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Chapter One

Nanny's steps were strong and sure as she made her way down the corridor of the Castle of Lions. Her shoes made soft clicking sounds on the floor, just the way she liked it. Smiling a little, she thought that it never hurt the staff to know that she was coming. However, it wasn't staff that she was going to visit at this moment. No, it was someone who wasn't quite a friend and wasn't quite an enemy. Perhaps an uneasy ally was the best way to put it. Slowing her steps, she stopped in front of the door that led to her uneasy ally. Pressing the chime, she waited to be granted entrance.

At the sound of the pleasant ring, Keith looked up from his data pad to the clock on his wall. He wasn't expecting anyone. Putting down his data pad, he straightened his uniform and called for the unknown visitor to enter. His eyes widened, and he stood as Nanny entered. "Nanny. I'm sorry; did I miss a meeting or announcement?"

Only giving him a hint of her smile, she replied, "No, no, Commander. You didn't miss anything." With that she stopped speaking and stood in front of his desk, holding a book tightly to her bosom.

An awkward silence stretched out between them and Keith sighed. Nanny always liked to have the upper hand. "May I ask why you have come to my office?" She didn't reply, but held the book out to him. Taking the old book from her, he read the title out loud, Guide to the Arusian Monarchy. He arched a brow as he looked at her. If this was just another way for her to make loud and clear her 'Princess Allura is off-limits to the likes of you' spiel that he and the guys got at least once a month, if not more for the last year, he was going to be more than angry. With a hint of irritation creeping into his voice, he asked, "Is there something in particular you wanted me to read in this book, Nanny?"

"Yes, Commander, there is. I want you to read chapter twenty-two. After you've read it, come see me in my office." With those final enigmatic words, Nanny turned on her dainty heel and left his office like a frigate at full sail in a gale.

Nanny wasn't one to visit him. This chapter must be something very important for her to sink so low that she came to visit him. His thoughts became more concerned. She came to him with a book about the monarchy, so this had to do with Allura… He sat down immediately and opened the book to chapter twenty-two and read the title: Right of Challenge.