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AN: This one was inspired by a picture I saw on DA by Aniri-Argail.

"Your touch makes feel," Matt sung in a low, husky voice down the microphone. "Like a different man. Feelings of darkness, depression and death are driven to sun. Fire deep inside me, woken at your touch, passion and love rising to the fight."

The crowd cheered and Matt closed his eyes momentarily to bask in their adoration. He opened his mouth and began a new verse.

"A heavenly form to light. Beauty hidden in shadows, perfection coming to light, I must have been blind not to see."

The crowd screamed louder and louder. In the front row several teenage fans waved miniature flags with Matt's face on one side and the words 'Pick me!' on the other. He was beginning to wonder if announcing his engagement to the world was such a good idea. On the other hand, they both knew that they wouldn't be happy pretending otherwise. Bad enough that their relationship had been a closely guarded secret known only to a handful of their close friends and of course their fellow band members.

The music played out to its conclusion and he smiled as he watched his fiancé step forward. It was now or never. He cleared his throat and stepped forward.

"Did you enjoy that?" he shouted through the microphone and the audience cheered. Matt licked his lips and swallowed. When his band had been forced to replace Joel a few years ago, he never imagined that accepting the girl standing beside him would lead to this. Then again, the band was only just beginning on its journey to the fame they enjoyed today. He never expected to be as famous or as popular as they were now either.

And it had been one hell of a journey. She had driven the band in directions they never would have thought of on their own. Without her thoughts, her skills and even her tastes, their band would have gone in a very different direction musically. That meant a lot of time spent together and well she was a very attractive woman. He was just surprised he hadn't realised just how amazing she was sooner.

"As a lot of you know, I've become engaged," he said and paused for a moment. "I've become engaged to a beautiful and amazing woman in every sense." Mentally he could hear Will encouraging him the way she had when he first told her of his engagement. His fiancé put her hand in his and they stepped closer. "The song we just sung was dedicated to us in fact," he pulled her into a powerful kiss that made his very soul sing. When they finally broke apart, the crowd was cheering and whistling fit to burst. "I am proud to tell the world that I love Alchemy and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her!"

"Show off," she whispered with amusement in his ear.

"With a girl as amazing as you, who wouldn't?" he replied quietly and Alchemy pulled him into a kiss of her own. The crowd went wild, cheering and wolf-whistling but neither Matt nor Alchemy noticed. They had each other and that was enough.