The crew docked temporarily near an island because after an intense fight they had with the navy, Franky wanted to make sure the Sunny was okay, and to fix any little bents their ship might have possibly gotten. It so happened that it was a very crowded island, with busy streets and bunched up buildings. Luffy had always found these islands fun and interesting, but they warned him not to goof around too much, because they didn't want to spend much time on it. The log pose on this island sets in a couple of days. However they didn't want it to set and mess up their rout. They'd set off again as soon as they finished checking on the Sunny.

"If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to take a walk," Robin said to Nami, who was usually the one to decide whether things were okay or not.

"Alright, and you might as well take Zoro with you. I caught him getting off the ship a little earlier but brought him back since he'd get lost," she said, looking up at the sky as if checking the weather. "But don't come back too late, there might be rain tonight."

Chopper also joined Robin and Zoro, saying he wanted to restock on bandages. There were no good book stores on this island, which was a disappointment to both Robin and Chopper. Zoro couldn't care less. In fact, he preferred not to stand around and wait as both his nakama walked back and forth and scanned bookshelves.

Once they'd walked quite a distance, and after Chopper bought what he needed, they realized that they were very far from their ship. Sighing heavily, Zoro took the lead.

"I don't think that's a very good idea," Chopper whispered. Zoro looked over at him.

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Zoro, why don't you let me take the lead?" Robin said.

"Why? Do you guys doubt me or something?" Zoro demanded. Both Robin and Chopper stayed quiet, not giving him an answer. Zoro groaned, but let Robin take the lead. Chopper silently let out a sigh of relief. As the time got later, the streets became less crowded, and the weather became cooler. Robin had led them to a side street, where there were hardly any people, saying it would get them back faster. They were about to take a left when a woman stopped in front of them, wearing shabby clothes and a hat.

The woman's face was covered with scars and stitches. They could see that her hair was white, but most of it was hidden under the hat. They tried maneuvering around her, but she stopped them. She stood in front of Robin, who seemed a bit confused.

"Do I know you?" Robin asked, staying calm and staring bluntly at the woman. The woman raised her head. Her eyes were welling up with tears, which made Robin slightly uneasy. She lifted her hand and placed it on Robin's face. Immediately, the rest of the crew was alarmed.

"Robin," the woman whispered. As soon as the woman spoke, Robin's jaw dropped slightly, and she let out a sharp gasp. She shook her head and blinked a few times, then brought her head closer to the woman's face to look into her eyes and examine her features carefully. Her eyes widened and she took a step back. She began breathing heavily, and searched for a shoulder to place her hand on. Chopper was beside her, but was in his small form, so she ended up putting her hand on Zoro's since he was standing behind her.

"Robin, who is she? What's wrong?" Chopper asked, eyeing the woman carefully. Her crewmates remembered what had happened with Aokiji, and were worried something similar might happen again. The woman had the exact same sharp nose as Robin's, and the same blue eyes. Robin put one hand over her mouth while the other gripped Zoro's shoulder tightly as she tried to keep her balance.

She took a few deep breaths before saying, "Mother?"

The moment that word escaped Robin's mouth, many emotions came over her. Memories of her island and the few she had of her mother came back to her all at once. Questions overflowed in Robin's mind, causing her head to hurt. The crew was staring back and forth between Robin and this woman she called her mother, shocked and confused. After slightly recovering from the surprise, Robin did the one thing her guts told her to do. She let go of Zoro's shoulder, brought her hand away from her mouth, and came closer to the woman she never thought she'd see again. Confidently, she wrapped her arms around her. Tears ran down her mother's cheeks as she returned the hug. Robin felt tears forming in her eyes and an overwhelming happiness. At that moment, she put aside all the questions she had. Her mother wrapped her arms around her tightly. This was one of the rare times that Robin showed her emotional side publicly like this, and the members of the crew were a bit surprised. Not many things brought out this side of her. Robin buried her face in her mother's shoulder, something that made the crew even more shocked. She was being affectionate, as if she'd been waiting a long time for a moment like this to come. She never showed much affection to the members of her crew, except maybe Chopper or Nami, and occasionally Luffy. And even towards those three, it wasn't too extreme.

Although their hug lasted quite a long time, they still wouldn't pull away from each other. It was getting dark, and they had to get back to the Sunny, where the rest of the crew was. Zoro knew it was a very emotional event for Robin, but he cleared his throat to get her attention. Robin turned her head towards him. The expression on her face was indescribable. Her eyes showed relief and pure happiness. It looked like she wasn't even able to speak.

"Zoro and I are heading back, since it's getting late," Chopper said, patting Robin's shoulder slightly. "Come back when you're ready."

Robin nodded her head, and they left. When they finally parted, Robin's mother looked at her lovingly.

"There's so much to say that I can't find any words," she said, her voice quivering from all the crying. Robin closed her eyes for a while, and then opened them. A big smile spread across her face as she and her mother walked side by side.

"Are you happy?" was the first question Robin's mother asked.

"Very," she replied.

Robin couldn't stop smiling, no matter how silly it may have looked to have a broad smile plastered on her face. They walked a long distance, saying no word. Robin couldn't hold it in any longer. She turned to face her mother.

"Where have you been?" she asked. Although she was still happy, she wore a serious expression. Her mother took a deep breath and nodded.

"A prison," she said. Robin immediately understood why she had so many scars on her face. She'd been tortured.

"I was known as a criminal back then," she continued, turning her gaze to the road in front of her. "The government held me captive for eighteen years. They…did things to try to get information out of me. The books that we tried saving twenty years ago by throwing them into water were burned. The government was scared the information in these books would be leaked, and trusted no one. Not even their own insiders. So they relied on me to give them the exact information they wanted."

Guilt suddenly showed in her mother's eyes as she lowered them. She closed her eyes for a while. "For so many years, they kept trying and I held up for a long time but then…" she shook her head, "the last years I was there I…I wasn't able to take it anymore, and I spoke. I only told them the most unimportant information I could think of about what our island's scholars discovered from the research. My lying abilities always failed me."

She placed her hand on top of her eyes, whispering, "I betrayed them, Robin."

Robin hadn't taken her eyes off her mother at all. She reached over and took her mother's hand off her face, and shook her head in reassurance.

"No, you didn't," she said.

I know that Robin is usually never this affectionate, but I mean, since this is her mom, I felt that it was necessary to have her act that way. Hope you enjoyed it 8D!

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