A lull comes over the workers and heroes nearby the teleporter station. Many are stuck in place gazing at the young woman in an elegant dress who just froze their primary mode of transportation back to Earth. While silence still permeated in the vicinity, a wide range of thoughts were buzzing in the heads, with most about the transporter.

I just fixed that damn thing last week! Can't I ever get a break with it?

Sometimes I wonder why we even bother with them 'porters. They're broken half the time anyway, and that's without an Ice wannabe freezing them on contact.

Meanwhile, the center of attention is so enraptured in her own world, so to speak, of staring at Earth framed in the large window before her, that she is completely oblivious to the rest of her surroundings. Her eyes are almost have a shine to them as she takes in the beautiful spectacle before her, that everyone else has long gotten used to months or years ago. Elsa is brought out of her distraction from Batman coughing next to her. She gives a small glance over to her scowling escort, who is making a small head gesture towards the floor. Following his gaze, she gives a small "Oh" to the sight of the frozen floor. With a simple flick of her hand, the ice dissipates into the air in a beautiful flourish that circles around her and above her head. Before it fully disappears, she is back to gazing at the Earth before her, eyes wide with wonder.

Upon the sight of the ice disappearing, numerous heroes and workers shrug, and continue on their business. Kyrokinesis was nothing new to this station cluttered full with individuals with more powers and abilities than those ice cream flavors that Question was looking through. Again.

While still staring at the blue and green globe before her, she leans slightly towards the man in the cowl. "Umm, are we...on the moon?" There is a hint of awe in her voice that matches the look in her eyes.

Batman, to his own surprise, has to suppress a chuckle attempting to escape his throat. "No, this is an orbiting satellite about tenth of the way between Earth and The Moon."

"I see." She leans back into an upright position, still gazing at Earth in amazement. "And a satellite is what, exactly?"

"That will be explained later, in addition to a variety of other topics you will need to know. Now, this way."

As Batman leads Elsa towards an western hall of the station, a group of workers immediately set upon the teleporter platform, their routine drilled into their heads ever since the first incidence with Doctor Fate and his encounter with a non magical instant transportation.

As they walk, Elsa struggles to not act like what Kristoff describes as "Anna in a chocolate store", yet the sights surrounding her make it near impossible. Wondrous technological marvels cover every inch of space around her, how could she not take in as much as she can? So engrossed was Elsa in the sights, she almost missed that Batman began to talk to her.

"There are a few options available for you at the moment, all concerning your 170 year time displacement. First, would be an immediate psychological session to determine your mental health at the moment. While you appear to be fine, it is an important analysis that can allow us to determine where to go with you from there. Now our resident psychologist happens to be free, so I'll contact her to meet with you for a discussion." He places a hand to his ear, "Batman to Black Canary, requesting your assistance in regards to psychological administration."

There is a lull before Batman receives Canary's affirmative response. Elsa ceases her stares to give an inquisitive look to Batman. "And what is a psychologist?"

"Think of her as a doctor for your mind." Comes the simple answer. Before Elsa can ask him to elaborate, he points Black Canary out as the woman approaches, who by coincidence was already nearby when Batman called her, and mentions that she will be able to answer more of Elsa's questions. Elsa's eyebrows nearly jump off at the sight of the superheroine's outfit, the tight spandex capturing most of her attention. It takes Batman a second to recognize the flustered look, "I'm sure she can include the changes in women's attire over the years."

"Hello Batman. How can I assist you?" Black Canary gives Elsa a once over, taking in as many details of Batman's guest.

"Queen Elsa, meet Black Canary. Black Canary, meet Queen Elsa of Arendelle." Batman motions with his hands between the two. The introduction elicits a gasp from the slightly shorter blonde.

"The Lost Queen?" Black Canary blurts out, which elicits a groan from the individual in question.

"Is that really all that I am known for?" Elsa asks. Batman remains stoic as Black Canary begins to look sheepish. The black dressed blonde hero then coughs into her fist.

"My apologies your majesty, but you are a notable figure of royalty who simply vanished without a trace."

This answer confuses Elsa, who glances between the two a couple of times. "Notable? I've only been Queen for four years so far." She pauses to consider her word tense, "Or I was queen, it would appear." Her shoulders dip as this. Elsa ponders for another moment about the notable bit, before it hits her. "My coronation, right."

"Among other things, yes." Responds Black Canary. Before Elsa can question that statement, Canary continues on, "Now if I may, would you come to my office? We have plenty to go over." Elsa looks over to Batman, who nods in agreement. Elsa gives a semi-confident 'sure', and the three begin to walk off towards Black Canary's office.

As they enter a hallway, Batman stops and puts a hand to his ear. After a few seconds, he simply says, "Understood." Looking at the two blondes, he relays what he has been told, "Emergency meeting, I need to go. My apologies for parting so soon your Majesty."

Elsa blinks before reacting, "Will you still be in the, satellite, was it?"

"Baring extreme unforeseen circumstances, yes."

"Then all should be fine."

Batman walks away, off to meet with Superman. Elsa turns to face Black Canary, before another question occurred to her. By the time she turns around though, the dark knight has vanished. Elsa remains still at the spot, eyes fixed on where she thought Batman was, mouth agape. Black Canary rolls her eyes behind the Queen. "Yeah, he does that. I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time." Elsa meekly nods and moves to follow. As the resume their walk, Black Canary looks over her shoulder, "Rest assured, I will do my best to answer as many questions you give me. I will also have some of my own to determine how to help you."

"Could you answer some right now?"

"Sure, what is on your mind?"

"What is with nearly everyone wearing these, ah, tight outfits?"

Batman walks into the conference room, where Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern are waiting. There is a series of screens that show a map of the world, with various cities highlighted, including Gotham, although its highlight is green, in contrast with the more numerous reds. The three heroes look up as Batman moves towards them.

"Thanks for coming on such short notice. How is our guest?" Asks Superman.

"Queen Elsa appears to be fine, she is with Black Canary." The detective answers. He glances at the map, notes that besides Gotham, all of the marked cities have known magical users, or centers of magical users. "Seven cities, all experiencing magical events currently, what's the connection?"

"As far as we know, there is none besides the coincidental timing." Remarks GL. He types a few commands, which brings up images of said cities, and the heroes sent out to help. "There's no coordination, allegiances, themes, or even apparent motivations. Just seven random attacks of magical nature, all started within an hour of each other."

"Gotham would have been in the worst situation, if you did not intervene." Adds Martian Manhunter, pointing at the city and the readings that display 'All Clear'. "What did it take to reverse Queen Elsa's magic?"

"I asked, she complied." States Batman, to the looks of minor confusion.

"Wait, if she could reverse her magic that easily, how did she lose control in the first place?" Green Lantern crosses his arms over his chest as he asks his question.

"Joker." Is all Batman says, and it answers enough, and even causes a small wince from Superman. Batman moves to the console, and starts going through the reports of the various cities: statues coming to life; people turning into animals and vice-versa; and generic magical mayhem, as the Justice League calls such events. All in all, nothing new except for, again, the timing. Batman looks through the reports once more, looking for something, anything, between these lines. As he goes through his third check, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl walk in and greet the group.

"So Bats, heard you brought in some royal company." The speedster zips next to the Dark Knight, who remains focused on the console. "What's the scoop?" Batman continues to look through the details on how Zatanna is handling the magical attack on London. Just as Flash is about to sigh does Batman speak up.

"Our guest is Elsa of Arendelle, its former Queen from the 1840's, somehow brought 170 years to the future. She is currently with Black Canary for a psychological evaluation."

Wonder Woman is the only one of the three that looks shocked at Batman's explanation. She holds her chin and looks at the floor in thought. "Is this Arendelle part of Scandinavia?" She receives an affirmative nod from Batman. "And was there a blizzard there about 170 years ago during the summer?"

"There are writings of it yes." Responds J'ohn. "Outside of Scandinavia though, it is thought of as mere fantasy." He types into the computer to bring up a map and history of Arendelle, which has a few articles on said storied blizzard, "But now, considering what Ms. Elsa demonstrated in Gotham, it is entirely possible that may have happened."

"So what mother said could be true." Muses Diana. The rest of the group give her questioning looks, "She once told me of a day that she will never forget. According to her, it was an ordinary summer morning, when, for a brief moment, she felt something she had not detected in thousands of years." Diana pauses to recollect the exact words, but before she can continue, there's a knock at the door. A rather peculiar one too, for this knock sounds divine, somehow.

"Message for Princess Diana of Themyscira." Speaks a voice from behind the door.

Diana appears to recognize the speaker, and looks surprised because of it, "Hermes?" The door opens to a tall and muscular man wearing a toga stands. On his head is golden helmet which covers his scalp, with a darker gold metal jawline. There are a couple small wings affixed to the top.

"The one and only Speedster of the Gods." Hermes flashes a smile, "Your Mother wishes to speak with you immediately. She assumes you already know about what."

Diana pauses a bit to contemplate the brief message, then it dawns on her. "Queen Elsa."

"She didn't say. If the way that the everyone on Olympus is acting lately, though..." He leaves his statement hanging before disappearing into the air, leaving the group further confused.

"Just who is Queen Elsa?" Asks Hawkgirl.

"A Delta Level Cyrokinetic. Most likely magical in nature." Responds Batman, causing all heads to look at him in a mixture of shock and alarm.

"Are you sure about that level?" Questions Superman. He figures that Elsa has some power with her ice and snow, but not that much.

"At least. She can be intricately connected with the ice around her, and has displayed quick and precise control with it. In addition, creating and dispersing her blizzard appeared to have taken no effort at all." He decides to leave the fact she was able to catch him out for now. Everything else though, were astounded by the reported levels of control over ice and snow. Compared to the ice users they are acquainted with, Elsa is driving an F1 car while the rest are content with automatic sedans.

"Well, if she is as good as you say, then she was brought here for a reason." States Hawkgirl. "So now we need to find out who or what brought her here, and why."

Superman nods, and turns to Wonder Woman. "Diana, what were you saying earlier, about your mother?"

Wonder Woman, who had still been thinking over Hermes' message, and how it coincided with what her mother had said, takes a moment before speaking, a small look of awe on her, "She said she felt a Goddess reveal herself that day."

Black Canary is writing on a piece of paper, the last in a small pile. Elsa sits opposite of her at the table in Canary's office, hands folded in her lap. They had spent the last hour in discussion, Elsa doing most of the talking for once, as she answered Canary's questions about her life, thoughts, feelings, and other similar matters. There were parts Canary noticed that Elsa appeared hesitant to answer, or would take some time before she responded. Yet, there were also questions where the queen would light up and talk non-stop. All in all, Elsa appeared to be a sensible individual with the average assortment of problems, outside of being time's apparent plaything. Although the stress of being a head monarch did appear to weigh down on her conscious. Canary finishes writing and puts her pen down, "Okay, besides the lack of knowledge on the past 170 years, you seem to be mostly fine to me."

"Mostly?" Elsa appears relaxed at Canary's brief analysis, but the last part does intrigue her.

"You do show hints of depression and anxiety, but they are small and do not appear to have a significant effect on your overall mental health." The mentioning of depression and anxiety does elicit a subtle reaction from Elsa, a hint of understanding and acknowledgement. Black Canary notices this, and makes one more note of this common reaction. Although she is pleased at seeing Elsa's self-awareness. The look quickly passes as Elsa decides to move on to the next step.

"So, what's next? A history lesson?"

"If you'd like. It probably is the quickest way to get you acclimated. Next best could possibly be to take you to Arendelle."

"Arendelle...I wonder how much I will recognize." Elsa's remark has a tinge of remorse as she considers the idea.

"If it helps, there is hero who I think would be great to show you around there."

"What, your own ice user?" Although the remorse may be gone, the low key tone remains in her voice, which accentuates the sarcasm.

"Actually, I was thinking more on how she's from Norway and knows current Arendelle, but also yes." Although Elsa was joking about an ice powered individual, her face lights up when Black Canary truly means that there actually is a Ice based superhero. Taking the unabashed smile, and silence, as a sign for the okay, Canary makes her decision. "Good. Now hold on as I get her over here." She leans over and presses the intercom button. "Mr. Terrific, could you send Ice to my office please?"


"Her decision, I think she likes keeping things simple." Black Canary shrugs, arms crossed over her chest.

"Does she also work with someone named Fire too?" Black Canary does not know how to answer that, and can barely muster out an low mumble of a response. Elsa takes this subdued reply as another confirmation. "I have a lot to learn about your group, don't I?"

At that moment a knock comes from the door, disrupting the conversation. Black Canary presses a button and the door opens by sliding quickly into the wall, an aspect that still bedazzles Elsa. The two rise to greet the person at the entrance, the super heroine Ice, who wears a blue and white spandex outfit, with white gloves and blue boots with large white trimming. The most perplexing part of the attire though, to Elsa anyway, is the patch in the middle of her chest that shows off her cleavage. In addition, she also finds it a bit shocking to see someone with hair even whiter than hers, never mind that it is also as short as any man's. However, Elsa is not the only one studying appearances, Ice is doing a inspection of her own, albeit with entirely different reasons. The more she takes in the appearance of this stranger, the wider Ice's eyes get as she starts to draw connections. The shimmering icy dress, a tall and regal posture, luminous blonde white hair in an elegant braid, and a face seen only in paintings and sculptures.

"Queen Elsa?" The heroine asks, breaking the ice, and speaking in Nordic from shock. "You-you're alive?" This draws surprised looks from Elsa and Black Canary, with Elsa also torn between being pleased and concerned, for at least she was not referred to as the 'lost' queen. Ice, who is still staring at Elsa, lets out a small 'eep' when she catches what she just said, "Oh my god, I am so sorry! I just didn't expect, well, you of all people to be here when I was called to assist Black Canary."

Elsa stares for a moment before responding, also in Nordic, "Indeed, I am Elsa, although now the former Queen of Arendelle. You do not have to apologize, your reaction is understandable, considering how long I've been missing." There is a smile on her face at the thought of finally conversing with someone in Nordic, never mind that she had ice powers too.

"Ice, you know of her?" Black Canary interjects, surprised that Ice's reaction appears to come more out of actual recognition than recently being informed through a memo or some similar manner. That and how Ice spoke in Nordic as an introduction rather than English.

"Of course." Replies Ice, nearly rolling her eyes, "While Queen Elsa may be 'The Lost Queen' to most of the world," she uses her fingers for air quotations, to Elsa befuddlement, "In Norway she is pretty much a legend." She puts her arms down before again catching what she said, "With all due respect, your Majesty."

Elsa does not seem to notice the last part, considered her perplexed expression. "I'm sorry, I'm confused. Legend?" The more she experiences the reactions of people meeting her, the more Elsa is intrigued and confused by the legacy she has appeared to have left behind.

Ice and Black Canary glance at each other, with Canary shrugging in deference. Ice brings her hands up, "Well, let's see, you are a Queen who caused a blizzard out of nowhere, raised structures that are still standing to this day, helped lay the foundations of creating a local power, and then suddenly disappeared without a trace." She is counting off each item on her fingers as she lists them. "All of that within four years to boot. What really cemented it were those shifting ice walls of yours and how they worked excellently in both of the World Wars."

"Wait wait wait." Before Ice can go on a ramble, one that was beginning to sound a bit like an excited fan, Elsa interrupts, "World what?" There is a look of shock and horror about her.

This causes Ice to freeze momentarily, and Black Canary to clutch her head, shaking it slightly. "Riiiight, you missed 170 years." Ice adds, and mumbles under her breath something about how she forgot that.

"Perhaps a history lesson would be better first." Canary chimes in, attempting to soothe the scared look on Elsa's face. "It may help you better grasp how Arendelle has changed." Elsa can only nod, and follows the lead of Black Canary and Ice, as they head out to yet another room in this fortress of metal.

Down in Gotham is a particularly unremarkable empty alleyway swathed in shadows. The only thing of note is that this alleyway is a bit colder than the streets surrounding it, and also being the area of which Elsa was thrusted into. In a flash of glowing light, a figure appears. The individual stands still, taking in the surroundings. The figure begins to look around slowly, apparently in search for something. It walks over to a spot that seems to have a faint blue hue to it when studied closely. The figure leans down to examine this area. Raising a hand, a small orb of energy lights the surroundings. It shines for a few seconds before being dissipated. Still leaning over the spot, the figure begins to ponder the situation.

Over twenty years early and an entire ocean away, just what went wrong? The figure lets out an exasperated grunt. And of all places she had to show up in Gotham, just where the Batman could help her. The person stands up, having finished the analysis. The Justice League can't keep protecting her forever. Next they will probably try to find a way to send her back. The figures eyes begin to glow, and in another flash of light, it disappears, with one final thought. Good thing I made sure she can't.

Why yes, dear readers, Gotham's Summer Blizzard is back! I actually found a story I want to write with this. I would also like to thank Zam the hedgehog and Edgar H. Stutter for helping me get this off the ground and providing ideas.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this.