Silence Chapter 6 - Breaking the Silence

"What?! Starscream's on his way here?!" Megatron roared with rage. "When I get my hands on his scrawny neck…"

A squawk came in through Rumble's comlink. The little blue cassette robot looked down at his wrist comlink, than afterwards looked up at Megatron, "Thundercracker and Skywarp are with him!"

"What're we gonna do?" Frenzy cried.

"We'll follow your orders, just tell us what you want us to do," Scrapper spoke on behalf of the Constructicons, whether or not they agreed with him. Megatron stood in silence for a long time.

"Scrapper," Megatron said sullenly, "You and the Constructicons go and scrap that coward Starscream! Thundercracker and Skywarp may not know exactly what's going on, so warn them to leave. If they refuse, then you can scrap them."

"What…are you going to do?" Longhaul asked meekly.

"Just get out of here," Megatron snapped. "I'll meet you back at the base!"

"Yes, Lord Megatron," Scrapper said with a nod. He then took off flying, the other Constructicons following. Upon witnessing the departure of the Constructicons, Soundwave raised his gun to fire at them. Smoke was beginning to emit from the wires the connected his arms to his shoulders, and his visor looked as if it was on fire.

"Soundwave!" Frenzy cried as he ran out of cover and stood before his creator.

"Frenzy! Get back here!" Megatron ordered.

"You've got to stop! You're going to die if you don't stop!" Soundwave abruptly turned to face him, aiming the gun at the one he had meant to protect. Frenzy took a step back.


A haze of red.

It's over.

Won't go without a fight.

Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp were less than a few miles away by the time the Constructicons had arrived.

"Starscream, what do you think you're doing?" Scrapper threatened.

"What do you mean?" Starscream snapped. "It's none of your damn business!"

"Under Megatron's orders it's our business!" Scrapper shot back. "You wouldn't happen to be looking for someone, would you?"

"And what if I was? It doesn't matter. Just get out of my way and I will be merciful when I become leader!" Starscream declared.

"What's going on here?" Thundercracker asked, looking over at Starscream.

"Starscream wants to violate a direct order of Megatron, and for that we have been sent to stop and punish him," Hook explained.

"However, you and Skywarp can be spared if you leave now," Longhaul explained.

"Ha! They would never leave my side! If you fight one you fight all!" Starscream snarled.

"Doesn't look that way to me, Screamer. Look behind you," Scavenger gestured behind Starscream. The jet transformer turned around to see his two subordinates leaving.

"We're not going to be punished for sticking around with you, we're outta here!" Skywarp said as he and Thundercracker sped off. Starscream growled with rage.

"This is mutiny!" Starscream shrieked. He then turned and gave the Constructicons a pleading look. "You wouldn't really want to hurt one of your own, would you? I mean, I-I was just joking, please have mercy…"

Soundwave fired the gun. Rumble ran in front and shielded his younger brethren from the blast.

"No!" Megatron roared.

"Rumble!" Frenzy cried. The impact sent Rumble sailing into his younger twin, knocking them both out. But right after he fired, Soundwave swayed and collapsed onto one knee. The gun fell from numbed fingers.

"What's going on?" Megatron whispered. His stomach quenched with fear as he wondered if Soundwave's was getting ready to explode. One hand on his head, the inflicted robot tried to struggle back onto his feet, but ultimately fell on his side. A gasp escaped Megatron as he realized what it was - the tranquilizer serum! It had a delayed reaction, but it was finally working!

He commanded his limbs to move.

They would not comply.

His strength had dissipated

As quickly as it appeared.

I'm sorry Megatron

I failed you…

It was then Megatron also remembered that he was still holding onto Ravage. He looked down at the small cassette with the realization that he still had a chance. Without hesitation he rushed to Soundwave's side and pushed down the eject button on his shoulder. As his chest compartment opened, Soundwave turned his head to look at Megatron. His visor was dim, occasionally flickering. The Decepticon leader swiftly inserted Ravage into Soundwave's chest and closed the panel. The ailing robot didn't seem to know what was going on, but upon feeling something being inserted into his tape compartment his visor lit back up. Immediately Megatron grabbed both of his hands to prevent him from hitting the button on his shoulder and ejecting Ravage. As the cassette began to manually turn the spokes inside, Soundwave kicked Megatron off with the last reminisce of strength.

Megatron landed on his back with a frustrated growl. Soundwave pushed himself onto one elbow, and with his other hand hit the eject button to discharge what he thought was a foreign object. However, right as his chest compartment began to open, Megatron lunged forward and pushed it shut. He then slapped the smaller robot's hand off of the button. Soundwave reached for his gun, but Megatron kicked it away and once again snatched his hands. The two then struggled, which Megatron was surprised to discover that they were even-matched due to Soundwave's sudden enhance of strength and Megatron's growing weariness. However Soundwave's power fluctuated rapidly and drastically, and with the tranquilizer serum taking full effect it wasn't long until once again his strength waned. The Decepticon leader took this opportunity to overpower the smaller robot. Thinking only with his instincts Megatron pulled down Soundwave's arms then quickly threw his own arms around his waist, thereby pinning both of the defective robot's arms to his sides.

Soundwave fought back with what little energy he had left. Megatron held on as tightly as his strength would allow. Fortunately the tranquilizer serum had taken full effect and finally the smaller robot's struggles ceased. At that point Megatron suddenly found himself in a very awkward position. He was quite glad that there was no one here to bear witness, or he would have never heard the end of it. However the silver transformer didn't want to ease his hold for fear that Soundwave may once again fight back and break loose.

Megatron couldn't help but wonder if the antidote was really going to work. What if the Autobots were lying, and that the supposed 'antidote' that they gave him was bogus? It wouldn't have surprised him, in fact he would have done the same thing. However the Autobots had always been sickeningly virtuous, allowing their lives to be governed by chastity. That's what made them Autobots. On the other hand, the Autobots and Decepticons have been at war for millions of years. They could easily have decided to abandon honor just this once, for the sake of destroying one of the highest ranking associates thereby dealing a crippling blow to the Decepticons. He never had the time nor chance to test the antidote. He could only wait for the result, and that fact caused the Decepticon leader great anguish. After everything they had went through, after everything Soundwave went through, he couldn't bare the thought of the antidote failing.

Megatron then noticed something softly touching his shoulder, and realized that he had tightened his grip. Once again feeling awkward, he loosened his hold slightly. Afterwards he turned his head and saw that Soundwave had laid his head on his commander's shoulder. Whether it represented affection or sheer exhaustion was beyond Megatron's knowledge. He too was fatigued, all of the stress and apprehension had taken its toll on him. However listening to Ravage turning the spokes eased the mind of the Decepticon leader, for as long as the cassette was inside the antidote must be working.

Frenzy groaned as he regained consciousness, drawing Megatron's attention. He pulled himself into a sitting position as his visual, memory and audio circuits reactivated. What he saw dissipated his fog of drowsiness. The younger cassette didn't know what he expected to find, but surely he didn't expect to see what looked like Soundwave and Megatron hugging.

Megatron glared threateningly at the human-sized robot. "Don't say a word, Frenzy. I'm warning you!"

Frenzy complied, only smiling widely. Rumble also began to rise with a loud yawn. However upon seeing Megatron and Soundwave, he was brought to full awareness, "What's going on?"

Megatron gave both cassettes a warning glance, "Ravage is administering the antidote right now."

"Is it working?" Rumble asked with genuine worry. Yet he couldn't help but feel excited. Would his creator, his father be all right? Was the nightmare finally over?

"I think so…" the Decepticon leader answered with a tired sigh. "It looks that way." Soundwave hadn't moved since laying his head on his commander's shoulder. Megatron loosened his grip and examined the smaller robot. Soundwave's visor was dark, he was asleep. He appeared to be stable, only burned out from everything that has happened. With a small smile, Megatron pulled himself onto his feet, picking up Soundwave with him. "Lets go home."

Audio circuits…online.

He could hear someone typing on a computer.

Perception sensors…online.

He was laying in some kind of thick, warm liquid.

Visual functions…online.

He appeared to be in a room. Upon surveying his surroundings Soundwave discovered that he was in Megatron's room. The Decepticon leader was sitting in a large chair, typing something into a computer and occasionally drawing something on a map.

Soundwave remembered everything…but it felt like it was all a dream. He experienced a strange sense of serenity and peace, as if he had awakened from a terrible nightmare to find that he was in the safety of his home. This left him feeling invigorated, and with he sat up. Upon hearing a splash he looked down to see that he was sitting in a pool of energon, although he really didn't know why. Megatron raised his head and looked at Soundwave, he too hearing the splash.

"Ah, you're awake," Megatron said, his voice surprisingly soft. He then coughed lightly as Soundwave examined the pool of energon he was sitting in. "Your wires were overloaded. Your auto repair systems could handle it, but having energon in contact with it speeds the process."

Soundwave nodded in response, then tilted his head slightly at the computer and map with curiosity. "What are you doing?" Megatron got up from his chair, picking up the map with him and walked over to Soundwave, finally kneeling by his side.

"I'm constructing a plan for those abominable Insecticons," the Decepticon leader answered. He then smiled evilly, "Tell me what you think of this." He held the map out before them. "I call this the "Kick Their Ass" plan. Basically, we take about twelve Decepticons, swarm their damn fortress and demolish it and them!"

"Twelve against three, attack on fortress," Soundwave repeated monotonously. "Chances of success high." Megatron laughed at his observation, then suddenly grew solemn.

"How are you, Soundwave?" Megatron asked seriously.

"Status normal," the smaller robot answered mechanically. His visor brightened slightly. "I…was defective… and in need of your assistance… Fortunately you were there. …Thank you" That answer brought a smile back on the visage of his leader.

"I'm just glad you're alright," Megatron replied, placing one hand on top of Soundwave's. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Who the hell could that be?" His subordinate answered with a shrug. The Decepticon leader pushed himself back onto his feet and walked over to the door. When he opened it he found Scrapper standing before him, holding Starscream's head in his hand.

"Excellent, Scrapper. Did he beg for mercy?" Megatron asked.

"Like a true coward," Scrapper replied.

"That doesn't surprise me. However he is a good fighter. Take him and whatever is left of him to the repair center. Tell them to repair him at their leisure." Megatron commanded.

"Yes, Lord Megatron." Scrapper said with a nod of his head. Megatron began to shut the door, "Lord Megatron…"

"What is it?" the Decepticon leader looked at the Constructicon leader.

"I'm glad you were successful. I knew you would be," Scrapper stated. Megatron nodded. The Constructicon leader then turned and walked away. Megatron shut the door but as he began to walk back to where Soundwave was there was another knock.

"What the heck is it now?" He opened it and almost found himself swept away in a sea of little human-sized robots. The cassettes swarmed in and gathered around their creator.

"How's Soundwa-Hey! He's awake! Hi Soundwave!!!!" Frenzy cried happily as he ran to Soundwave. Unfortunately in his excitement he miscalculated his steps and found himself slipping and falling into the energon. The other cassettes jumped or flew over him and embraced their "father." Soundwave enfolded his creations, being much larger then they were he was capable of enveloping all of them at once. Frenzy's head poked out from the energon with a huff. Megatron and the other cassettes laughed. Soundwave picked Frenzy up out of the energon and set him on his shoulder.

"I must have caused you great apprehension," Soundwave pointed out.

"You did! We were worried sick…" Rumble admitted. Ravage growled softly in agreement. Megatron watched the interaction between Soundwave and his cassettes, and realized how so very close they were to losing him. His life had literally almost slipped through their fingers. One of the most painful things Megatron had ever been forced to witness was the mental deterioration of his own subordinate, and felt a strong sense of relief that it wasn't permanent. Now things were back to normal, almost as if the previous events had never happened. But they did happen, and because of this Megatron had been forced to re-evaluate his relationships, not only with Soundwave but with all of his soldiers. He once again had to come to terms with the fact that they may be powerful, but they were by no means invincible. This did not worry him, however, instead it made him appreciate the present. Whether or not he would live through the next battle he never knew, but he did know that he was not going to let disappointments of the past and apprehensions of the future guide him. Instead he planned to experience the present. He was going to change his relationships with his teammates, perhaps build the cooperation and loyalty that appeared to grant such strength to their Autobot antagonists.

And he was going to start with Soundwave.

But first thing's first…

"Now that it's finally over," Megatron stated. "As soon as Soundwave's up to it, we're going to pay the Insecticons a little visit. We're going to teach them that payback's a bitch."

Author's Notes: I'm finally done! This chapter was very difficult because I worried about keeping everyone in character, and where exactly to insert that confrontation between the Constructicons and Starscream. But I'm quite proud of it, as it was one of the most challenging stories I've ever written.

About a month or two ago, I had been reading Transformer fan fictions and stumbled upon some frightening ones about Megatron and Soundwave's relationship. They usually end up acting OOC and have a wild romp in four different positions. These fanfics disturbed me, but I couldn't help but wonder if I could write a story that involves their relationship without it being corny or OOC. (Not all Megatron/Soundwave fanfics are like that, just most of the ones I find) Also, I didn't want this to be a romance fan fiction. My idea wasn't to hook anyone up, it was more to allow them to explore their relationships. Obviously something drastic would have to happen to cause Megatron to do something like that. I also wanted to write something purely original. Thus, Silence was born.

I decided early on that I wanted this to have a happy ending, that there was no good reason to kill poor Soundwave after all the crap I put him through in the previous chapters. I harnessed the best of my abilities to keep everyone in character, and the story consistent and canon. Thank you all so very much for your reviews! Without them I would have never known how it was turning out. =D