CH 26, Lilly Luna and Hugo

Authors Notes, by my Beta FriendofMolly. Lily Luna and Hugo bring an Almost Happily Ever After Moment.

As Ginny was walking up to birthing area she met Hermione, who had come about the same time. "Thunderstorms sometimes set off labor," said Hermione. Both women used the same midwife, and they asked for her. "She is sleeping," said the witch who met them. "Since the thunderstorm moved through every witch who was overdue, due, or due in the next two weeks seems to have had labor start.

The midwife checked them over and said, "It sure looks like we are going to have two more babies today." She turned to one of the woman and said, "We need two more birthing rooms."

The other witch said, "We are getting to the end of our ability to make additional rooms. We can add a lot of space, but not an unlimited amount."

"Now, you can remove everyone off this floor that doesn't need to be here," said the midwife. "Let me know when we are discharging these new Mums and their babies."

"Do you want us to come back when you have more room?" asked Ginny.

"And have your baby standing up in your living room, like some idiot mother did a couple of years ago," said the midwife.

Ginny looked very sheepish, but Hermione laughed, and poked at Ginny. The midwife looked at the two witches and said, "You know each other?"

Hermione said, "We are sisters-in-law. I married Ginny's brother."

The midwife looked at the paperwork again. "Ginny Potter and Hermione Weasley? The famous Ginny and Hermione! Lots of Weasleys have had babies here the last few years."

Hermione said, "My mother-in-law has had nine grandchildren born here the last few years. It would have been ten but Ginny was the one who had her last one standing up in their drawing room."

The midwife looked at Ginny. "It was still an idiot thing to do. Better call your husbands." She looked again at the two women. "You do, do things together as a family."

"Neither was exactly planned," said Hermione.

"Well whatever it was, they were obviously not planned at the same time," said the midwife, laughing.

"Vacation," said Ginny, a little distracted.

"It looks like it was a fun vacation," said the midwife, still giggling. "Let's get you two into adjoining rooms."

A short time later both Ron and Harry showed up.

Ginny had never had a normal delivery, but this time everything was about as average and normal as could be, and she delivered Lily Luna about two hours after arriving at St. Mungo's, with Harry at her side. Lily was a beautiful baby, tiny, and as pretty as a newborn can be, with fine red hair and brown eyes. Ginny fed her, and then said to Harry, "Go check on Hermione, dear."

Hermione had a reasonably normal and not too difficult labor with Rose, who was a small and generally cooperative baby, so she was looking forward to an even easier time delivering her second child. However Hugo was a large baby, almost ten pounds, and he was not at all in the correct position to be born. They were not going to let Harry in the room, but when the healer saw who he was he allowed Harry in.

Ron was standing at Hermione's head, holding her hands. He turned to Harry and said, "Hugo is breach, which means he is trying to come out butt first, which doesn't work. They are trying to turn him, but it's not going well.

One of the healers said, "The baby's in distress. We need to get him out NOW."

Another healer said, "EMERGENCY EXPANDED DELIVERY." A couple of additional healers rushed into the room.

Hermione looked like she was in total agony, not even able to get a sound out, as the healers did something, and very quickly Hugo was out.

Hugo screamed. He wiggled, and cried, and made as much racket as Harry had ever heard coming out of a new baby. One of the healers said, "He has healthy lungs, at least. The baby is fine."

"How is Hermione?" asked Ron. Hermione was trying to crush Ron's hand, and it looked like she was in agony, with tears running down.

A healer said, "Expanded deliveries, where we have to use magic to expand the birth canal way beyond its normal size are very painful in the best of circumstances. Emergency expanded deliveries are pure agony. It is going to take a team of healers a couple of days to get your wife back to the proper size, and she is going to hurt."

Hugo was still crying. He cried and wiggled until they put him on Hermione's breast. Hermione thought maybe nursing would calm everything down, but Hugo held on with a passion while at the same time wiggling. It took all of Hermione's concentration to get Hugo fed, and it hurt more than when she had fed Rose. Hermione was in agony where the baby was born, and Hugo was pulling at her breast.

"Ron, what have you done to me?" Hermione screamed, when she could finally talk.

"What?" Ron said.

"It hurts where Hugo came out, and now he is trying to suck my insides out, and beat at me in the process. He's huge. I gave birth to a toddler!"

Hugo was almost ten pounds, and very long, way bigger than Rose when she was born. When Hugo was done Hermione was very glad to give the not so little newborn to the healers, who changed him and handed him to Ron.

"Ron, he's not like Rose at all!" a panicky Hermione said.

"I sort of expect Rose was like you as a baby, but Hugo's probably more like me," Ron said with a grin. "More like a normal Weasley boy."

"I have enough trouble with one Weasley boy," a horrified Hermione replied. "I'm not sure I'm ready for two immature Weasley boys."

"Kinda tough to put him back, seeing as it was pretty hard getting him born healthy," Ron said. "I guess we're just going to have to raise him to cause trouble like his dad and Uncle George."

"RONALD," Hermione yelled. "I think I need help." She started to cry again. "It hurts where he was born, really REALLY hurts, and he is just different."

"Here he is," said Ron, showing a more content little Hugo, who was almost asleep. "He has calmed down."

Ron sat down next to her, holding Hugo, as the healers continued to work on Hermione.

Harry went back to Ginny. "Hermione had an Emergency Expanded Birth, which is very painful. Hugo is fine, big, but Hermione is sort of a mess and is in a lot of pain."

"Poor Hermione," Ginny said. "From what I have been told Expanded Births are very painful, and an Emergency one is pure agony."

"Hugo is the longest newborn I have ever seen!" Harry said.

"Lily Luna is just the cutest little thing, Harry. I think she is the prettiest baby I have ever seen."

Ginny felt great by Saturday morning and went home mid-morning. Hermione finally came home late Saturday afternoon, and she was in a wheelchair. When Ron and Hermione came in with baby Hugo Rose and Jean were waiting for them. Rose looked at Hugo and said, "Baby Hugo?"

"This is your baby brother Hugo. He was inside me, but he was just born yesterday," said Hermione.

"Where was he?" asked Rose.

"Inside me in a special thing women have called a uterus," said Hermione.

"You too rus?" said Rose.

"That's right" said Hermione.

"How'd he get out?" asked Rose.

"He came out down here," said Hermione pointing down to where Hugo came out.

"Out the hole?" asked Rose. "Can I see?" asked Rose, pointing at Hermione's bottom.

"No," said Hermione. "I'm not going to take off my knickers and show you my bottom. Babies come out down there."

"How'd he get in there?" asked Rose.

Hermione though how to answer this question. Rose was way too young for a big talk about the facts of life. How to give Rose some sort of answer? "When mommies and daddies love each other they sometimes make a baby," said Hermione. "You will learn more when you get older."

"Why?" asked Rose.

"Just because some things you learn only when you get older."

"Can boys have babies?" asked Rose.

"No," said Hermione.

"Why?" asked Rose. "Do they have a you too rus?"

"No," said Hermione. "Boys are different than girls. They have different parts."

"What parts?" asked Rose.

"Different parts," said Hermione. "You will learn more about that when you get older."

"Is it fun making a baby?" asked Rose.

Hermione laughed. "It's lots of fun making a baby," she said, "but it's something you should only do after you grow up and are married. No more, Rose.

Rose was not happy with her mother's explanation. She was Hermione's daughter, and she wanted to know everything. Later that day she and Al were together at his house and she said, "Mommy said babies come out here. How can a baby come out here? Could you look?" She took off her knickers and had Al look, but he could not see how anything big could come out of the area in the front of Rose.

"How far it go in?" asked Al.

"Not too far. Mummy said boys have different parts," said Rose. "Are you different down here?" Al took off his pants and showed Rose, and she looked at Al. "What is that?" she said.

"That is where I go pee-pee," said Al.

"I go pee down here," said Rose pointing, "but babies come out here too. They won't tell us."

Sunday the whole family was at the New Burrow. The new babies were there, and of course everybody had to see them and comment. There was also a birthday cake and presents for Al. After everybody was done Al and Rose were looking at the new babies. Ginny said, "Aunt Hermione and I had babies in our tummies, but the babies came out yesterday."

Al said, "Girls have a hole there where babies come out. We looked."

Rose said, "Not in tummies. It's called a you too rus How did the babies get in there?"

The family started to snicker. Rose got a little upset and said, "I know that mummies and daddies do something to make babies, but mummy and daddy will not tell me."

"Go ahead, Ron" said George. "So are you going to tell Rose how you and Hermione made Hugo?"

"The same way you made Fred and Roxanne," said Ron.

"And girls and boys are not the same, and no one will tell me why!" said Rose.

"Not now, Rose" said Hermione. Al had gone to sit down next to his mother, and was holding on to her and sucking his thumb. Al was brilliant, but he was still a 2 year old boy.

"Mommy said it's fun to make babies, but she will not tell me more!" said Rose, getting very frustrated. By this time everybody in the room was either laughing or trying hard not to laugh. Percy was laughing and even Audrey looked amused.

The littler children did not know what to make of the conversation, but the Teddy and Victoire were snickering just like some of the adults. Rose looked at them and said "They tell you?"

Harry had told Teddy about "the facts of life" in stages over the last few years. Especially since he and Victoire were best friends, the families though that it was necessary for Teddy to know enough. Harry was really as much of a father figure to Teddy as Arthur, even though Teddy usually lived with Arthur and Molly.

Victoire had been told as much as she could absorb as early as possible. She was an extraordinarily attractive girl, and was unfortunately subject to a few inappropriate remarks from boys or men from an early age, so her mother let her know as much as she could absorb about sex early on.

Teddy said, "Rose, you're a little girl. Your mummy and daddy will tell you when the time is right."

Rose had her hands on her hips in a good imitation of Grandmother Molly as she said, "You tell me."

Teddy said, "No, Rose! Mummies and daddies tell you when you are older."

Rose looked at Victoire and said, "Do you know how mummies and daddies make babies?"

"Yes Rose," Victoire said, getting real red.

"Do you and Teddy do it?" asked Rose.

"NO!" Victoire said. "We're not old enough yet to do it."

Teddy looked at Victoire, and she looked at him, and they both realized what 'old enough YET' might imply. Shocked at what she had said. Victoire and Teddy were obviously very embarrassed.

Almost everybody in the room laughter even harder, most of them were now looking at Teddy and Victoire.

"It's not like Teddy and I are engaged, or anything. WE'RE COUSINS, sort of, well, we're not, but …" Victoire looked at Teddy, and then down at the floor, obviously mortified at her comments.

Teddy looked at Victoire, and then at Harry and Ginny. He took a deep breath. He stared at the floor.

No one said anything, and Rose went away very unhappy.

One even in September Al was reading some of the Dr. Seuss books, and Harry said to Ginny, "Is he really reading."

Ginny said, "I'm sure he's reading. Jean says he is amazing."

Harry said, "I wonder?" He wrote a few sentences and asked Al to read them.

Al looked at the sentences and said, "Will you eat it in a car, will...the ...go... to... a." Al scrunched his face up and said "ba … bar? What is a bar?"

Harry said, "When we go to a restaurant there is a place where people sit a line. Sometimes they drink there. That part of the restaurant is a bar." Harry pointed back at the sentences.

Al read, "Will you eat it with a mouse. Does ...the mouse… have a ... louse? What's a louse?"

Harry said, "A louse is a little insect that lives in hair, and is very bad and causes sickness. Mice have lice."

Al said, "Mouse. Mice? Louse...lice? Mouse…mice? Louse…lice? House is houses, not hice"

"It's confusing," said Harry. "House houses, spouse spouses."

"What is a spouse?" asked Al.

"Your mother is my spouse, and I am her spouse," said Harry.

"Boy spouse, girl spouse?" asked Al.

"Lots of words do not tell you if it is a boy or girl," said Harry.

"Elfish always say boy or girl, young or old, more," said Al. You could tell from how Al said it he was trying to figure out why elfish was so different than English.

"I can't believe James is four years old," Ginny said as she looked at her naked husband.

"We've been married over ten years, the best ten years of my life," Harry replied, looking at his naked wife. "You are just as beautiful as the day I married you."

"How can you say I'm beautiful?" Ginny asked. "I'm fat. I look like my mum, not like the girl you married."

"Your mum was the first mum I really remember. I can't tell you how good it is to call her mum. And her daughter is just as fantastic a mother as she is. I don't care at all that you look more like your mum."

"At least the hair is back," she said as she pulled her long red locks around in front of her.

"You are covering up other attractions" Harry said as he gently moved the hair to behind Ginny's back and started to fondle her breasts again.

Ginny stretched in manner that was self-satisfied and sexy at the same time. "The boys are down to sleep and our Lily Luna is fed and the evening is still young. You want to make love to me again?"

"I've thought about it," Harry replied. "You usually seem to enjoy it."

Ginny got a real reflective look on her face. "I'm never going to get my balance back. The Quidditch injuries are always going to be there, as are the scars from the year before the Battle of Hogwarts. I'm never going to look like I did before having three children. Harry, as long as you love me I can accept that.

"The hero and heroine married, and had three beautiful children, and lived happily ever after."

Harry added, "The hero and heroine took down the wicked wizard together, and got married, and had three beautiful children, and made beautiful love often, and lived happily ever after."

Harry gave a great big sigh, and finished with "And they did. Mostly." As Harry went to sleep he thought, 'how could life get any better?'

A little later that evening Ginny put a three month old Lily Luna down on the bed and looked at the little map they kept by the bedside. Harry had gotten more and more creative in making the maps. This one showed that both boys were in their rooms, sound asleep.

Ginny had in interview tomorrow, but she would take Lily along. The column in the Prophet was popular, and she enjoyed doing it. She felt that the Quidditch reporting, with the stringers she had recruited, was the best it had been since she had been old enough to read. It was a lot of work, but it felt good.

Harry's job seemed to be going well, and as head Auror he was not on the line, not in danger. He had the same responsibilities in the International Auror Association, and as the one who made the maps and interpreted them he had to stay away from the direct action, something that was a huge relief to Ginny.

Lily Luna was an easy baby, awake when she was awake, and sound asleep when she slept. She should be out to the world for a good six hours now. Ginny had played with her for about half an hour, and then nursed her. Ginny would wake up Harry shortly, and he would change Lily and put her down to bed in the crib, but she would not even stir. Then he would come back to bed and make love to her, like they did four or five or even six evenings a week.

Ginny looked at the nightgown top, charmed to become opaque if anyone but Harry was looking at her, but to be about as transparent as possible when it was just Harry. Somehow it was sexier when she had the nightgown top on, and Harry could take it off. She loved that!

Ginny still wanted it, A LOT! Her mother and sister-in-laws seemed awed by Ginny's sexual appetite, but she loved physical things, and as she had lost the ability to do some physical things, fly and even walk without losing her balance, she had not lost any of her ability and desire to shag Harry a LOT, and he didn't seem to mind.

Everybody at the Ministry knew that, when Ginny was in Harry's office, and Mitzi was outside with the baby, what Harry and Ginny were doing, and that usually was what they were doing. They both had been kidded about it. They were just jealous that Ginny could come and get a quick shag, and that Harry had a wife so horny that she wanted it that often! That was part of who and what she was; sexy Ginny Potter. She loved it! It was part of her image, and it didn't hurt with the newspaper column, even though she never wrote about it. It didn't hurt getting interviews either; lots of male players wanted to meet 'sexy Ginny Potter.'

All she had to do to get people to roll their eyes was complain when they asked how often she and Harry did it, that with three children, and both of them working, more than twice a day was getting really hard. Actually even twice a day was getting real hard, but she didn't want to admit to averaging well under twice a day.

Harry still told her she was beautiful. Well, the right knee was a mess, but Harry said knees were never anyone's most beautiful part. At least the leg was still on, and he didn't know that there were still plenty of places on the lower leg without much feeling. She still had her scars, but so did Harry; that was just part of them.

The boobs were bigger, a lot bigger than they were when she was so thin playing for the Harpies and definitely bigger than when she was married; Harry liked that! So were the hips, a lot larger than when she was first married. The stomach would never be flat again, and it would never be the same down where the playpen was, where he went in and the babies came out. A hundred and thirty five pounds! She looked like a mum, with a belly like her mum but not as big. Harry said that was a small price to pay for three beautiful children, and besides as long as he could turn her on, make her happy, that's all he cared about. He'd gotten better and better at that! Almost every session of lovemaking was very satisfying, physically and emotionally.

Was this "Happily Ever After?"

Ginny had to admit, it was pretty close. 'After lots of exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures, the hero and heroine settled down to raise three beautiful children, a boy and girl with red hair and brown eyes like their mother, and a boy with black hair and beautiful haunting green eyed like his father, and they lived Happily Ever After!'

Life was good.

The next book in the series is Raising Albus.

A note on Lily. St. Augustine says, "The innocence of children is due more to the weakness of their limbs than the purity of their hearts."