A/N My other syot got deleted sorry to all those who had tributes in it :(. I will make up for it by writing a new one here goes.

President Dagon POV

It is time my assitant Eli tells me. I get up and make my way towareds the stage from my house to deliver this years Quarter Quell twist I begin to worry as the lower Districts are mad and now district Thirteen has fallen it to shall join them sending children to the games. "Hurry up", Eli shouts from down the corridor. " Ugh", I groan i'm firing him tomorrow.

I reach the stage and get handed a small crimson envolope with the Capitol seal on it.

"Welcome everyone to this the fourth Quater Quell. On this the 100th there will be two twists one for the arena and one for the Tributes", I said. Chants began to rise, some screaming wtrying to think of what they are. I've never been one for the games but I have to keep the system going.
"The first change is that all the tributes will get a mutt that looks exactly like them. These mutts will dotted around the arena the mutt that looks like the tribute won't attck them, but all the others will",. I smiled knowing that this would satisfy the Captiol people but the Distrcts now get their part. " As a reminder to all, that everyone on of is equal. The Capitol must send two tributes to join them in the games as we are all equal. The people of the Capitol screamed with joy. I knew that this would certainly make the districts happy.

The form is on my profile and tell what animal the mutts should be. All the mutts will be one animal to make it harder for the tributes, Good luck to all