Armin's butt felt stricken by somebody's hand in the middle of empty hall. The gesture, in some situation very complimenting but still inappropriate, made a wave of shock and appall.

"Yayks~! What the hell are you doing, Ere—!?" the butt's owner groaned in indignation, but his voice cut as he saw that the hand was belonging to someone different than he suspected. "Oh, Lev— Corporal Levi. Ekhm, to what am I owing this way of… expressing your attention in a public place?"

"To your sexy butt, of course." Direct as always. "And this public place is depopulated as Maria's districts, so there's nothing unseemly."

The blond held out his desire of slapping this man. "Oh, well…"

"Armin, why are you avoiding me? Since last time in my office you haven't shown even once." He smirked and leaned forward. "Could it be my worse side scared the baby? Despite you saw it dozen of times?"

"So, let we say I didn't even suspect your 'worse side' is as rotten as it is. I though you're leaded by the will of helping people every way you can, not only by struggling for them to be free. There're things we can do to help them now. But I see that for commanders like you it's not important, and you know better solutions." the blonde's face was firm and embittered.

"And only because of this one incident you want to vanish everything we had in common?"

"No…" Not only because of this.

"You were painfully conscious of how abnormal I am when we started dating and it didn't disturb you whole this time. And suddenly it does?" Levi scanned the boy with his inscrutable sight. "Oh, is it being too much time with Eren? You got used to less-rotten people and you're disgusted with my behavior. Well, maybe in fact better are the ones who live in insane desire of 'killing all the Titans' and restrict their all interest only to this one matter, and blindly endeavor to make it true, not paying attention to potential danger. Hm, that's explains why the brat needs you. He was born without brain, so you—"

"Stop it!" Armin felt inside growing anger. He knew that nothing gonna stop him now. "Maybe he is kind of jerk. Maybe he acts like an irresponsible, hot-headed kid. Maybe he is retarded with ethics of social interactions… But he cares about the ones he loves. And he would never treat any human being as you did! For him people are not junk!" screamed with fire in his eyes and clenched fists. Levi frowned.

"Why are you defending him so much? …You've fallen in love with this brat?!"

Armin's mouth didn't release any answer. His blue eyes went aside.

Levi approached few steps toward the boy. "You did. Are you breaking up with me?!" his voice was a mix of anger, sorrow and disbelief, and it was impossible to guess which one was dominating.

"Yes." said with crystal and firm voice. His blue eyes were looking without a shade of fear or unsure straight into Levi's dark pupils. Levi took a deep breath and his face wore inscrutable appearance again.

"You'd better not." stated with freezing cold tone.

"Because what?" Armin didn't bite his tongue on time, but he knew that he has nothing to lose. "I'm not your toy! You've forced me to be in current relationship because of the humanity's sake. But for our relationship I see no sake, not anymore. It's not an order but a matter of feeling. And I feel I don't want to have anything in common with you, beside official relations."

"And that's your final choice?" the man rather hissed than said.

"Yes, it is." Armin kept his calm voice and sober mind.

"Arlert, there will be no back." Levi gasped in rage through his gritted teeth. The boy noticed the man's fist are trembling. "So, I'll ask you once again…"

"There's no need to do that." The blond knew Levi was never repeating himself or asking twice. The slight awareness that he's hurting him so badly, reached him. But he made his decision already. There was no room to hesitate, not now. "My answer stays the same. You're my superior. Nothing more. And—"

"Fine!" the man screamed. He apparently lost his temper. However, he didn't look like furious. Seemingly… "But! If you still want accusing me of lie and duplicity, and compare to your new, golden-heart boyfriend, first answer to yourself few questions; what he thinks you are, how your honeymoon has started, and where in this mess is your beloved truthfulness."

These words hit Armin as a brick falling from 4th floor right on his head.

"Good luck, you newly-fucking-weddings." Levi snorted as he passed by Armin and went in unknown direction.

Eren turned on his side in the bed and saw a blond head right next to his chest with a pair of azure eyes looking at him. He opened his eyes winder to assure he's not dreaming.

"Armin? What are you doing in dungeons?"

"I came to my boyfriend. I want to tell you good morning… but it's 5 a.m., so I'll do it later." said quietly and cuddled to Eren's chest ready to nap. His heartbeat was like a soothing melody. "You always come to wake me up, so I can do it once too." Armin heard Eren's heart got faster.

"Why so suddenly?" the brunet asked completely astonished.

"Ain't you happy?" he pouted.

"No, I didn't mean that—"

"I just wanted to see you." the boy whispered, looking in emerald eyes and connected their lips. "I'm so happy I got you…"

"Really?" Eren was sure—it must be a dream.

"Of course! We're together 2 months—what are you thinking?"

"Well…" the brunet looked sheepishly aside. "Usually I was the one saying 'I love you' and you was nodding or saying 'me too', so… it's kind of surprise to me. A very nice surprise."

Armin looked down. "Yeah, you're right. I was too snippy for you, but now…" his big eyes looked in emerald pupils with honest, "I know I have nothing more precious than you. I love you." The blond pulled Eren into another kiss. But this time more eagerly and passionately. Eren took the kiss with pleasure and lost in it, allowing Armin to turn him on his back. The titan shifter didn't suspect that the boy could be so good in kissing… but hm, there was something different in his way of kissing.

"A-Armin?" the brunet looked with confused face at Armin, who was leaning over him and smoothly straddling him. Eren blushed. "You okay?"

"Eren…" Armin was staring at him, leaning over and over 'till between their faces was an inch. "Let's do THIS." whispered moving his pelvis and felt hardening thing on his 'seat'.

"Are you sure?" big emerald eyes were looking with disbelief at the boy. The blond just nodded and clung to his lover's lips again with more arousal.

Eren, taken into frantic kiss, was sensing more and more nervous aura of Armin's when the blond started moving rhythmically his hips during this wave of passion. Also his swollen lips, what happened usually when the boy was crying greatly, said Eren that something was not good.

The emerald-eyed broke the kiss gently what made the blond nuzzling in crock of his neck and kept on caressing. "Armin, sorry I'm asking you now, but… have something happened?"

"Why asking?" the boy didn't stop kissing the brunet's neck.

"You seem to be, well… Why now?"

Armin raise and gazed into Eren's eyes. "Now I'm sure what I want. I got to know that I want you, I want to do this with you, and I won't be more certain of that ever."

"I see, but… I don't want to hurt you, but I think I need to tell you, you look queer—as if you were in desperation and want me to do this with you to distract yourself."

Shit, when he learnt reading in other's mind? "Is it bad? I mean… Ugh, okay! Maybe I had a bad day. But is it not good to be by your side to cheer up?"

"What happened?"

Armin got back to kissing Eren's chest. "I wanna cheer up, so I don't wanna think about it."

"You've argued with Levi?"

Suddenly Armin jerked and looked at Eren with widened eyes. "W-why did it come to your mind?"

"You like him."

Armin went speechless. He was looking at the brunet as if his mouth was moving but there was no sound. The boy felt he was losing the ground. He raised, unsure if he should be still sitting on Eren or not.

The brunet sat and looked at the boy. "Well, when I was about enter to his office it happened that I heard you two talking. I'd never heard anyone calling him only by his name, and…" Eren looked aside. "once when we were making out and it got to be really hot you… among moans you called his name." said and bit his lip in worry.

Armin went pale, but he tried to smile innocently. "W-what? It can't be! When possibly I did so?" No way! I went out of mind and was too careless!?

"Couple days ago. I wanted to ask you about it, but I didn't know how to start..."

Armin felt his limbs were shivering. He sat on Eren's bed and looked down completely confused… and terrified. He felt drills spreading on his body. But the brunet was not calm too—he was chewing his lip and his voice went shiver.

"Armin, please. I-if you want to… end up with me—"

"NO!" cried out the blond and tears flew down his face. "I don't want to fall apart with you…!" He sobbed and wiped his eyes, looking sheepishly at the brunet. "Eren, listen, maybe… maybe I was into Levi, maybe we… even was dating…"

"Say what?!" exclaimed with widened eyes, but the small boy put his finger on his partner's mouth.

"Shhh. Anything he and I did it's the past now. I can't imagine my life without you. I admit, when we started dating I wasn't in love with you, and my thoughts about Levi were distracting me, but it's over now. You're the most important person in my live and only this counts." He doesn't need to know details.

"You two were dating?" asked blankly with astonishment. Armin said nothing but nodded. "And did you do… together…?" Another confirmation. "So you are not—"

"I'm not a virgin." the blond whispered under his breath.

"Why didn't you tell me?!"

"You didn't ask." responded calmly.

Eren fell on his bed and said nothing, staring at the ceiling.

The silence was lingering.

"Are you mad?" the petite boy asked quietly when he gain enough strength to look at his friend.

Eren closed his eyes for a while and took a deep inhale. "I… yes.. maybe… no, I dunno. Ergh! Sorry, I have too fucked-up mind to say something now." The emerald eyes got watery, looking at the fragile blond figure. "Can you leave me alone for now?"

Armin buttoned his shit without a word, stood up and went out from the cell, so-called 'Eren's dorm'. He peered back to see as Eren covered his face with his hand and turned with his back to Armin. He that knew his friend was crying.

The blond went to hall and started climbing up the stairs. But until he reached the peak of the staircase he slumped helplessly down on the floor and hid his face in his curled-up legs. The small boy bit his lips to blood to stop the sounds of sobbing.

Please, please no… Why everything has to fuck up just when I started to care?! Is it a punishment for my lies? Why when I care about Eren the most I have to lose him?

The boys spend whole day separated. They hardly see each other during meals. The very next morning Armin woke up without caressing hand of Eren's on his cheek and felt as his heart falls apart. Everything what could be embarrassing and completely unnecessary for Armin 2 months ago, today was painfully assuring him how much Eren loved him, and how badly he needs him around.

But he was not there. That made Armin's eyes, swollen form night-crying, watery again. He felt not able to get up from his bed. As if something took his whole live-powers away. But the morning roll-call was ringing unmercifully.

At the evening Armin was sitting with mind-blank and tried to read a book. Then he felt two strong hands cuddling him from behind and warm body on his back.

"I'm sorry." Familiar voice resounded in his ear. "I'd promised to myself I never make you cry… I broke it. I'm sorry that I made you more worried when you needed some cheer-up."

Armin turned back and clenched to the brunet's chest. "It's okay, Eren. You were shocked, I understand. And I do apologize that I didn't say you… you know what."

Eren smiled and looked aside. "Well, in fact—I didn't ask. But I thought we're friends and you would share this kind of stuff with me."

"I'm sorry." The blonde's eyes went down. "But because it was HE, and he's training you as well, I thought it'd be better to keep that in secret. He himself claimed it'd be better not to expose it. Anyway, are we okay?" the pair of azure, puppy-eyes looked at the brunet's face with hope.

"Yeah, I think yeah but…" the emerald-eyed got confused. "Nah, never mind."

Armin stubbornly held his hands and stared. "Tell me!"

"It's embarrassing! We both are okay so—"


"I feel humiliated!" he shot. "I-I wanted to do this with you, but now when I know you're experienced I will be embarrassed and… ya' know." I wanted to be your first.

Armin smiled seeing blushing face of his boyfriend. "There's no need to!"

"I feel less-macho."

The boy couldn't help but laughing. He really said 'macho'? "Eren, we both know that even if I were unexperienced I wouldn't let you do anything until I knew, at least in theory, how to do this. And you would do nothing but let me instruct you during the do."

The taller boy considered this what he heard, biting his lip. "Well… Point for you." Still I feel less-macho.

Armin wrapped his arms round Eren's neck and, as if he was reading his mind, he said "Soo… maybe I'll do something to make you feel more macho? Like the only man in the world..."

"Sounds nice." The brunet smiled and let Armin push him on his bed.

It was probably the most wonderful moment in his life. As their clothes flew on the floor and bodies were hot enough with kisses, Armin laid on his back positioning his legs, and handed his partner a lube. He watched as Eren's shaking hands smeared the liquid on his manhood and giggled.

"Eren," the blond put his hands on hands his lover, "take it easy. Don't be so nervous."

"A-ah. Yeah, sorry…" the taller boy got more confused and blushed. But comforted by Armin's kiss he lost himself in it and only light whimper of the blond made him realize he was already inside, making rhythmical moves which gave him unspoken pleasure. The boy's mewling was pumping his ego up to stars, and that way he gave Armin spicy fuck, which, actually, the small one wished for. Eren was doing it in his own, characteristic way—not so dominating as Levi, but still he felt so fucking good~!

Finally they fell apart and were taking their breaths looking into each other eyes.

After a while Armin looked sheepishly down intertwining their fingers and whispered, "Thank you, Eren. You are the one who taught me love is something more complicated than I was thinking. The love sometimes doesn't comes immediately, it's not like sudden hit of an arrow—it's like a seed which need time, a lot of time of caring to grow and blossom. It doesn't happen in a second, it's not always wonderful and obvious from the very beginning, and it's something we need to care every day."

"And I'll care it every single minute." said, wrapping his hand round the small one's body and hugging him.

. . .

"Oi, Armin" the blue-eyed looked at him after a while. "Your moans are so fucking sexy… next time we do it in dungeons! I want to hear it in resonance."

His face blushed fiercely. "D-don't say it aloud! It's embarrassing, baka!" squeaked and hid his face in the emerald-eyed's chest.

Eren laughed honestly. He knew that in fact Armin couldn't wait it.