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Old Friends, New Enemies: Chapter: 16: Tests and Security

Nevada Desert Present Day

Dr Allen Uzuki was not a tall man, quite short in fact so when he was trying to lecture his subordinates it was very hard to be intimidating. His placement as chief engineer and overseer of the S2 project was given to him because of his astounding knowledge in all things bio-mechanical, second only to the late Dr Yui Ikari. When NERV had sent him the core a few months ago he was amazed at the sheer mechanics of it. The ability to turn all forms of matter into pure energy without losing any of it would be the scientific breakthrough of the 20th century. If modified properly and securely tested the applications for its use would benefit mankind beyond words, unlimited power running all the time. No more nuclear waste, no more fossil burning fuels that pollute the already devastated planet. That was his dream it would be his legacy to the world, if his subordinates were not so incompetent. "How many times do I have to tell you? You do not I repeat NOT, drink and eat over the $400,000 supercomputer!"

While yelling at the two idiots he is stuck working with a woman of slender build and brown hair enters the room, "umm excuse me sir but the test will be beginning in 5 minutes."

Dr Uzuki turned to the young woman and smiles, "Thank you Talia I will be along shortly." The disgruntled Doctor scowls at the two young techs picks up the coke can next to the expensive machinery then throws it into the trash on the other side of the room, being on the collage basketball team has its perks. "If I see that again you are both being shifted to the third division," smiling at their downcast faces, he then turns on his heal and marches out of the small office and onto a long gangway. The man takes a brief moment to take in the sight of mans greatest achievement, Evangelion unit-05. In but a few minute the sleek silver Bio-mechanoid would be activated and the human races first S2 engine will be engaged giving birth to a new era of mankind.

Smiling smugly to himself he continued to the end of the walkway and into a control booth. The booth was built into the wall of the large warehouse high off the ground almost completely eyelevel with the mechanical beast. The excited gentleman took his seat in front of a large console in between 2 of his peers. He turned to them smiling that same smug smile, "lets make history shall we."

"Injecting entry plug"

"Filling plug"

"Neural connections active, pilots' life signs confirmed"

"Beginning activation sequence"

Allen watched intently as the bars on the console began to rise, bobbing up then down then up further and so on. He held his breath for more then a minute as the bar pushed beyond the yellow indicator, "borderline reached."

The tech beside him confirmed his premature statement, "Borderline reached, synch ratio holding at 23"

"Activating S2 Engine"

"S2 Engine Active, matter conversion at 79 and rising 89, 92, 97,100"

"We've done it people," the overly joyous man clapped his hands together he then proceeded to pat each and every tech in the room on the back or shoulders. "Good work everyone, contact NERV headquarters and inform commander Ikari of the success and begin preparations for a full field test immediately."

Japan Mid 2005

Shinji Ikari yawned languidly as the sun and clouds passed over his head, his back to the ground and his head nestled in the roots of a nearby tree. He was beginning to look forward to the day time, possibly a side effect of living with someone his own age. Today was different then most, as any child knows a day like today is filled with happiness and joy, yes it was his birthday. Having his mother die the last year his last birthday was quite and sad, he missed out on anything fun, spending his time instead in his room crying trying to figure out why his mother had left him alone this year he wasn't alone, this year he had his new friend Asuka to keep him company.

At the moment he had thought of her the young enigmatic girl in question popped into his peripheral vision, blocking out the sun sky and even the tree from view. "Hey there lazy what are you doing sitting there on your own?" she smiled sweetly, something she had gotten used to lately.

"Ummmm…sitting," Shinji answered back not paying her too much attention instead he tried to shift under her gaze so he could once again take in the beauty of the sky.

Asuka noticed the boy moving his head to each side still trying to change the view and then growled lowly "Oi are you jus gunna sit there or are you gunna get up and come with me?"

"Sit here," he replied smartly though the ensuing looks from the redhead made him rethink his options, "ok, ok I'll come with you but where are we going?"

"We are going that way" Asuka pointed him to the left, the path that led to a nearby corner store. Shinji jus looked at her confused so the impatient girl took matters into her own hands, literally. She yanked Shinji to his feet by his ear and dragged him until he submitted and fell into step behind her.

"You know you didn't need to pull my ear off Asuka," the sore boy rubbed his ear trying to return feeling, if it was even still properly attached he thought. Asuka led him down the short path and then into the shop, it was a small convenience store just the essentials very few things other then food and candy and such. Just inside the entrance they stopped and Asuka looked at Shinji as if he should know what to do, "what are you looking at me like that for Asuka you brought me here u know."

"Baka Shinji," the girl gave him a light push further into the store then pointed down a small isle of toys, "pick something." Shinji just continued to look at her confused "oh you're so dense, it's your birthday so I'm going to buy you something." She blushed a little, "but I didn't know wat to get you, so if I bring you here you chose something and then I buy it for you."

The confused boy just smiled in return, "thanks Asuka." She just smiled back then pointed once again at the isle "ok, ok." He proceeded to look up and down the isle, he had never really cared much for toys so he decided to traverse the candy isle, though he found nothing there that caught his attention he came to an unusual section. It had batteries and electronics light globes and other items of the like. He hastend his pace to get out of that section as it was of no use to him until he saw something. It was a portable cassette player the he had seen many times before, his father and mother both had ones just like it, they would always sit listening to the tapes in their study whilst working. Often his mother would hand him the second ear piece and let him listen to the music it produced. Violin, cello, flutes and trumpets he had heard them all in symphonies played through that device.

"Do you want that Shinji?" Asuka had snuck up on the boy surprising him from behind; well he did take so long in looking at the device that she had gotten impatient. She even began to wonder if his brain had stopped working or something.

Shinji smiled slightly then shook his head "no Asuka it's too much for you to get it, but thanks anyway."

"Ok well if you don't find anything you like we can go down to the shops tomorrow with your uncle." A thought crossed the redheads little mind and she smirked to herself. The two left the store but Asuka had remembered the name of the item Shinji had taken such an interest in, SDAT player.

Later that day Shinji had returned to his position under the tree, smiling brightly after a nice lunch of his favorite take away. His uncle was beginning to understand what children liked and Shinji and his redheaded counterpart were beginning to reap the benefits. His small thoughts were interrupted once again by a head clouding his vision, he sighed inwardly "you're not going to pull my ear again are you?" She didn't bother responding with words but rather handed him a small gift wrapped box. Not saying anything he took the box and eyed it off cautiously, he had gotten joke presents before you know the ones where there's a box inside a box and so on and so forth. He looked up at the girl curiously and her sweet smile urged him on, he gently tore the wrapping paper off. He couldn't help but smile, his eyes began to water at the edges and the only thing he could do was get up onto his feet and embrace his friend tightly "you're the best Asuka, thank you."

Japan Present Day

Commander Ikari pushed a piece across the board bring his rook within striking distances of his teachers' knight. The game had been going for the better half of a month each move was taken with the utmost care spending as much time as necessary to plan ahead to ensure victory, "have the intruders have been found?"

"We're still looking into it they used the sub tunnels to gain entry into the power conduits," Kouzou said whilst he chose a pawn to take the fall for his knight. "The fact that someone breached the facility means that we need to upgrade security, should Seele choose to seize control we would be defenceless."

Ikari gladly obliged his old friends wish to sacrifice his pawn for the greater good settling his rook into his new home "I have the security issues covered, the installation of a new defensive system is now underway."

"What have you done Ikari to ensure the safety of Lilith?"

"The new system is codenamed Cerberus it will protect everything from further intrusion."

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