Extended Summary: AU/AH. Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson have been enemies since the sandbox. Literally. After a drunken one night stand leaves Caroline pregnant, Klaus and Caroline have to do the one thing that they have never been able to do: get along. Katherine Pierce and Elijah Mikaelson are the ultimate power couple. Katherine's heart is set on the medical field and she doesn't have time in her life for anything else other than Elijah and her career. Until a stork makes an unexpected delivery.


The playground at Sunny Creek Elementary was every kid's dream and it was the perfect place to spend their thirty minute recess every day after each day's drilling math class that resulted in either adding or subtraction or sometimes both and before their reading activity.

The playground was big with lots of trees that provided cooling shades, tiny multicolored tricycles, a big playground set with three swings, a monkey bar, and a slide. But the place that was always popular for the first graders at Sunny Creek Elementary was the large sandbox that reminded them of the beach.

Or at least they could pretend since most of them had never been out of Mystic Falls their entire life and the closest thing to a beach they had was an old duck pond. Still the children loved it.

"Come on, Kat before all the good shovels and buckets are taken!" seven year old Caroline Forbes stomped her Dora the Explorer sneaker as she motioned towards her curly hair friend who never hurried for anybody.

"I'm going, Care Bear don't yell." Seven year old Katherine Pierce rubbed her big brown eyes tiredly. Her thick, curly hair was in tight curls that reminded Caroline of a Disney Princess. "I'm sleepy."

Caroline grabbed her friend's hand as they ran towards the giggling group of seven years old who were already fighting over the shovels and the buckets.

"I want the pink shovel!" Katherine cried out, suddenly awake.

"Here." Caroline said managing to grab the pink shovel and bucket fot her smaller friend. "Come on, let's go to the corner."

The two girls headed towards the corner of the sandbox. "Ew, sand!" Katherine took off her Mary Jane shoe and shook the sand off. "What do you want to make?"

Caroline's blue eyes widened in excitement. "Oh, how about a Barbie castle?"

"But we don't have Barbie's."

"We can pretend." Caroline said shoveling sand into her bucket. The two girls worked silently for the next few minutes (well, mostly Caroline, Katherine seemed to enjoy actually just spilling the sand rather than do anything with it.)

By the time recess was over Caroline had managed to make a decent sand castle while Katherine decorated it with grass and flowers. Suddenly sand flew everyone and Katherine shrieked and burst into tears. "My eyes!"

Caroline stood up and glared at the offender, the one who had made Katherine cry and who had destroy Caroline's precious castle. The boy was bigger than her probably eight or nine with a pale complexion and light brown-blond hair. "You destroyed my castle!"

"What are you going to do about it you big baby," Klaus Mikaelson stuck out his tongue. "Baby, whiny little baby."

"Care Bear is not a baby." Katherine hissed as she suddenly pounced on him, knocking him to the ground. She started pinching him with her little hands.

"Get off!" Klaus snapped tugging on Katherine's pigtails until she cried. Katherine yelled.

"Leave Kat alone!" Caroline said as she filled her bucket with sand and poured it over Klaus' face so that he let go of Katherine. Klaus sputtered out sand.

"Girls!" Miss May, their first grade teacher shrieked. "What are you doing? Mr. Mikaelson, you should be in the third grade playground! What happened?"

"She started it!"

"No, Miss May he did!" Caroline felt like she was going to burst into tears. "He kicked my sand castle."

"And he pulled my pigtails." Katherine piped in.

"All right, children." Miss May put her hands on her hips. "Follow me, Mr. Mikaelson, let's go to the nurse and I will speak to you girls later."

Klaus stuck out his tongue at Caroline as he followed Miss May. It wouldn't be the first time they were pinned against each other.

-End of Chapter One-

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