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Ferb jumped out of bed and pulled the complimentary robe around his thin frame as he made for the door, praying that Phineas wouldn't open it before he got there. When he pulled open the door and stuck his head in the hallway, it was to find Phineas letting himself into the adjacent room. At the click of the latch, Phineas had looked up and grinned.

"Hey, big bro! When the desk clerk told me my regular room was being utilized, I assumed it was Isabella, as I offered her the use of it for the weekend. Did you have a long night and need a crash pad?"

Ferb didn't reply, only grinned and shrugged. Phineas grinned in response, and turned back to his own door, which he'd been holding open with his foot.

"In that case, good night!"

"Night," Ferb replied quietly to the empty hallway, before grinning maniacally as he hung the do not disturb sign on his door and shut the door to he and Isabella's room, locking the door before making his way back to their bed.

Isabella awoke to the sensation of warm air on the inside of her thigh, tickling her and making her giggle. Wondering what was going on, she opened her eyes to the sight of a mop of bright green hair snuggled between her legs. Before she could squeal out a protest, Ferb ran his tongue across her clitoris, stopping all rational thought.

Before Isabella knew it, she wasn't sure which way was up anymore. She was given over to pure bliss, only Ferb's arms holding her legs down kept her from floating up out of the bed, and away across Danville. As she came down from her natural high, Ferb smiled at her as he licked his lips. The grin across his square features bespoke of the cat who ate the canary, Isabella thought to herself as she faded off. She knew that she should reciprocate, but she couldn't seem to keep her eyes open. The last thing she was aware of was Ferb laying behind her and wrapping a strong forearm across her stomach, pulling her into his warmth.

Next door, Phineas grinned at his companion when they heard the girlish squeal through the wall.

"I knew he wasn't alone in there!" Phineas crowed as he poured two glasses of soda and brought them to the bed, handing one off to his guest.

"Neither are you," was the only response as Phineas watched them take a large gulp of cola, set the glass down and grab him around the waist.

The next afternoon, Isabella woke slowly, realizing as she did so that she was not in her own bed. In fact, she was in one of the warmest, fluffiest beds she'd ever slept in her life and could easily drown in the sheets and die a happy woman.

As she sat up and stretched, the smell of coffee hit her nose and she took a long, satisfied breath. At the sound of pencil scribbling, she finally opened her eyes to look around.

Across the room, in only his boxers, which were apparently emblazoned with the Union Jack, Ferb sat at the desk with blue prints spread in front of him, furiously working. After years and years of watching her two best friends make crazy contraption after cool experiment, she'd learned that when either of them had any sudden inspiration that hell nor high water could stop them from designing whatever was floating around in their brains. Apparently, Ferb was having just such an epiphany.

Glancing at her watch, Isabella realized with a start that she'd slept until noon, and only had a couple of hours to prepare to go to work. She would have to go home to change into new clothes, but she discovered she really didn't want to leave Ferb's company.

"Do you mind if I take a shower?" Isabella asked as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and stretched again and grabbed the negligee that had been so hastily discarded the night before and slipping it on. Without looking up from his work, Ferb nodded and motioned towards the en suite bathroom.

As Isabella leaned her head back into the hot spray and thanked whatever Deity existed for unlimited hot water, she heard the shower curtain pull back and felt a presence behind her. Deciding to go with it, she leaned back, the back of her head bumping Ferb's chest.

As Ferb's long, nimble fingers worked shampoo into her hair and massaged her scalp, Isabella couldn't decide what she enjoyed more. Having her hair washed for her or cunnilingus at four in the morning. Either way, a relationship with Ferb was shaping up to be full of surprises.

Ferb finished after a few minutes, and when her hair was fully rinsed out, Isabella thought she should probably reciprocate. Turning and wiping her eyes, she grinned when she came face to chest with Ferb. A quick glance done answered a question she had been wondering for years, and she grinned up at him. He smiled softly in return, and placing one finger under her chin, pointed her face up so he could place a soft kiss on her lips.

Giggling, she stepped back and pulled him into the spray, then grabbed his shoulders making him bend down so she could access his head. Having no experience with washing short hair, she poured shampoo into her palm, guessing at the amount needed, then rubbed her hands together and started working his scalp after the same manner.

At his audible groan, Isabella knew she'd done something right, especially after another glance downwards. When she saw how many suds she'd created on Ferb's head, she laughed out loud. Shaking his head at her, she stopped her ministrations so that he could lean back and rinse the soap from his head.

Closing his eyes as he leaned back, Ferb jerked involuntarily when he felt a warm, tentative touch on his member. At the unsure gestures and motions, he leaned back against the shower wall, out of the spray, and laid his hand over hers, giving her nonverbal direction in what he most enjoyed. He only lasted a few minutes, and already weak kneed and sleepy, he wasn't sure if he would be able to finish his project at all after she giggled, kissed him on the nose, and shut the shower off before stepping out of the tub, wrapping herself in a towel as she went, speaking over her shoulder.

"I know you're busy working, but I really do need a ride home so I can change clothes."