"Of Blues and Broadway"

Chapter 1

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It was a warm, Saturday evening in the city of Long Beach. All was calm. A Tired young man walked into his apartment building off the boardwalk. It had been a long day for him.

His name: Inuyasha Tomuraigassen. (an: not his real last name but that's what I use in other fics) He had jet-black hair that sparkled to his shoulders and eyes so bright, it would've made the sun jealous.

Inuyasha wobbled to the little lockers and opened one with a key. He sighed as he retrieved his mail and walked up to his apartment.

Inuyasha set his bag down and sat at the table. His mail was nothing out of the ordinary: electric bill, money from Mom, postcard from his cousin in Germany. But there was one that sparked his attention: a small yellow envelope, from a name he didn't recognize. He slowly opened it and unfolded the letter to find 3 Broadway tickets. This puzzled him.

He slowly read the letter aloud. "You are cordially invited to the opening show of the Broadway musical 'My Fair Lady', April 14th 2003 at 7 P.M. Following the musical you are invited to the after party with the cast. Thank you, and enjoy." At the bottom of the card, there was something written. It read "We're all sorry about Kikyo. I hope you can make it." It was signed simply as 'Sango'. Inuyasha bit his lower lip and tried to keep his tears from flowing.

Kikyo was so happy when she had received the lead in the new Broadway musical. Inuyasha remembered it so clearly. It was a beautiful summer's day, and they had spent the whole day at the beach to celebrate.

But why would she need to be replaced, you ask? A month before the opening night, Kikyo was stressed. Inuyasha told her it was ok, and that it would get better. His smile was probably the sole reason she kept going for as long as she did. It was so tragic the day he had found out she had been in a severe car crash. His beloved disappeared, like a dream when you wake up. Now she had been replaced by a young girl named Kagome. He'd never met her yet, but if Sango liked her, she must be good. Sango was more than just Kikyo's hair dresser; she was her best friend until her dying day. There was nothing they kept from each other. Ever since Kikyo's death, he and Sango had both suffered the loss together.

Inuyasha was in tears. He managed to reach for the phone and dial Sango's cell number.

"Hello?" a cheerful voice rang over the line.

"Hey." Inuyasha said. Sango stopped and swallowed hard.

"I'm guessing you got my letter."

"Umhm." He replied softly. Sango had expected a sarcastic comment.

"Bring Muma and Pops. I figured you would all like to meet Kagome together."

"How much do I owe you?"

"A few hours of your time at 7 on April 14th."


"You're right next to me, ok?"


A minute came and went quietly. But it wasn't warm. It was awkward. Very awkward. In the 8 months Kikyo had been dead, this was probably the most successful phone conversation him and Sango had. Usually he would just break and cry, leaving Sango heart broken.




Sango quietly nodded. And even though he couldn't see her nod, he knew her response somehow. ~~

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