In the abyss without a flame chapter 5

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' = thoughts

" = speech

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"I swear to everything I believe in that I will fucking gut you," Edward screamed at his tormentor.

"No, you wont, now say it," The man commanded simply.

"I will never!" The man uncorked the vial with an audible pop.

"Last chance Ed, say it,"

"I SAID NO YOU MOTHERFUC... AHHHH!" Ed cried out, without warning the man splashed the liquid on the raw, bleeding back. Burning like hell fire didn't even began to describe the horrendous pain coursing through Edward's back. The young man's sharp mind quickly informed him that the clear liquid was military grade rubbing alcohol.

' Not the medical kind... One hundred percent pure alcohol... The kind they use to got information from prisoners...' Ed thought, his eyes widened dramatically. 'The kind they use for interrogations... The ones that Mustang isn't available for... Oh fuck...' This was one of the few times in Edward's life that he wished he wasn't so smart.

"Are you going to say it now? Perhaps I should make you scream again, the sound was delightful," The man sneered down at the shaking teen. "Maybe you forgot what to say, I'll be more than happy to remind you. Your suppose to say, Edward Elric is the sole property of his MASTER!" The man shouted the last word, a crack appearing in his seemingly calm demeanor. Ed was not quite ready to give up.

"Go fuck yourself with a corn cob Mr. L..." The man slammed Edward's face into the stone floor over and over again. All Ed could do was gargle and choke on his own blood as his face was smashed repeatedly into concrete. When the man finally stopped all the boy could do was lay limp as stars danced in his vision.

"I've told you more than once now boy, you are to refer me as Master and only that," The man yelled at the shaking boy, his calm facade shattered. Edward lay still for a few moments more, regaining his composure. He spit a wad of blood on the floor and smiled as he weakly raised his head.

"Fuck you," Ed rasped. "I've been through much worse than this..." Ed trailed off and spat out more blood. "Oh and asshole, before you dare to threaten Alphonse again, I'd take into account that Mustang may be a bastard but he's not a fucking bastard! Mustang, Hawkeye, and all the others would protect Al. For some reason I don't think your narrow ass wants to tangle with Armstrong," Ed finished and gasped for breath. Between the pain, the beating, and his short speech, Edward was exhausted.

"Or so you think," The man hummed. "Now are you sure you believe that one hundred percent?" The evil man laughed and smirked down at the lithe teen. Ed only hesitated a moment before replying.

"Yes, I know it," Ed said, the confidence strong in his voice. The man frowned for a second, then his face lit back up.

"On the bright side, well for me at least, you could go and shout from the rooftops telling everyone I did this to you and no one would believe you," The man's smile twisted into an ugly sneer.

"They would know I wasn't lying, I've never lied to any of them..." Edward replied weakly, his strength was fading. Edward honestly didn't know how much more of the combined physical and mental assault he could take.

"You poor naive boy. Did you think I got where I am today by being stupid?" The man snorted in amusement. "Don't you think I'm being accounted for right now? You know who I am and what I'm capable of, did you really think I wouldn't have a rock solid alibi?" The evil man smirked as Ed processed the new information. Edward paled as he calculated the possibility that his captor was telling the truth. The man grinned wickedly, he couldn't resist adding salt to the wounds. "Oh and Ed, the people who will swear I was with them tonight at this time are those same people you have so much faith in to protect your brother. While you may be right about them being willing to protect that tin can, all I have to do is whisper in the ear of the right person then none of them, including Mustang, could do anything about Al being taken away," The man laughed manically as Edward's body began shaking with noticeable sobs. Ed knew the bastard was right. He was out of ideas, hopelessness was really setting in. "Just say what your suppose to kid and I'll let you enjoy a little bit of whats coming,"

"No..." Edward choked out, his voice low and hoarse.

"Your making this way harder on yourself then it has to be. Granted I'm not going to strip you of your innocence and pride gently by any means but you could avoid some of the nastier things I could do to you, all you have to do you offer your submission," The man voiced nonchalant.

"I'd rather die than submit to you," Ed gasped softly, his resolve was crumbling more and more every passing second.

"Have it your way, I'll enjoy your screams for mercy," The man reached into an inner pocket and produced a small book of matches. "This won't look as cool as Mustang, but it gets he job done," The man chuckled and pulled the rubbing alcohol and the bottle of water closer.

"Oh God..." Was all Ed could mutter before the man poured a another small amount of the alcohol on the broken, oozing skin. The following scream could be expected as the liquid seeped into the semi deep sliced.

"Now it's too late to avoid whats next, but the faster you beg and address me properly the sooner it will be over,"

'I can do this, I can take it,' Ed chanted in his head. Ed heard the match strike and tensed, still chanting his mantra in his head. The man dropped the match, it seemed to float down in slow motion. Edward's back was ablaze instantly, the responding howl echoed loudly throughout the room. The smell of burning flesh swiftly filled the air. Edward finally broke, the pain being indescribable, he would rather have his arm and leg ripped off again compared to this.

"Please!" Edward shrieked, all his pride torn to tatters.


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