I can't believe I am voluntarily writing a Twilight fic, but the heart wants what the heart wants! And these days, it wants a shirtless werewolf. Yummy. Enjoy!

"Just one more, Em, please!"

"Serena, you know how I feel about cameras!"

"You're beautiful, stupid girl, shut up and let me work!"

Emily Uley rolled her eyes, but gave a quick smile to the enthusiastic girl opposite her. Serena Wilder was impossible to argue with. After knowing her for almost ten years, Emily knew she should be used to it, but she still wasn't. The girl was loud, constantly happy and had the most enchanting laugh she had ever heard.

"Done!" Serena clicked her camera one final time before removing it from her face and beaming. "These should keep me going until that husband of yours tells me the way to the cove you keep going on about."

"You really don't want to go there during bear season," warned Emily. She continued to flip pancakes on the stove as she used her free hand to rummage in the cupboard for syrup. "At least wait until one of the boys can take you."

Serena rolled her eyes. "What is it with you and those bodyguards? Don't get me wrong, I love being surrounded by six feet of shirtless muscle all day, but aren't you a little old for that?" she yelped as Emily swatted her with a spatula. "Hey!"

"Those boys treat me like I'm their mother and you know it!"

"A very hot mother, might I add."

"Shut up and go develop your pictures."

Serena grinned and hopped off the bar stool, reaching over the counter to give Emily a smacking kiss on her good cheek. Emily's lips twitched, but she sternly pointed towards the stairs leading to the upstairs portion. The younger woman blew her a kiss and bounded up the stairs just as the door to the house opened.

"Whose there?" called out Emily. She turned off the stove and set the plate of pancakes on the table. At that moment, Paul Lahote sauntered into the room. "Oh, hello, Paul."

"Morning," said Paul. His tone was expressionless, but it usually was. He sat down without invitation and Emily pushed the plate towards him wordlessly. He offered her a half-hearted grin. "Thanks, Em."

Emily smiled back. "No problem. What's up? You're early."

"Sam kicked me off patrol," Paul rolled his eyes and allowed Emily to pour a generous amount of syrup onto his pancakes. "Apparently missing the routine for a few days means I'm off my game."

"How was the funeral?"

Pauls shrugged. "It was nice. We were never close, y'know? But she was still my mom. I met her husband. He seemed like an okay guy. He said she left some pictures and stuff of the two of us and he'd send them to me soon. I thought that was pretty decent of him."

Emily squeezed his shoulder reassuringly as she passed the counter, carrying another plate of pancakes. She picked up the bottle of syrup and said, "You can crash on the couch in the den, if you want. I won't tell Sam."

"Yeah, you will," grinned Paul. "But thanks. I should head home and see my dad. Who are those for?" he eyed the plate suspiciously.

"Oh, didn't Sam tell you? My best friend's younger sister, Serena, is visiting for a few weeks. She's working on a photography project for college and I asked her to stay with me for the summer while she takes pictures around the Rez," Emily placed the syrup bottle on the plate and winked at Paul. "She'll be at the bonfire tonight too. You should meet her. She's very nice, and very pretty."

The last part was said with a pointed look at Paul, who rolled his eyes. "Seriously, Em?"

"I'm just saying," she shrugged innocently. "Plus, she's an amazing baker. Her mother taught me everything I know."

"That's nice, but I'll pass on the blind dates," Paul stood up and stretched. "I'll come tonight though, if you promise to not tell Sam that I went home and crashed."

Emily laughed. "Bye, Paul."


Serena absently flicked through the pictures she had just downloaded onto her laptop and selected a few solo shots of Emily, a few with her and Sam and finally a group picture of all the boys with Emily in the centre. Her mother and sister had been dying to see pictures of all the people who had been so welcoming at Sam and Emily's wedding, so she had promised to email a few nice ones. Since she had missed the wedding, it was her first time meeting everyone and she was surprised at how accepting the Quileutes were. She had barely known them for three days and already they were her favourite people.

Serena finished sending the email and shut her laptop, glancing at her watch and noting that it was almost time to leave for the barbecue on the beach that Emily had said they were supposed to go to. She ran to her closet and sifted through the clothes aimlessly; she had nobody to impress here, but she hadn't left the house much since she had come. Shrugging, she grabbed an off the shoulder white lace top, more for the comfortable fit than the amount of skin it showed, and opted to stick with the jeans she had worn that morning after showering. She changed, quickly ran a brush through her dark brown hair and grabbed a hair clip off her bed before rushing down the stairs. Emily stood in the living room, hands on her hips. There was a basket at her feet.

Serena bit her lip and swayed back and forth on the balls of her feet, resisting the urge to smile. "Hi, Em."

"You're late," said Emily crisply. "We were supposed to get a ride with Paul, but now we'll have to walk."

Serena blinked and glanced out the window behind her. The view was of the beach. The barbecue was at the beach. She blinked again. "Emily, you live on the beach. What's so bad about walking?"

Emily raised her eyebrows. "Oh, honey, this is going to be one long summer if you keep this up," she picked up the basket and opened the front door, gesturing for her to go first. "What's so bad about walking? You're carrying the basket."