Well, this is actually my second version of this episode. The first version, which I foolishly didn't save, was lost in a freak accident. I hope you can understand where I am coming from with this. If anybody has gone through this before, don't hesitate to comment.

Yeah, it's been a while since I did one of these. I don't know when I'm gonna go back to the Metal Fest storyline, but for now, I'm gonna skip nearly a year ahead in this episode of TRSB. This will be the introduction chapter for Cloud, the identical twins (one male, one female) both named Corrin, and Bayonetta – the latter part of this story will feature characters from Supernatural, which has become one of my favorite shows in real life.

I do not own SSB, Nintendo does

December 15. This day was not going to be like any other day in the Smash Mansion. For today, someone new was going to join Smash, after over one month of anticipation being built. This new Smasher announced he would join Smash on November 12. He has been preparing for this very day for a long time now.

In the month leading up to his formal joining of Smash, he made numerous interviews with show-business publications and television series. One of his most memorable of these interviews was made on the November 19 episode of Entertainment Tonight, the day before Mockingjay Part 2 came out in theaters. In this interview, he boasted that if the Hunger Games were real, he would win them within an hour.

Alas, the day has come, the time is now. This new Smasher was arriving at the Smash Mansion, ready to move in. There has been great debate the past month over who would win a battle between this new Smasher and 16-year Smash Veteran Link. Both wield swords, with the new Smasher's being significantly larger than any other sword used in Smash before.

The new Smasher parked his car in the parking lot adjacent to the Smash Mansion. Many other residents of the Mansion had cars as well, some have more than one. 2 butlers came and walked the new Smasher over to the front door of the Mansion. He rang the bell, and Pip answered.

Pip said, "you must be the newcomer to Smash Bros. people have been talking about. What is your name, young sir?" The young man, who had spiky blonde hair, answered "my name is Cloud Strife. But you can call me Cloud."

Many other residents heard the doorbell and the door being answered and so they came up to see the newest arrival to Smash. Link was the first to talk to him. "So if it isn't Cloud Strife. I have been awaiting your arrival for a long time. There are many other swordsmen and swordswomen in this competition. Needless to say I am the best of them all."

Cloud said, "I have been awaiting the chance to meet you too Link. It is clear that while I may have the biggest sword, you by far have the biggest ego. Your reputation precedes you Link. I have never met anyone with such a big ego before, but I knew all about you."

Yeah, for the past month there has been much debate online whether Cloud or Link is superior to the other. The people running Smash Bros. decided to take advantage and pit the two against each other in Cloud's first match. In addition, they ran a social media campaign encompassing among other sites Facebook and Twitter, wherein supporters of one or the other were encourage to include #TeamCloud or #TeamLink in their posts as part of the countdown to the fight.

Marth came over to Cloud and said, "come on, let me introduce you to the other sword-wielders outside the Zelda universe. We have formed an alliance as we have a common foe. Link. I don't know where he gets off saying he is better than all of us." Marth took Cloud to another room wherein all of Marth's Smash friends, the fellow non-Zelda sword wielders, were all sitting at a round table (get the reference?).

Marth introduced Cloud to the other members of his alliance. First there was Roy, his very first friend from when they first joined Smash. After Roy left for seven years to pursue an acting career, Ike filled the void, and still is friends with Marth today. Next was Lucina, Marth's descendant who bore a striking resemblance to him. After that there were the identical twins (one of each gender) who were both named Robin. Rounding out the introductions, were Meta Knight, the smallest of the bunch, along with Shulk and Mii Swordfighter.

Ike said, "we are very proud to have someone like you in our ranks, Cloud. We were surprised when you announced your intentions to join Smash. Now beware. Link has his own alliance against us. In that alliance are two Smashers who call themselves Pit, I don't know why they both are named Pit, but whatever. Also in Link's alliance is Palutena, Pit's best female friend, Sheik, and several of the child Smashers – Toon Link, both sexes of Villager, Lucas and Ness."

Cloud said, "I am proud to serve among you all. Together we can show Link that he is very arrogant." Marth said, "just one thing Cloud. Just don't try and steal Zelda away from Link...that's my racket."

(Vancouver International Airport)

Coming off a plane was a man in a black and silver outfit and a blue cape. Just behind him was someone who looked exactly like him, but was female. They were identical twin siblings.

The female said, "Male Corrin, why can't we join Smash now?" He said, "Female Corrin, because we have to make publicity appearances to promote our game, or games, whatever, how you want to call our adventure, for the next two months. But before that, we have to visit two other twins who are big fans of our series and befriend them."

Female Corrin said, "now why do we have to do that again?" Male Corrin said, "because they won a contest. It is our obligation to the contest winners that they get to meet us and have a day on the city with us."

Female Corrin said, "now, what are their names again, and where do they live?" Her twin brother said, "they want to be addressed as Spark and Shinehollow. That's what they go by on certain internet forums. As far as where they live, they live in Williams Lake."

Female Corrin said, "but that's a six-hour drive between there and Vancouver! Are you sure their parents approved this?" Male Corrin said, "yes, look we don't have much time to waste, we have to go rent a car. And one more thing, unless it's part of our series title, please do not mention fire around these two."

Female Corrin, said, "OK brother." The Corrin twins went over to a car rental place, and the male picked out a Ford Escape. The female said, "you do realize Ford stands for Found On Road Dead, right?" The male said, "do you have to criticize every car I drive, sister?" The twins got in the car, Male Corrin got into the driver's seat, and turned on the car and headed east towards Abbotsford (which also has Ford in its name).

After changing roads several times they were now on Trans-Canada Highway 1. "We have to stay on Highway 1 until Cache Creek", Male Corrin said. Female Corrin said, "I would have much rather spent our time in BC seeing the Canucks play." Male Corrin said, "just don't say that around the one named Spark at least, she's a Habs fan."

At Cache Creek they moved on to Highway 97. "We're gonna be on route 97 for a long time sister," said Male Corrin. His sister responded, "this is gonna be a long two months. At least we'll get to see lots of major Canadian and American cities. Oh cool this has satellite radio." Female Corrin turned to a classic rock station which was in the middle of a "As Heard on Supernatural" marathon. The DJ of this commercial-free station (something typical of satellite radio stations) said, "here's one we know you'll like. Back on the Road Again by REO Speedwagon."

REO Speedwagon's song began playing, and female Corrin began headbanging. Male Corrin said, "you know this really ain't metal, just hard rock." Female Corrin said "I don't care this is a good song!" Before they knew it they were in Williams Lake. All they had to do was find Spark and Shinehollow's house, which they did with ease, since providing a home address was a requirement for entering the contest.

Male Corrin said, "this is it, here we are." The Corrin twins exited the Ford Escape. They walked up to the door, and rang the doorbell. Greeting them were two very excited female teenagers. Male Corrin said, "you must be the contest winners. You're Spark and Shinehollow, right?"

Spark said, "yes we are! Actually getting to meet you was something we have been hoping for for a long time now!" Shinehollow said, "I hear you're gonna take us for a day on the city of Vancouver. There are sooooooo many things we want to do!"

Female Corrin said, "well, what are you waiting for girls, let's go!" Spark and Shinehollow entered the Ford Escape the Corrin twins had been renting from the car rental place near the Vancouver Airport. This was one day they would never forget, they would remember this day the rest of their lives.

(Park, Lebanon, Kansas)

Dean Winchester was confused as to what had just happened. A minute ago he was with Amara, also known as the personification of the Darkness. Now all of a sudden, he was in the city park.

Dean said, "damn, what the hell happened?" He took a walk around the park trying to put two and two together. As he was thinking, a tall witch wearing glasses walked by him, and spoke in an English accent.

"Dean Winchester? I've been looking all over for you" the witch said. Dean asked the witch a few questions. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions: Who are you, what the hell is going on, and if you're a witch why the hell would you need glasses?"

The witch said, "it's not nice to talk to a lady like that. The name is Bayonetta. I'm just as much in this as you are." Dean said, "Bayonetta, where have I heard that name before?" Bayonetta said, "I hunt demons just like you Dean dear."

Dean said, "wow, if you hunt demons then it is my pleasure to-" Bayonetta interrupted him. "I didn't come here to make friends, Winchester. Especially when you and your brother Sam are in cahoots with the King of Hell."

Dean said, "yeah about that we and Crowley were gonna go our separate ways real soon." Bayonetta said, "I doubt that, I see all. Your brother's in Hell right now, with Crowley and his mother, talking to Lucifer about Sam being his vessel again. And it's not going well. For Sam that is."

Dean said, "that son of a bitch! I told Sam specifically not to go down there!"

Bayonetta said, "if you want me to I will show you exactly what is going on." Bayonetta dragged herself and Dean to Hell to the spot where Crowley and Rowena were watching Sam and Lucifer's conversation go down.

Bayonetta said, "Crowley...Rowena...give me 10 good reasons why I shouldn't kill you both." Crowley said, "Bayonetta, what a surprise! We were just about to leave and-" before Crowley could finish Bayonetta began to choke him. Crowley said, "What seems to be the problem Bayonetta?"

Dean said, "let go of him Bayonetta." Before Lucifer could jump into Sam, he saw that Bayonetta and Dean had come down to Hell, and that Crowley and Rowena were there too. Lucifer said, "well, everyone's here to watch me take over Sam. Even you, Bayonetta. It's been a while."

Bayonetta said, "the first rule of witches is that you don't *beep* with a witch. And that is exactly what you are doing Lucifer. I don't like this guy any more than you do but it is no reason to take him over."

Lucifer said, "there's nothing you or your friends can do to stop me Bayonetta. No way inside the cage." Bayonetta said, "these people ain't my friends! I think the idea of friendship is very disgusting! I can prove it to you." Bayonetta pointed her sword at Dean, who said, "wow, you take no prisoners Bayonetta."

Bayonetta said, "now Lucifer, if you so much as think about jumping inside Sam, Dean dies!" Dean was only aroused more by the comment, indicating he was falling for Bayonetta.

Lucifer said, "OK Bay, you win, I'll leave Sam alone, and you can leave with your boyfriend." Bayonetta and Dean left Hell, unbeknownst to them Lucifer said what he said with his fingers crossed behind his back.

Dean said, "you know, Bayonetta, the way you threatened to kill me, was very sexy. I've never been turned on like that before. I'm sure Sam will compete with me for your affections."

Bayonetta said, "I'll say this once more Dean, I DESPISE the both of you, and the idea of any relationship or friendship in general. I am a lone wolf and will stay that way! Now I have more hunting to do before I join Smash Bros. in February!" She said as she walked away.

Well how about that for a triumphant return? The segment introducing Corrin features characters based on two members of Serebii Forums, Phsy-Spark and Shinehollow, who are indeed twin sisters, and is dedicated to them. The segment introducing Bayonetta is fittingly (including the words "Park, Lebanon, Kansas") 666 words long. And this is also my first attempt at writing Supernatural fan fiction too, although it's not a whole SPN story, rather a segment of a Smash Bros. fic featuring SPN characters. I'll have more episodes on the way soon I hope.