Every ending...

Putting the letters back into the wooden box, she reached for the blade on the table. She wasn't even crying anymore, she just felt empty. Her hands were no longer shaking and the tears had dried. 'It's down the river not across the street.' The voice in her head taunted. She looked out of the window, snow was starting to fall, adding to the white blanket that covered the landscape. "Down the river, not across the street" she muttered to herself and cut down the vein. She felt warmth from the blood running down her arm, taking the blade in her right hand she cut down the left. Dropping the blade on the carelessly on the floor. She walked outside in to the falling snow. Crimson spots trailing her, melting the freshly fallen snow.

The old railway bridge across the river had been her favorite spot since they had moved there, in the middle of nowhere. Quiet, away from the hectic city life. Her father had always wished to go back to his childhood home, but now nothing mattered, he wasn't here. No one was. The place hadn't felt like home since his death.

She stepped on the stone bridge, walking to its center. The Hale River ran below it, its waters deep and dark surging through the rapids. She felt the rails shaking under her feet, letting her know of the train approaching. Looking into the tunnel, she saw the lights and turned her back. Spreading her arms, as if hoping to fly, to glide through the air she leaned forward and let herself fall into the icy waters.

The cold water woke her, pushing her body to fight, but she didn't. Her lungs started to burn from the lack of air, but before she opened her mouth to breath in, the force of the fast flowing river threw her body against a rock.

The train conductor signaled loudly to the figure on the tracks. A young girl he thought to be, he watched her turn her head and then fall. He knew he couldn't do anything but watch a life ending.


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