So, I guess I'm starting a new story. This is one of those "Harry goes back in time" stories only it's not because he's encouraged to change the future. He's gonna be the fifth Marauder and will be much more subdued than James and Sirius. Also, Harry is James's twin so that's pretty rad.

As usual, this is not mine. This story WILL be slash though I'm not sure yet who Harry will end up with - right now the obvious choices are Sirius or Remus. Which pairing would you prefer? Also, I'm going to need Harry's animagus form and name, but that won't be for many more chapters (unfortunately).

Tell me what you think! This is obviously only the first chapter - a kinda pre-chapter, if you will - and there isn't much in here. The second chapter is about half done. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do about the whole 'gold string of fate' thing yet, so I'll take your opinions on that, too. It'll be a minor roll in this story; it's only there to add my own little touch.

Anyways, I hope it's okay!

Harry stared at the ceiling, breathing rapidly. It was just a dream was the mantra echoing over and over in his head. Yet he knew it wasn't a dream – it was memories.

He kept seeing the deaths on repeat – the green light flashed continuously. The harshly shouted "kill the spare" was but a whisper compared to the other noises. The yells and the screams were deafening. Harry could hear his own voice yelling out – "Sirius! SIRIUS!"

Harry saw the moments flash by. He saw the blurry almost-memory of when he was only fifteen months old and his parents died for him. He saw Cedric being hit by the killing curse from Wormtail. He saw Sirius being stunned by Bellatrix and disappearing into the veil.

The images flashed by under eyelids and Harry cried out in frustration. He should have saved them. Is that not who he is: the savior? Then why didn't he save all of those people?

All of the young boys and girls he saw being raped and murdered via the connection in his scar – why didn't he save them?

All of the men and women being tortured to insanity or killed in horrid ways – why did he sit back and do nothing?

All of the muggles – it wasn't even their war! Those were innocent lives that he should have saved.

And everyone else… Remus, Tonks, Fred, Snape, Dumbledore, Dobby, Colin, Moody, Hedwig…

They're all gone. They could still be alive but Harry failed them.

He should have studied occlumency harder. He should have acted sooner. He should have found a way to train to get better. He should've walked to the forest quicker and died sooner. Or maybe he should have just never been born. Yes, if the prophesy was invalid then lives could have been saved. If there was no prophesy, anyone could have killed Voldemort – which really would have been easier than the whole "either must die at the hand of the other" thing.

If he could only change things… fix them… save them…

It was during this thought that a voice broke through and Harry jumped, startled.

I am sorry, young wizard.

Harry looked around to find someone, anyone, but his room was empty. "Who are you?" He asked, while feeling absolutely ridiculous.

I am many things. I am what recently happened. I am what will occur. I am second chances and new belief. I am the truth. You may call me Fate.

Harry frowned and tried to focus on the voice; it was both nowhere and everywhere. It was in his head yet stretched along the walls. "Fate? Are you responsible for prophesies?" He could swear he heard a laugh at that, but it sounded sad and forlorn.

Yes and no, young wizard. I cause them to be made, but I do not make them. I am the reason for them, but I cannot reason with them. I have never interfered with how they play out: until now.

Here Harry was alarmed. "Now? Why?" His voice turned bitter. "I fulfilled it, didn't I? Moldy is dead, now everyone can celebrate. Whoop-di-do, Hallelujah, Happy Holidays." There was another laugh here but it seemed more amused than anything.

Yes, you are right, but I know what you were thinking just moments before.

Harry thought back to the clips of death he saw and immediately began to feel guilty again.

Young wizard, do not be unhappy. I and those around me have come to a decision. Too much went wrong and too many lives were lost – not by your fault.

A scoff and a disbelieving eye roll later, the voice continued.

We believe there were unnecessary deaths and have decided to change things. You will help us with that.

Harry sat straight up. "Me?! Why? I've already been involved in your little game of life. My future was decided for me before I was even born – why does it have to continue?"

Because I am giving you a unique opportunity: I am allowing you to not be the Savior.

Harry calmed down. As much as he hated playing someone's game, he possible hated being the Boy-Who-Lived even more. "What do you mean?"

I propose you go back in time and grow up as Harry Potter: twin brother to James Potter. You will be raised in a loving home and have friends and parties. You will meet your parents and have a relationship with them – just not the same one you have now. Your father will be your brother and your mother will be your friend. You will keep your knowledge and can use that to change the path the world took. You can tell people of the horcruxes and have them be taken care of sooner. You can save the lives of those you care about.

Harry was speechless. Meet his parents? Get to know the Marauders? Stop people he loves from being killed? Why wouldn't he do it? "What's the catch?" He asked, for he knew there must be something.

Once you become Harry Potter, twin to James, you cannot come back. Should Lily and James still get together and have a child, you will not be him. You are a completely different person. And, should the world end up worse than it is now, there are no third chances. This is it. Whatever happens is up to you.

Harry hummed. It was pretty much perfect! "How do I do it?" Another laugh resounded and the voice rang out.

Just say that you accept.

"I accept." A gold strand appeared and wrapped around Harry's pinky finger before disappearing. "What was that?"

It was like the red string of fate, young wizard, only gold and it serves a different purpose – one that you shall not yet know.

Harry frowned as the world began to spin. "What? You're going to keep something from me? I thought I was done with people doing that!" A light-hearted and joyful laugh filled the room.

Good luck, young wizard, though I am not sure you'll need it.

And with that, Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, Savior of the Wizarding World, was gone.