I wanted to incorporate a mammalian Pokemon birth scene into this fic, so I wrote this chapter. For the purposes of this chapter, May's Glaceon, whose gender has actually not been confirmed, is a male.

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(8 weeks earlier)

Serena was in the library reading about the history of pop music in the 1990s. She wanted to write a 10,000-word essay on the subject to post on the internet. There was quite a lot of stuff to write about.

May walked up to her. "Serena, how's that paper on the history of 1990s pop music coming along?", she asked her.

Serena said, "I'm gathering up notes for the paper. I want it to be very thorough. I want people to know that I know a lot about this subject. There are quite a lot of people who are nostalgic for this music now."

May said, "I see, I know some 1990s popular music artists. Do you need any help Serena?"

Serena said, "not at the moment May."

May said, "I just remembered something, you have a Sylveon, right?"

Serena said, "yes, I do, what about it?"

May said, "I have a Glaceon, a boy Glaceon as a matter of fact. If your Sylveon is a girl, maybe our Eeveelutions can get together and breed."

Serena said, "Sylveon is a girl as a matter of fact. That's not a bad idea. We should introduce them. I'm sure they are going to like each other and be great parents."

Fox couldn't help but overhear. "You're going to breed Eeveelutions? That's so sweet. Fox Pokemon kits are among the cutest things in the world. I can't wait to see the little Eevee when they are born."

May told Fox, "we'll gladly let you see them once they are born, Fox."

Serena said, "you can come and watch the birthing process in 8 weeks if you want. That's generally how long an Eeveelution gestates her litter."

Fox said, "I'll be there!"

May and Serena went to retrieve their respective Eeveelutions and introduce them to each other in an empty room that is set aside for one of these situations.

"Glaceon and Sylveon really seem to be hitting it off", Serena said.

"I can tell. They are going to be great parents. I can't wait for the babies to be born", May said.

The following day, Lucario came into the room where Glaceon and Sylveon were.

"So Lucario, is Sylveon pregnant?" Serena asked Lucario.

"Yes. You and May will need to care for the parents well over the next 8 weeks as they await their Eevee kits. That means providing them with plenty of food among other necessities" Lucario said.

May said, "this is surely an exciting time for all of us here. Me and Serena are basically going to be grandparents in a way."

Lucario said, "you can think of yourselves as grandparents if you want, even though you are not biologically related to your Pokemon."

Fox came in, "I just wanted to say congratulations on to your Sylveon. I hope all the kits are very healthy and grow up to be very strong."

Serena said, "a little early for that, but thanks anyway Fox. I'm sure the kits will be very strong Fox. You can count on that".

(Present day)

May, Serena, and Fox were in the room with Glaceon and Sylveon. 8 weeks had passed since Glaceon and Sylveon and met, become friends and mated.

Sylveon was about to give birth any moment. The wait was worth it. May, Serena and Fox were about to witness the miracle of life.

Serena said, "look, Sylveon is having her first kit!" A baby Eevee came out of her. One at a time, Sylveon gave birth to six small Eevee kits.

Sylveon, now a mother, licked her kits clean and began nursing them with her milk.

Fox said, "they are so cute! Little bundles of joy!"

May said, "the kits are so precious! I'd like to hold one in my hands."

Serena said, "the Eevee are very dependent on their mother at this point in their life. Eevee are fed their mother's milk for 7 weeks. But at 3-4 weeks we have to introduce solid food to their diet so that the weaning process can begin."

May said, "I see, since they are not wild Pokemon, do the kits stay with their parents forever?"

Serena said, "in this case yes. Mammalian Pokemon born in captivity generally stay under the care of their parents, who in turn are cared for by their trainers usually if they have one."

Fox said, "I've learned quite a lot about mammalian Pokemon today. Wonder what I'll learn next."

Serena said, "we still have to feed the parents of the Eevee kits ourselves, since they are in captivity. We've got plenty of Pokemon food, including berries."

May said, "by the way, how is that paper on the history of 1990s pop music Serena?"

Serena said, "I finished it last week. I published it onto the internet, and it has gotten many hits and comments. People were amazed at how much I learned about the decade's popular music."

Fox said, "I was around for much of that time if you recall. That decade had the best music. Previous and subsequent decades pale in comparison to the glorious 1990s."

May said, "there are a lot of people that will agree with what you say Fox, and then there are people that will disagree with you. Many people prefer different decades of music. Then there's people who prefer music by the genre."

Serena said, "like Bowser who is a metalhead. That doesn't come as any surprise."

May said, "not at all. Bowser is probably the biggest metalhead of everyone who lives here."

Fox said, "and Pit likes Christian music, which is also not a surprise. He's very much into traditional family values, much to the consternation of most of us here. I mean his favorite band is Stryper."

May said, "I never heard of this band called Stryper until Pit told me about them. He likes them because they combine Christian values with metal."

Serena said, "we will never truly understand Pit. Or what he is about. That my friends, we can all agree on."

There's also quite a lot of commentary on music here too.