The skies were growing darker, as the clouds rolled in. Alpha Trion took notice of this. The rain looked like it was ahead of schedule. So, the old wolf had picked up the pace, with two pups on his tail, though, one pup was falling behind. That pup would be Orion. Even though he was now using the leg he had injured, it was still slow going. He was not putting all his weight on that leg, so it hindered how he walked. Alpha Trion saw this, and slowed his pace. He would rather get wet from the rain, then leave Orion in the dust.

Megatronus noticed this and was pleasantly surprised. He was used to the male wolves of his former pack, his original pack, to make the pups tough it out. But, this Alpha Trion, was different, he was very nurturing. It made the grey pup feel safe, he liked that.

"How are you feeling Orion?" The old wolf asked.

Orion beamed at the wolf, "Better! But, I wish that I could go faster though. I'm sorry that I am slowing us down."

"Orion, never be sorry for something that you have no control over. Our journey is almost at its end." Alpha Trion replied.

They had finally arrived at the pack, as did the rain. It was light rain though, nothing like the bone soaker they had weathered for the past few weeks.

"Stay close to me and do not speak to anyone" Alpha Trion instructed.

The pups did as they were told.

When they arrived at the pack, every eye was on them, it made the two pups feel like fresh meat. The adults, only moving to make a path for Alpha Trion to walk through, stood eye fixed on the new comers. The pups of the pack hid behind their mother's legs, giving curious looks to the new pups. Orion and Megatronus stayed close to Alpha Trion. All these new faces, so many of them, it was a bit intimidating.

When they reached the end of all the wolves, they stopped when a blue and orange wolf approached them. "Welcome back, Alpha Trion."

"Thank you, Sentinel Prime" The old wolf replied.

The two pups looked at each other when they herd the name prime. They both knew that the rank of Prime was higher then alpha. A Prime leads all dire wolves. So… did this mean that Alpha Trion was not the alpha of this pack? The pups felt a bit worried at this. They knew that Alpha Trion would accept them but, would this Sentinel Prime?

"I see that you have not returned alone…" Sentinel trailed off, looking at the pups. "Silver," the alpha female, all white except for a stripe of blue that ran up her forehead, walked over to him, "Would you please watch these pups. Trion and I have much to discuss." With that, Sentinel turned and walked away.

Alpha Trion looked to the pups, "Do not worry young ones, Sliver will not harm you. I will return soon." With this said, the old wolf went to follow Sentinel Prime.

The pups went into a small panic. What would become of them with Alpha Trion no longer at their side? By instinct, they lowered themselves to the ground, with tail between their legs.

The alpha female saw this; she lowered herself to the ground, so not to look as threatening. "Do not fret, little ones, no harm shall come to you." The compassion in her voice was intoxicating, it made the two brothers relax their stance, only slightly. Silver was pleased by this. "Now, how about I tell you a story, as we wait for Sentinel and Trion to return?" The two outsiders nodded their heads in agreement. So, Sliver began her story.

The two wolves were quite a distance away from the pack, far enough to not be over heard.

"What were you thinking?!" Sentinel wasted no time with questioning Alpha Trion about the pups. "Bringing those pups here." The prime spat, beginning his rant. "Accepting them as your own! Do you have any idea where they came from? They could of come from a pack of inbreeds, for all you know."

Alpha Trion was getting quite tired of listening to Sentinel prattle. "Before we address the pups. I bring you news from the Well." Alpha Trion informed

There was a long pause before Sentinel answered. "Fine."

"We have to give the call. To convene the council," Alpha Trion paused, "We have relished in these prosperous times; for many generations. But, I fear, the time of plenty is about to come to an end."

"The council? What exactly did you see?" The Prime asked, with a slightly worried tone.

"I was not given the full extent of the ill to come. All I do know is that, we dire wolves, are about to face our darkest hour."

See, Alpha Trion, traveled to the caverns every year. He would receive foresight, which would aid in what the pack should do. The fragments of the future were not always clear but, he was very skilled at deciphering them. That was the duty Alpha Trion was given. He was the appointed adviser for all dire wolves, by the great wolf himself. He had always been the Prime's adviser, throughout the generations. When the threat was big enough, his duties laid with all the clans, not just the Prime's.

Sentinel was not pleased by what Alpha Trion had said. "I see. I had forgotten that you were only good at telling stories. What good is the gift of insight, when you can not see the full extent of the future?"

"I am not a god, Sentinel, just a mere servant. I am thankful for the gift I was given. I am not worthy of anything more. With that being said. We must convene the council."

Sentinel was not pleased. The council was only ever called to convene in the most dire of circumstances. No wolf ever wanted to be the one to give the call. And Sentinel never wanted to be that wolf. "Are you absolutely certain that you read your little scrap into the future, correctly?"

The old wolf answered, "Believe me when I say, that I would be more then grateful to be incorrect in my interpretation. But, I am unable to give into such a delight." He paused, "Though, I am not the Prime. Therefore it is not my place to make such a decision. Only to deliver you the message."

Sentinel Prime, was a Prime by name, only. Truthfully, there had not been a true Prime since the great Nova Prime many, many, generations ago.

There was a very long pause between the two. The rain drops that hit the ground sounded like thunder to their ears. Calling the council to convene laid a heavy burden upon Sentinel's shoulders. "I see." The blue and orange wolf broke the silence, "So," and here is when the Prime decided to change the subject. "Did this mystic power also tell you to find two lost pups, and bring them back with you?" The Primes hackles bristled as the tone of his voice increased.

Alpha Trion was not surprised by his outburst. The old wolf had, unfortunately, become accustom to it. Sentinel was a very arrogant wolf. But, even so, he did care greatly for his pack. And with the prospect of dark times in their future, it set the Prime on edge.

"Sentinel Prime," the old wolf began, "I did not bring them here with ill intentions. They are just two young, starving, pups. Orphan by the cruel nature of life."

"Then you should have left them to their fate. The forest had selected them unfit to live."

Please don't think so harshly of Sentinel Prime. Most creatures that lived among the forest believed in this unspoken law. They knew that nature had a way of selecting, who would live and who would die. And for a predator this law was their way of life. The weak parish and the strong survive.

Sentinel Prime, a strong and capable leader, with not a pack that could rival his own. He had intended to keep it that way. Outsiders were unpredictable, even pups in his opinion. How was he to know which pack these pups came from? Sentinel felt a little apprehensive, what if one of these pups grows to be stronger then himself? He felt his leadership threatened.

"Sentinel please, I-" the old wolf was cut off.

"I'm sorry. But that's how it must be." Through not much remorse could be heard from his words.

Alpha Trion felt his heart sink. What was he to do?

Sentinel started to walk back toward his pack but, stopped to looked over his shoulder back at Alpha Trion. "I will give the call. To... convene the council." he paused, "I hope your wrong." He then continued on his way.

"I hope so too." Alpha Trion said to himself.

Sentinel Prime had just returned, though not noticed by his pack yet, with Alpha Trion not far behind. He saw his mate, Sliver, with the two pups. She had them away from the rest of the pack and seemed to be telling them a story of some short. The Prime just stood there and watched. A smile played on his lips. He had not seen his mate look this joyful in sometime.

You see, at the beginning of spring, the two were expecting their own pups. But, they ever got the chance to welcome them into the pack. The pups had been stillborn, dead before they had left their mothers womb. Sliver had been devastated and, even though he did not show it, so had Sentinel. The pack had welcomed many new pups this season but, none of them were his own.

So, here was his mate, already excepting these two new comer, as if they were her own. Could… should he to do the same?

With the arrival of Alpha Trion at his side, Sliver took notice of their return. The alpha female got to her feet, as did the pups. Sentinel then walked over to Sliver, with Trion in toe.

Alpha Trion expected the Prime to greet Orion and Megatronus with hostile intent. And the old wolf was willing to put a stop to Sentinel, if it had looked like he was taking it to far. But, instead, Sentinel bent down to sniff the two pups. Orion was very nervous about this action. While Megatronus stiffen himself, ready to bolt if need be. Alpha Trion was unsure of Sentinel intentions, this was odd behavior for an alpha who was going to run off unwanted wolves.

The Prime had sniffed them all over, learning their sent. After, he looked at the two pups for sometime. No one dared move, as they awaited the Primes judgment. The atmosphere within the pack was thick enough to cut with a knife. Sentinel then looked to his mate, who had been watching him the whole time, and gave her a smile.

Sentinel Prime turned to face the pack. "These two pups have battle unbeatable odds to found sanctuary. Today their battle is ended, here and now. From this day, these two will be known as dire wolves of clan Iacon." He turned to the pups. "Welcome." When the Prime finish, the whole pack gave a howl of acceptance, which even Sentinel joined in. Orion and Megatronus held their heads high, as their new pack howled a song of welcome.

When Sentinel finished, as did the rest of the pack, he looked to the pups, then to Trion. "These two pups will be your responsibility, Trion." The Prime stated.

"Thank you, Sentinel Prime." The old wolf meant his words.

Sentinel looked to Silver, her eyes were full of joy, and it warmed the Primes heart. The two alphas then walked away from the pack and headed to their den.

"Well, young ones," the old wolf spoke up, "welcome to the pack" Alpha Trion said with laughter in his voice. The two pups answered the old wolf with smiles and wagging tails of their own. "Come," Alpha Trion began, "let us meet the rest of the pack." He then began to walk towards the other wolves.

The two pups followed the old wolf.


"Yes, Orion?"

"Are we finally home?" The youngest brother asked

Megatronus looked around at the wolves before him and smiled, "Yes, brother, I think we are."

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