wallace for some homework. I will meet you at home for dinner," she says as she leaves me.