Summary: Jason and Sam have survived Franco and are now pregnant but because Sam's pregnancy is so delicate they have to go to Los Angeles and consult with top neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery. While in Los Angeles, they encounter heartache, joy and make new friends. Eventually Baby Morgan will arrive and Jasam will have to make an important decision.

Note: I started writing this in 2011, after the honeymoon from hell so it's a lot different than what transpired. To me, it would have been interesting to see Jasam deal with something like this rather than the crap that went down. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1

"We're going to see our baby today," Sam Morgan said excitedly. She clutched Jason's hand as he sat beside her. She was dressed in a hospital gown, her dark hair fanned out on the pillow, her face lit up in a smile. Jason was glad to see her smiling. There was a time he had never thought he would see that gorgeous grin again. After the madness with Franco ... After they had both believed she could be carrying her torturer's child ... After the pain and the tears from both of them ... After the night he came home with Franco's blood underneath his fingernails, his leather jacket stained with crimson as well... After Sam had cried so many nights and Jason had just held her, swearing to never leave her ... After the paternity test done just mere weeks ago that revealed without a doubt that Jason was going to be a daddy ... After the suffering, they were finally out of the dark tunnel and seeing the light that was promised to be at the other end...

Jason nodded and reached out with his free hand, running the pads of his thumb down her cheek. "Yes we are." He lightly kissed her and she responded with a smile pressed into his lips. When they pulled apart, he said, "I am glad to see you smiling again."

Sam grinned still wider. "Well get used to seeing me smile, Mr. Morgan. Because we finally have it all. We finally have the life that we were meant to have and our baby will be here in just a few short months... You ready for that?"

Jason rested his head lightly against hers for a moment. "I am."


Dr. Kelly Lee had begun the ultrasound straightaway after coming into the room. She knew that this family in particular had suffered enough already and needed good news, needed to hear that their baby was strong and not only that, thriving. She had no reason to doubt that going in. Sam's reconstructive surgery had been a success and no abnormalities had thus far revealed themselves. All was going well except ... The baby was small... Too small for sixteen weeks...

Sam was chattering on animatedly as she marveled over the sound of the fetus's heartbeat which was fortunately strong and steady. "Jase, our baby," she said. She squeezed her husband's hand. "Kelly, can you tell us if we're having a boy or a girl?"

Kelly looked at the both of them. "It's a girl."

"Ohmigod," Sam murmured. "Jason, we're having a girl."

The quiet man just smiled but it was a wide smile until he heard Kelly clear her throat. "Now I have to be honest with you too. The baby is a little small so-"

Sam shifted on the bed. "What? Is something wrong? Is she - is she going to be okay?"

"I have every reason to believe that she will be fine," Kelly said, holding up a hand to stop Sam from working herself up. "It's just the baby is a little smaller than we'd like her to be at this point in the pregnancy."

"What does that mean, Dr. Lee?" Jason asked, looking calm and cool outwardly but Kelly could see the anxiety in his eyes that matched Sam's.

"It means we'll need to monitor her. I want you to come back in a month just to be sure everything is progressing normally. I have complete confidence your baby will be alright. We just want to err on the side of caution so in the meantime, get lots of rest, don't stress yourself out, keep taking your vitamins. I have every reason to believe this pregnancy is viable."

Kelly shut off the monitor then and squeezed Sam's trembling hand. "It's going to be alright."

"I know," Sam said but the expression of fear in her eyes was unwavering.


Sam was quiet on the ride home from the hospital. It was Jason instead trying to engage his normally chatty wife in conversation but she resisted every opportunity to open up to him.

He watched her out of the corner of his eye as he steered his truck into the underground parking lot below Harborview Towers. He pulled into his parking space and killed the engine, looking over at her. He reached for her hand and intertwined their fingers though her hand lay limp in his grasp. "Hey, Sam, talk to me, okay?"

Sam looked up at him and he saw tears filming her doe eyes. "Jason, I've done everything right ... At least I've tried to. Why is this happening?"

"You heard Dr. Lee. Our baby will be fine."

"But she's underweight. She's not thriving like she's supposed to. If something happens to her ..."

Jason squeezed her fingers as tightly as he dared. "She's going to be fine. You are doing everything right. I've seen how good you are taking care of yourself."

"It's just, Jason ... I am scared. After everything we went through, if we lose her ... I mean we just found out we're having a little girl..." Her voice trailed off as the tears she had been holding back gave way. He instantly reached out and dabbed at each one with his fingertips. Then he pulled her into his lap and just held her, whispering softly to her that their baby was going to be okay.


Sam did everything Dr. Lee had told her to do and then some. Convinced that she could make the baby bigger if she were bigger herself, she ate a Kelly's hamburger for dinner every single night, drank milk shakes regularly, and generally over-ate. She gained a good ten pounds but to Jason, she had never looked more beautiful than the way she was now. He told her so and she laughed off the idea but it was true just the same.

A month's time had passed and they found themselves at General Hospital again, about to have another ultrasound to check on their daughter's weight. Kelly walked in purposefully and got right to work, spreading the jelly on Sam's stomach and bringing the machine to life. Right away they heard their baby's strong heartbeat again.

Jason and Sam watched Kelly's expression but when she said nothing, Sam prompted, "Is she alright? Is our baby alright? I mean, did she put on enough weight?"

The doctor nodded. "She is the right weight now for twenty weeks. She seems to be thriving ..." Her voice trailed off as she studied the screen. The Morgans watched her anxiously and when she turned around to face them again, her expression was drawn. "I want to do an MRI. I believe -"

"Wait - an MRI?" Sam asked. "I mean, is that standard? Our baby ... You said she was the right weight..."

Kelly nodded. "She is. But that said, I am a little alarmed by what I am seeing now. I'll know more once the MRI is done."

"Wait, Kelly," Sam said. "Tell me what's going on. Right now. Is something wrong with our daughter?"

"Talk to us," Jason said. "We need to know if something is wrong."

"I am concerned about your baby," Kelly acknowledged. "Actually very concerned.

"You see," Kelly went on. "Right here on the monitor... One of your baby's legs appears to be constricted by an amniotic band."

Sam clutched Jason's hand, tears shining in her eyes. "What does that mean, Doctor?" Jason asked, squeezing her hand back.

"We'll know more once when we see the results of the MRI."

"Tell us now," Sam choked out. "Tell us what we're facing here."

"Well, your baby is apparently suffering from amniotic band syndrome. That occurs when strands of amniotic fluid wrap around parts of the fetus's body. If not treated, body parts could actually be inadvertently amputated in utero."

Sam let out a little cry of emotion and Jason leaned down, tucking her body against his. She had never looked more fragile to him than she did right then, never more scared. "What do we do, Dr. Lee?" He asked.

"Let's schedule the MRI. We'll know more when we can get a better look at the baby. In the meantime, I ask that you don't jump to any conclusions."

"How can we not?" Sam bit out. "This is our baby, our precious baby ... We are scared. Give us some hope." She looked at the doctor with tear filled, pleading eyes. "Give us some hope. Please. Tell us you can fix this."

Kelly squeezed Sam's arm. "I'll do everything I can."


Kelly left the room to prep for the MRI and Jason lightly pulled Sam into his arms. He could already feel the shape of her growing belly curving into his muscular chest. There was a child inside of her - their child - and he wanted her to have the best chance at life. He knew it would break them both if they lost their baby.

"Why is this happening?" Sam asked as tears dripped down her face. "Why? Is it because I'm a bad person? Is it that -"

Jason placed a finger over her lips. "You're not a bad person, Sam. You're actually the best person I know. You are not being punished for anything. Believe that, okay?"

Sam pressed her head into the crook of his neck as they sat there together for a long moment, holding tightly to each other.

Soon enough the door had opened and a nurse appeared, saying she was taking Sam downstairs. Jason went with Sam and they prepared to get news on their precious child.


After the MRI, Sam and Jason sat in Kelly's office, watching her expectantly. Why was it that she seemed to be taking forever to explain what was going on with their child? Were things really that serious? Really that bad?

Jason cleared his throat pointedly. "So does our daughter have that... amniotic thing?"

Kelly nodded, steepling her fingers. "I am afraid so and I'm not going to lie to you two. It's even more severe of a case than I had originally thought. The MRI shows that not only is your baby's leg constricted but there is already band growth on the umbilical cord. If it were to grow anymore, you run the high risk of losing your child."

Jason squeezed Sam's hand as more tears fell from her eyes. What should have been such a joyful time for them both was turning into a nightmare. Everything seemed to be falling apart. After all they had suffered, wasn't it time for them to have a little happiness?

"What do we do?" Sam asked. "Is there any way we can fix this? We want our baby. We want her so bad."

Kelly nodded. "I know. And I'm going to put you in the hands of the right person to treat this. But fair warning, Sam, you will be facing invasive surgery and there are no guarantees."

Sam wiped her face which was still streaming with tears. "We'll do whatever we have to do to save our child."

Jason looked at his wife. "Just say Sam will be okay. That this surgery won't hurt her."

"Well there's always a chance that some unforeseen complication could arise during surgery but I have every reason to believe that because we've caught this at an early stage, things can be rectified and in a few months you will be bringing home a perfectly healthy, happy child. I won't lie though. Time is of the essence."

"Okay well do the surgery now," Sam said.

"I'm an OBGYN, Sam. Not a neonatal surgeon and that's what you need. You need the best, truth be told. I will be putting you in contact with an old med school colleague of mine - Dr. Addison Montgomery. She's the best in the business and if anyone can make things right, it's her."

Sam nodded. "Did I ... Did something I do cause this? I tried to do everything right; I tried -"

Kelly held up a hand. "It's not genetic. Nor is it caused by anything you did or didn't do during your pregnancy. This is just a tragic occurrence. As I said, I will put you in touch with Addison right away. She's based out of Los Angeles. I will talk to her and make sure she can take your case. There's no one I would trust more with the life of your child."


Once again the car ride home was filled with silence and fear and doubt. Once again Jason tried to engage Sam in conversation but she remained uncharacteristically quiet, her head pressed against the cool glass as she stared out the window, watching the scenery zoom by. When they had pulled into the parking garage, Jason shut off the engine and started to reach for her when his cell phone rang.

"If its Carly or Sonny right now, I swear -" Sam muttered, finally speaking.

Jason looked at the number. "No, it's Dr. Lee. Maybe she has good news."

Sam turned in her seat to look at him as he pressed the phone to his ear. "God I hope so," she murmured.

"Dr. Lee?" Jason said, watching Sam as he talked. "Did that doctor agree to see us?"

"She did. She wants you both to come to Los Angeles immediately. Can you book a flight or -"

"I'll take my friend's jet," Jason said. He looked at Sam and offered her his hand which she accepted, clinging to it tightly the way one would a life raft in the eye of a storm.

"She expects you in two days, so pack your bags and prepare for a short stay in Los Angeles. I'll fax you all the information you'll need this evening."

Jason thanked Kelly and then hung up. "That doctor will consult on our case," he said.

"I'm glad," she murmured as she cupped her swollen belly. "I hope, Jason ... God I am praying so hard right now. And you know me, I don't even believe in God." She began to cry then, sob like her heart was literally breaking. Jason held her close for what seemed like hours with tears gathering in his own eyes before she finally became subdued enough to eventually nod off to sleep in his arms.

He ended up carrying her upstairs and tucking her into bed before starting to pack their luggage for their trip to California.

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