"Liftoff in 20 minutes!" Leo called, for once serious. His hands flew over the hundreds of bronze levers, buttons, dials, and other assorted gizmos. He was in his own world, not noticing anything other than his work.

"Leo. Leo. Leo!" Leo glanced around to see that Harley was tugging at his arms to get his attention.

"What's up, motorcycle?" Leo smiled his impish grin.

Harley glanced away for a second, almost sneakily. "The Hephaestus Cabin is giving you this. I hope you'll like it."

Leo tore open the wrapping paper on the present to reveal a perfect cupcake underneath. Looking back on the incident, Leo knew he should have suspected a trick. The Hephaestus Cabin weren't bakers, or gift givers for that matter. However, Leo didn't think at the time. He just shoved the cupcake in his mouth.

Immediately, he began to gag. He barely made it to the side of the ship before puking. It tasted like one of Mrs. O'Leary's dog treats- disgusting.

"Harley," Leo whined. "I thought you were my friend!"

Harley ran away to a safe distance before explaining. "Jason says to give that to you and say it is for the shaving cream- on –the- Jell-O trick that you pulled for April Fool's Day."

Leo remembered that trick. The look on Jason's face was priceless! Unfortunately, Leo didn't take any pictures, but everyone in camp had seen it.

"Oh Gods," Leo cursed under his breath. "Cameras!" The security cameras were all around the deck, recording his misery. Jason was going to have to be pranked again. After all, Leo had a reputation.

Right now though, revenge was shoved to the back of his mind. He raced down to the mess hall to get something- anything- to get that awful taste out of his mouth. Lift off was, after all, in 18 minutes.