In the abyss without a flame chapter 4

Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, only the dark plot.

Rated: M, if you read the first three chapters you know where this is going.

Of course this story is now and will always be dedicated to Kiwi


"No," Edward couldn't look at the man. The man didn't say anything, merely rose and went to the corner where the cloth bag was kept. He picked it up and brought the whole bag back over to Edward. The man dropped the bag with a clank next to the trembling teen. The man continued to ignore the tied up boy and started to rummage through the aforementioned bag. After a few more moments of quiet, Edward was ready to crack up from suspense. "What are you doing?" Edward asked softly unable to take the silence anymore. The man simply smiled again and pulled out a short, but razor sharp knife. Ed wished he hadn't asked. The man set down the knife causally went back to searching through the cloth bag. Next came an indescribable clear substance in a large glass vial. Last was a simple bottle of drinking water, the man set all of these things within Ed's range of view.

"Do you want to know what I'm going to do with all these things Edo?" Ed remained silent, the boy steeled his gaze and tried to stare the psycho down. "Of course you do, but you have that stubborn pride in the way still. No matter in a few more minutes you wont even have that left," The man grinned gleefully and picked up the knife.

"Stay the hell away from me you son of a bitch!" Edward shrieked, he knew the knife was getting close to his bare back, he could just feel it.

"Such a long vocabulary for such a short kid," The tall man teased and inched the blade ever closer to Ed's smooth back. "Try not to squirm too much, I don't want to cut too deep. I promised to keep you alive after all," The only indication that Ed had heard anything was a subtle tightening of his back muscles. Without warning the man brought the blade down to Edward's back. First caressing the skin with the flat side of the cool metal blade. Edward shuddered slightly, yet gave no other response to the potentially deadly knife pressing against his pale skin. The man made the first incision slowly, almost hesitantly. Ed gritted his teeth as the steel effortlessly sunk into his flesh, still he made no sound. Edward refused to give the man, who he had once thought he could trust, the satisfaction. The second slice came much quicker, the third ever faster still. Soon the man was hacking away at his back like a mad man with no reason or direction, of course Edward was never that lucky. A minute or two later, that of course seemed like an hour to Ed, it was over. The man grinned, sat back on his haunches, and admired his handy work. Ed's back oozed blood rapidly, nearly the whole surface covered with the crimson elixir. Edward hissed quietly, it burned of course but considering the boy's history it wasn't anything he couldn't handle.

"Are you done treating me like a turkey now?" Ed growled at the man leering at him, he just couldn't help it, he wasn't know for being unruly for no reason. The man laughed deeply.

"For now," The man giggled joyfully. "Would you like to know what it say?"

"Says?" Ed squeaked, he swallowed and hardened his voice. "What do you mean says?"

"Oh I just wanted to make sure you always remember who you belong to now,"

"Never! You fucking bastard!" Edward fortified his resolve. "I'll die before I willingly submit myself to you!" The man sighed then smiled once more. Ed was really starting to hate that smile.

"If I thought it would be easy to break you, I wouldn't have had to bring a whole bag of persuasion with me. But before I continue breaking like a wild stallion, I'll ask again, would you like to know what your back says?" Edward huffed at the man but otherwise stayed silent. "Regardless, I'm going to tell you anyway,"

"It doesn't matter..." Ed muttered.

"Oh?" The man raised an eyebrow. "And why is that shorty?"

"If you really let me leave here alive, which i doubt anyway, then I'll just remove it anyway, even if I have to literally skin myself!" Ed didn't think he had ever hated anyone this much before, not even his father.

"You are creative kid I'll give you that, but the last thing your going to do is defy me once I'm done with you," The man paused and reached over to grasp the aforementioned glass vial of clear liquid, the man simply held it and stared silently at it for a few moments. "Anyway Edward, your back reads; EDWARD ELRIC IS THE SOLE PROPERTY OF HIS MASTER," Ed fell his blood boil.