Chapter 1: Acceptance

Yuzuru Suoh was sitting at his desk, reading through and filling out a stack of paperwork that sat taller than his son's golden retriever, Antoinette (though not fully grown, the canine was still rather large). He sat back in his chair, stretched his arms behind his head, and let out a long, drawn out, yawn.

'Will this day ever get any more…interesting?' he looked out the window behind him and took in Ouran Academy's lavish, extravagant, grounds. The rose bushes were in full bloom, announcing the end of winter, and the beginning of spring. 'Ah…so peaceful…but too boring…Maybe I should have Tamaki come over…I could prank him! OH He's SO adorable! My adorable son!' He grinned at the thought of his precious Tamaki helping him with his paperwork, wooing his secretary, etc. His secretary knocking on the door interrupted his time in his mind theater.

"Enter." He called, pretending to be working, yet again.

"Excuse me, Suoh-sama, but there's a woman here to see you. She's brought a dance scholarship applicant."

He grinned, "Perfect, send them in!"

"Yes, right away, Suoh-sama." She bowed and exited.

A few moments later, there was another knock on the door, "Enter." Yuzuru called. A woman with greying hair, pulled back into a bun, and a stoic, aging, face entered, followed closely behind by a young girl, who appeared to be around his son's age. "Hello, ladies, how can I be of service?" Yuzuru stood and walked around his desk, to lean on it from the front.

The girl hid behind the older woman, who cleared her throat before speaking. "Hello, Suoh-sama. I am Riza Haruna, and this is my ward, Yuki Hara." She pulled the girl, Yuki, from behind her so that Yuzuru could get a better look at her. Yuki bowed her head, covering her face behind her hip length hair. "She has taken the liberty to apply for a dance scholarship to your school, behind my back. Her therapist's advice-."

Yuzuru's eyes widened, "Therapist?"

Riza nodded her head, "I'm afraid that Yuki here has some issues that need sorting out-"

"I DO NOT!" Yuki, who had been silent up until that point yelled and turned to face Yuzuru, whose eyes fixed immediately on the girl, "I have no issues."

"But your-" Riza started.

"Is something that I have to face head-on; I can get past it, just like anyone else." She turned back to face Yuzuru. She looked him dead in the eye. Her eyes were full of fire, determination, and pure, unadulterated terror all at once. "Please, Suoh-Sama," she got on her knees, bowing her head, "Please give me a chance. I want to attend Ouran Academy with every fiber of my being."

Yuzuru looked at the girl, really examined her. Her hip length hair was almost the exact color of Antoinette's fur, but it had a redder tinge to it, almost as if someone had taken the color of yellow gold and added drops of red dye to it. She was dressed in a shirt that was, quite obviously, too large for her. The neck of the shirt was hanging precariously off of one shoulder, the sleeves reached far past her hands, and the hem of the shirt reached her knees. Her jeans were old, worn, and also too large. Her eyes, though he couldn't see them now, were the purest shade of green he had ever seen in his entire existence on this Earth. Not to mention, all of her skin, that he could see, was randomly dotted with freckles. He then recalled all the information on her application, and her score on the application exam that she had taken at the end of the previous school year.

She seemed confident in herself, looked good on paper, and she had the highest scores on the application exam. All that she needed to do was display her dancing skills.

"Lift your head, Hara-chan." Yuzuru ordered, "Riza-san, I wish to have Yuki display her dancing skills to me and a panel of judges. If she gets our approval, I wish to have her attend Ouran Academy, and also perform for me at meetings." He turned away from them to get a file out of his desk. He gave the manila file to Riza, "The terms of her scholarship, should she attain it are here."

"But Suoh-sama, she's-"

"If she says she's ready, she's ready. This is a matter of her future, shouldn't you be supportive of her?" He then turned to Yuki, "Follow me, Yuki-chan." He led her out of the room, leaving Riza to pour over the contents of the file.

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