Ever wonder how the Smashers can stand each other in the Smash Mansion? Wanna know what goes down every day in there? Well, MTV (or rather, me) has sent cameramen to film the Smashers' daily lives. See the scandals, relationships, and everything else in this new series of one-shots!

NOTE: I do not own Super Smash Bros. Nintendo does.

Tonight's episode – Karaoke Night

It was Karaoke Night at the Smash Mansion. All the Smashers were there, and a number of them had friends from the outside in attendance. Ash Ketchum and all of his travel buddies over the years were there to see Pikachu sing (that will provide some laughs). Samus and Lucario had Sir Aaron come. King Dedede's best friend, Escargoon was also in attendance.

First up were Ness, Lucas, Toon Link, King Dedede, and Ike. They were to sing the theme song to a show all in the Mansion but Pit liked. Pit was like, "they better not be singing the theme from...THAT show!" Link said, "how can humor offend someone like you Pit? I mean, we're best buds and all, but you gotta be more open-minded." Pit said, "you're acting like I am the only one offended by that show. But I'm not."

Samus said, "shhh, they're about to start singing". A guitar chord played and Ike began to sing "going down to South Park..." revealing that Ike and the others were singing the South Park theme. Ike sang Les Claypool's lines (he's the lead singer of Primus, the main performer of the song), Ness and Lucas did Stan and Kyle's line, King Dedede did Cartman's line (since they are both fat), and Toon Link did Kenny's line, muffling his voice just like Kenny.

Next up was Snake, who was dressed up in a blue suit of sorts, following him was a chorus of four Native American male singers. Snake said, "Samus, this one is for you". Samus was embarrassed, "not this again". The Native American chorus began chanting "hooga-chaka hooga hooga" and the lights went down.

Meta Knight said "is he singing what I think he's singing?" as Snake began to sing "I can't fight this feeling, deep inside of me...". Captain Falcon said, "I think I recognize that blue suit". As Snake launched into the chorus of his song, the lights turned back on and he danced while he sang.

"I know what Snake is doing, he is singing the Blue Swede version of 'Hooked on a Feeling', wearing the same attire that Björn Skifs wore in the music video for the song that was made in 2009" Marth said. Peach then reminded Marth about the song's age, "but how can the music video be made that recently if the song was made in the early 1970s?"

Marth explained the reasoning behind the song's video. "You see, the video was made to promote the movie Something Blue, the acting debut of Roy G.B. Ventura, who we all know simply as Roy. He started an acting career after leaving Smash Bros., he co-stars in that movie, which is a romantic comedy, opposite Britney Spears. All the soundtrack's songs, which are classic rock love songs, had new music videos made for them."

Peach said, "interesting, tell me more."

Marth continued, "all the music videos also contained short clips from the movie itself. In the music video for 'Hooked on a Feeling', Skifs wears the same attire and dances in the same way Snake is wearing and dancing now, and it takes place in a Las Vegas nightclub. A Native American chorus even mimes the backing vocals, and the lights turn off and on the same way as earlier."

After Snake finished his song, he went back to his seat, with Samus telling him along the way, "give it up Snake, you're never going to have me." Snake only said that he thought Samus was in denial.

Lucario and Sir Aaron came up on the stage next. The two were going to sing a duet, like they had been doing the past several weeks.

Samus said, "oh boy, what are they going to sing this week?" Everyone was anxious as to what they were going to sing. Eventually, a song from the movie Grease began playing.

Lucario sang the line "I got chills they're multiplying…" revealing that he and Sir Aaron were singing " You're the One That I Want" from the movie version of Grease. Pit explained to Palutena, a newcomer to Karaoke Night, that Lucario and Sir Aaron always sing a duet each week – and all songs they choose are duets that were originally between a male and a female. The two take turns playing each gender.

Lucario and Sir Aaron had began doing this after starring in a local production of the musical Hair – which Samus and Pikachu also attended, mainly to get away from Snake.

It was Mario's turn to come up and sing. He preferred to sing songs by performers who are of Italian descent, like Mario was. Mario especially preferred Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Mario this time sang "My Way", one of Sinatra's biggest hits. Mario sang about getting older, even though he has never aged.

When Link came on stage, he was accompanied by a chorus of 4th-graders from South Park – namely Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Butters, Token, Craig, and Jimmy.

The song that played began with the kids singing "here we are, born to be kings, we're the princes of the universe". This Queen song was chosen by Link to show he was the best swordsman of all the swordsmen Smashers, much to the annoyance of Marth, Ike and Meta Knight, who he all considers rivals (in spite the lyric "I have no rival").

Meta Knight went up next. "I am sure this song is familiar with you all". A guitar line opened up his song, which was "La Bamba" as performed by Los Lobos. Meta Knight is of Mexican descent, like Los Lobos and the first popular performer of the song, Richie Valens.

Bowser and Ganondorf went up to sing a song together. Marth said, "what drinking song are they gonna sing next?" Ike said, "that's all they sing about, they should sing about something else". Bowser and Ganondorf sang "Burn it to the Ground" by Nickelback.

When Donkey Kong came up, he was accompanied by a turntablist. He opened his song with "if you havin' girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems...". Donkey Kong always performed songs by African-American artists.

Peach said, "Jay-Z has such a filthy mouth." King Dedede commented as well, "DK can say those words because we live in a free country." Marth said "race plays a role here too you know."

Ash Ketchum went up and sang a song for Misty. It was a song used by the ABC network in the late 1970. Samus said, "you know Fox, 'Still the One' by Orleans was the basis for a successful ABC promotional campaign." Fox said, "wow I didn't know that. I share a name with a network myself."

After Karaoke Night finished, the Smashers went back to the main Mansion, and everyone went to bed for the night, ready for the next day.

How do you like that? There is more where that came from. Of course from now on all Karaoke Night one-shots after this will be posted on Wednesday.