Hey all, this is my Inuyasha fic that was purely 'One for the Money' (good book) induced. So, if you're sitting there thinking '... Hey... this sort of reminds me of...' Well yes! Generally, as a rule, it should.

(Actually, the more I got into this, the more I realized it was no longer really like One For the Money, but it's still all good.)

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Bitten (The title has nothing to do with Inuyasha himself and will make sense later, and then you'll be like, 'Ohhh! Ok, so that's not TOTALLY lame!' I promise you.)

By Rio Grande

Chapter One: Kagome the Prostitute.
Kagome Higurashi was many, many things.

For starters, she was a Japanese College student, living in Tokyo, stood about yay high, (for those of you who can't see, that would be around 5'6) and had a head of raven hair, that was slightly curled on the bottom, but only when she actually didn't want to it be.

She was an amazing runner, and had not only joined, but in fact dominated, the track team, starting from her tender high school years as a freshman.

She was a notable cook, in her opinion, though some (many) would argue that this was not actually one of her finer points...

She was a diligent student. Studies came first! - Unless something slightly more interesting popped up - was her motto!

She was a history major in college, and one day hoped to become a teacher of the subject. Not a vastly exiting aspiration, she knew, but the idea seemed to sit well with her, and gave plenty of time off for vacation.

She was a proud pet owner. Her one, and only pet, a mushy, gluttonous and abundantly curious calico named Buyo, who she loved dearly.

She was even, she had been told many a time, a very kind hearted person, constantly putting people before herself, to the point where one actually worried if it was a neurotic disorder of types.

And she was also notably pretty, however this was not an attribute she had yet acknowledged.

But... out of all of these things, the twenty-year-old Japanese girl had been almost completely - positively sure that 'Murderous Female Drug Using Gang Leader' had indeed NOT been on the list of things that she, Kagome, was. At least... last time she checked.

"I-I really don't know why I'm here. I'm almost positive you have the wrong girl! No ... what am I saying... I'm DEFINITELY positive you have the wrong girl!" Kagome stuttered in a nervous, shrill voice, as two burly looking cops all but dragged her by her ankles to an office within the depths of the Japanese Law enforcement building.

"I don't look like an opium addict to you, do I!?" she cried, jumping in front of the two men, suddenly, and startling them both. "Do I?!" Glancing at each other, and briefly exchanging nervous looks, that plainly stated this whole arrest was absolutely none of their business from here on out - both police officers decidedly grabbed the girl by her arms, and punted her into the office, securely locking the door behind them. Kagome was left to scramble to her knees before her composure completely evaporated and was permanently unobtainable, making seedy comments about the 'fuzz' under her breath all the while.

The entire day, generally, had been an embarrassing one for the college student. From being stopped in the middle of the crowded street she was on, roughly slammed against a cop car and swiftly hand cuffed, while being read her rights and informed she was being taken in for illegal drug use, gang connections, and concealed weapon violations, to having to endure the stares of shocked onlookers, some of which she recognized... Kagome was ready to go home, cry her eyes out over a hot chocolate, and then completely disappear off the face of the Earth, preferably all at once. Her legs were getting whip-lash from shaking so much, her wrists stung from the cuffs, and her head ached like a mother as everything tried to process itself at the same time, hoping to penetrate the impressive force field made up completely of shock, effectively blocking her brain waves.

"Kagome Higurashi..." a foreboding voice coming from Kagome's left breathed, much to the girl's overwhelming sense of horror.

"I didn't do it! Honestly! I haven't even ever taken more than one ASPIRIN at once in my life, and the biggest gang connection I have is a third cousin twice removed who was MARRIED into the mafia!" she squeezed out all at once, her large, gray eyes threatening to overflow.

"Um, Kagome-"

"Heck, I've never even HELD a gun, much less carried an unauthorized one around in my jacket!"

"-Dear, please stop-"

"You can ask anyone, ANYONE, I've NEVER taken acid in my life! I don't know where you people got that!"

"Kagome, if you'd just listen-"

"And I'm totally abstinent!... okay, not COMPLETELY abstinent, but I think calling me a prostitute is pushing it a bit! It was in TENTH grade, and nobody knew about it! At least... I didn't think anyone knew about it... unless Hojo told you... Hojo told you DIDN'T he that sunova-"

"KAGOME!" the raspy voice boomed, effectively silencing the thin girl.

"... Yes?"

"Too much information... really. Too much."

"Oh. Right. Sorry. I'm new at this."

"I know."

"You do?"

"Yes. I do. And what I've trying to been tell you for the past ten minutes is... we aren't going to arrest you."



"You promise?"


"Well... all right... then... what was THAT all about!" Kagome asked, obviously referring to her near incarceration.

"Why don't you sit down first, and then we'll talk about it?" The voice offered, flicking on a light, and revealing themselves to Kagome.

The source of the voice, Kagome was only mildly surprised to discover, all things considered, came from an elderly old lady sitting at a desk. Her face was almost completely composed of wrinkles, and her complexion was what one would kindly call 'weather worn.' Her long silver hair was pulled back into a low ponytail, and she sported a black eye patch that made her look vaguely like Captain Hook. From the sound of her voice, Kagome thought she sounded rather as though she had, back in the day, gone around saying things like, 'Here Kiddie, want a cig?' But... since she WAS a cop... Most likely she hadn't.

"I am Detective Kaede Tsuwora... And the chief of the Tokyo Criminal Investigation Unit." *

"That's... so nice for you..." Kagome said, out of lack of better things to say.

"Child, you look like you're going to pass out... want to take a seat?" Kagome blushed, suddenly realizing she was still on her knees on the floor from where she had been unceremoniously dropped, before quickly nodding and pulling herself up on to a chair opposite the Detective, smoothing out her short jeans skirt as she did so.

"Well... Detective Tsuwora... you said you weren't going to arrest me, so what ARE you going to do?" Kagome asked, cutting right to the heart of the subject. It was when she was in situations like this; she rarely beat around the bush.

"It's just Kaede child, and I am truly sorry to have startled you like that. It was completely uncalled for." Kagome made a vague, strangled sound in the back of her throat, and Kaede continued onward before the girl could get anything equally as uncalled for out. "You see, we weren't actually going to arrest you for your gang connections..." Kagome swore she saw Kaede's lip twitch in to what might have been a highly amused smile, but quickly wasn't. "We were just using that to cover up for what we really needed you for... and couldn't be too careful. There are eyes everywhere, these days."

"There are?" Kagome said, arching an eyebrow.

"Yes, and especially on you."



"Hmm..." Kagome said, chewing her lip in an effort to suppress a nervous grin. What was this? Ex-files? And if it was, she KNEW how that show ended and wanted out.

"Listen, I know this must be hard to swallow, and if it were me, I wouldn't believe one word that came out of my own mouth, but... you must trust what I'm about to tell you." Kaede said, leaning forward, her tone ominous and low.

"Um... sure..." Kagome agreed, crossing her fingers behind the chair.

"All right... well... in a nut shell... The government has been trying to hide it, and has done so, successfully, but there are demons out there. Real, live demons. Most of them are in disguise, hiding their powers and going on as normal people, however others... others are dangerous, and choose to use their demonic strength to reek havoc on the mortals. I am part of the Tokyo FBI that keeps in check those demons, and subdues them when the occasion calls for it. I'm stationed here at the Tokyo Police Head Quarters because it's the epicenter of Tokyo's demonic activity. I called to have you here, and let you in on all this, because you may just have the powers we need to bring the latest demon nuisance down."

"7th Ave is the epicenter of Tokyo's demonic activity? No way, that's where I bought my first bra!" Was all Kagome had to say to THAT. No WAY was the best area in Tokyo for splurge shopping a hang out for monsters!

"Now Kagome, I know this is all incredibly awkward for you, but you must take this seriously! This demon we are currently hunting down is dangerous and has already taken many lives! We need you!" Kaede said, a hint of steel in her voice.

"Why? Why me? Why do you need my help and WHY should I believe you?" Kagome asked, standing up quickly and distantly hearing her chair crash to the floor as she smacked her hands on the desk in front of her. "This sounds like some loony story I'd see on a crappy TV show! It's like. like.... area 51 or something! I don't believe this! You're crazy!" Kagome cried. Being the sweet, humble girl she usually was, even Kagome was startled by her sudden outburst. However, this seemed to be just the last straw on the camel's back, that day...

"Please Kagome, calm yourself!"

"Calm myself? PLEASE! I'M not the one going on about DEMONS living in BLOOMINGDALES!* You're totally wacko and I am OUT of here. I want nothing to do with what Tokyo's police force sees as a good joke!" the girl said, decidedly picking up her purse she had dropped to the floor with all of the confusion, and then dashing out the door, track skills coming into play as she whizzed by numerous police men on her way out, Kaede calling for her to come back in the distance... Kagome felt tears prick at her eyes. This was just insane... what was going on?

'I can't believe they arrested me! In front of all of those people!? The NERVE! And just to have it be some child's idea of a funny prank? Next cop I see is going DOWN! Who ever heard of DEMON'S living in TOKYO?' she thought furiously, storming down the hall, eyes watching the floor beneath her.


"Oof!" Kagome gasped, slamming head on with something warm and solid, only to come crashing down to the floor with it, the stunned girl coming out on top. "EEK! Sorry! I-" Kagome gasped, and stopped in mid-frantic apology, looking down to see just who she had run into.

"Y-you're... you're... a..." she stuttered stupidly, feeling as though her brain were about to short-circuit as she stared breathlessly at the male beneath her.

He was a tan guy, couldn't have been much older than her, with long, silky white hair, piercing, golden cat-like eyes, and dog-ears on top of his head. Not to mention a good, solid build from the feel of it. Kagome was slightly flushed as she got out the word she had been floundering for. "A DEMON!" she croaked. The man beneath her seemed to be a little pleased about this proclamation, much to Kagome's sudden fear, and he even smirked a little, flashing a bit of fang as he replied in a deep, boyish voice.

"Yeah. I am. And what are you supposed to be?"

It was at this point that Kagome's eyes rolled up into her head, and her face dropped onto the man's chest like a (rather small) sack of potatoes as she fainted dead away.

*- I don't know if this unit exists. I don't know if Tokyo has an FBI. I just don't know! Pretend it does for now and it'll make everything easier for both of us.

*They probably don't have that many Bloomingdale's in Japan either. Ohhh weelll.


Author's Notes:

Whooo... I am so happy because I just finished writing the whole plot out for this story. I have evvverrything planned out. Of course, I haven't actually gotten to the ending yet... but it's a long way off so who CARES? Please review,

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