Princess Kitana finished brushing her long hair and stretched. It had been a long day and she was eager to strip out of her clothes and get some much needed sleep. As the daughter of the Emperor of Outworld it was Kitana's duty to keep her skills sharp; she was her father's chief assassin after all.

There was not much that could break the princess' veneer, she was strong, deadly and beautiful and nothing could make her emotions show. The last time any hint of emotion had flooded her had been when her mother, Queen Sindel, had died. But she had been a child and the grief acceptable.

The princess changed into her sleeping robe and turned to glance at herself one more time in her full length mirror. She could admit to being a little vain. Hell, her beauty aided her in her work. But what she saw made her blood run cold.

Her reflection stared back at her, but the image was twisted. The brown eyes were cold and dead. The apparition sneered at the princess and her smile revealed rows of sharp teeth, much like the Tarkatan warriors.

Kitana's hands flew to her face, feeling her flawless skin.

"You are beautiful now," the apparition hissed. "But I will make you like me. I will destroy you and then I will be the pretty queen on the throne. This is what you will become… a hideous rotting corpse unloved and shunned."

A weapon came flying out of the mirror and Kitana dodged out of the way. Something metal struck her brick wall and the princess fled into the hallway.

"Guards!" she called. "Guards!"

Two armed men came running into the corridor.

"What happened, Princess?" the younger of the two asked.

"There was a woman in my room; a woman looked just like me only she was deformed. She tried to kill me."

The guards exchanged looks.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Kitana hissed. "Go in there and make sure she is gone. I want to know how an assassin got into my room."

The guards entered the princess' chamber and she followed. She waited by the door while they searched. They dutifully checked everywhere, but could find nothing. The glass of the mirror was in tact and the windows were all locked.

"There is nothing here, Princess," the young guard said. "No signs of an assailant."

"She was there, in the mirror," Kitana told them. "She threw a knife at me."

"Perhaps it was a dream," the older guard offered. "Just a nightmare."

"I have no nightmares," Kitana replied darkly.

"We can stand watch outside your room," the older man said.

"Just go away," the princess said. "I will deal with this in the morning. My father…"

"Princess," the older man said. "begging your pardon, but do you really want to trouble the Emperor with a children's ghost story?"

"Get out." The Princess' words held no argument.

"What do we do?" the younger guard asked. "Do you really think she'll tell the Emperor?"

His commanding officer pulled a sai out of his belt and examined it. "I'm not sure, but this does not bode well for any of us. We have to search the castle and find Shang Tsung's abomination before we all get executed for allowing it to break out and run free."