Stepping into the North


Chapter 1


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Be Warned of Explicits

I reached for my PS3 controller as I moved my chair away from my computer and towards my beloved PS3. I've had the girl for a good two years now. After having 3 others that broke. I looked at my shelf of games and read them off. Borderlands, Modnation Racers, Battlefield Bad Company, Little Big Planet, Modern Warfare 2. The list can go on and on. Deciding that I do another play-through on Skyrim, I pop that disc in. Ignoring the entire first section of the game, where you start as a prisoner, again, and go to Helgen, the first town you go to in the game, I waited for the Character Creation screen to appear. This was when things would actually start to matter.

I decided to go for a Nordic Archer, I know, odd choice. The idea was that I go for the Heavy Armor, Sneak, and Archery skill trees. My character had short, dark brown hair, with a short nose. He had slightly raised eyebrows and high cheekbones. He was about six feet and four inches tall, with broad shoulders and strong thighs. I imagined that he had an almost extreme temper and slight arrogance. His mind was wise, his heart young and arrogant. I looked at the time and saw that it was about 11:00 P.M. I had spent about two full hours in character creation, and imagining how my character was. I had college classes tomorrow, and I couldn't afford to be late, nor have my grades marked down. I took a quick shower and went to sleep that night. Although, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into.

Okay, wait. I check my surroundings. I saw tall pine-trees, snow-topped peaks, and horse drawn carriages. I saw a blond man in front me and- wait. I look to my right and I saw Ulfric Stormcloak. Are you fucking kidding me? Are you actually serious right now? Did I just get magically tossed into Skyrim with no warning. Yeah, I'm screwed.

Ralof sat in front me and spoke in a deep, gruff voice. "Good, you're awake fellow Nord." I looked at him, then at my arms. They were long and tough. I searched my body and found out I was him. I was the character I made last night. I quickly realized that I was with Ralof, Lokir, and Jarl Ulfric. I was about to have a major geek out before I realized how both mortally embarrassing, and quite stupid it would've been. So, I decided to play along. "Do you know where this carriage is headed?"

He turned his attention away from his homeland, and to me. "No I do not comrade, for all I know is that Sovngarde awaits."

Ah, Sovngarde, the Nordic version of Heaven. When I saw it in the game I was quite overwhelmed. Without Alduin, it looked like a pretty good heaven. The Hall of Valor looked like an amazing place. Anywho, Lokir decided to open his cowardly mouth. "Damn Stormcloaks, if it weren't for you and your rebellion, I would've had that horse and been halfway to Hammerfell."

Ralof and I ignored the man and we continued our conversation as if he never existed. "You were there too. Walked right into that damn Imperial ambush."

Continuing my act I replied with a nod. "Yes, I was. I was planning to cross the border as well. I was trying to get to Cyrodiil."

At that Ralof jumped to conclusions and looked at me, anger burning in his eyes, it looked terrifying to me."You mean you were trying to join the Imperials?

To be honest, I had a feeling he would react like that, but I guess I should continue to put up my fa├žade. "No, my mother and sister live there, and I was planning to visit them." My mind shot back to what I was like back in the real world. I really hope I didn't die, or suicide. Hopefully I'm just in a coma.

Ralof eased up a little, his shoulders visibly relaxed. "I am sorry for jumping to conclusions my friend."

I nodded, accepting his apology. I looked around and realized we were at the gates of Helgen. I looked for General Tullius and the Thalmor. I saw them, Tullius' gilded armor glowing the sun. The Thalmor's hair getting almost the same affect. I peeled away from them and towards our fate. As we rounded the corner of the tower, I saw the headsman. His giant axe a whole head taller than himself. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't. Even though I knew that the dragon would come, a small part of me thought that it wouldn't. I mean, this is my real life at this point, not a video game. Which meant that I couldn't open up a menu, pause time, and drink a potion. It meant that I couldn't respawn if I died. I peeled myself away from the axe as the carriage stopped. This was it, the end of the line. Was I going to be one of the first? Or was I going after that brave Stormcloak who embraced death like your character did in the game. Anywho, I desperately hoped that it was going to be like that for my sake.

As we dropped off the carriage I saw Lokir's body start to shake. Damn coward. I turned my attention to Ulfric, he was completely at ease, as if he knew that dragon was coming. Maybe he did, I couldn't tell. I saw Hadvar, and to be honest I wasn't all that impressed. He looked very mediocre to me. During my first play through of the game I sided with the Stormcloaks, just because they sounded cooler. Oh, they were starting call of names.

"Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm." Ulfric stepped forward to the block and Ralof called out. "It has been an honor, Jarl Ulfric."

"Lokir, of Rorikstead." I knew what was coming and just watched silently. Lokir begged out."Wait! We aren't with the rebels! You've go to do something!"

He began to run away with the bindings. "You're not gonna kill me!" What a retard, why did he even consider running. He was surrounded by an army of trained soldiers who obviously knew how to hold a bow and fire it because Lokir was already on the floor dead with an arrow embedded in his heart. After that episode, Hadvar and the Imperial Captain turned to me. Hadvar said."Who are you?"

I replied with ease." Raven, Raven ********"

Instantly he was on to me."********? What an odd last name."

"There have been more queer names I am sure."

"Yes, yes there have. Captain? What should we do, he's not on the list." Okay, why not let me go? I mean even though I know that she'll forget the list and send me to be executed, but why? Does she have like, a hidden vendetta against me? Anyways, she just told me to follow her to the block. When we got to the line-up, she walked towards the center, next to the headsman. General Tullius began to speak. "Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm. Some here in Helgen call you a hero, but a hero doesn't use a power like the voice to murder his king and usurp his throne." You could see the rage burning in the Jarl's eyes. Man, if only that gag was taken off. I bet that all the guards would be against the wall with their skulls buried in their necks. General Tullius stepped away from the Jarl, and the captain said."Give them their last rites."

The priestess did the usual religious bull-crap, before the brave Stormcloak soldier interrupted her."Oh for the love of Talos, let's get this over with." The priestess allowed this as the soldier continued his ramble as his head was put on the block."My ancestors are smiling at me Imperials, can you say the same?" Well, of course they couldn't the army's name was the Imperials for crying out loud. At that point, you were immediately called a look at Star Wars for example, the Republics were just a folly, they became the Imperial Stormtroopers. Although, the word "storm" is in Stormcloak and Stormtroopers,I think it was just a coincidence. I was interrupted by the captain."Next, the Nord in the rags!" Whelp, here we go. The moment of my life in the Skyrim universe. Let's just hope that I don't and Alduin shows his friendly face.

I walk forward slowly, easing myself towards the wooden block stained with blood. I kneel before it, feeling the captain's calloused hand push my head down. I hear the loud roar of Alduin. Hopefully he will not be late, I would love him to be early though. General Tullius quietly speaks again." What was that? Who heard that?" The other Imperials voiced their own opinions. Most of them saying yes with fear laced in their voices.

"Carry on." I can hear the Imperial Captain snap behind me. The roar sounds again, echoing off the cliff-sides, amplifying it hundred fold. Okay, this is pretty terrifying. In the game it wasn't because you were not actually there, but here, it's pretty scary. The captain pushes me head down so my neck is touching the wooden block. I see the headsman raise his axe. I close my eyes, thinking this was the end. I hear the crushing sound of rocks. I open my eyes to the sight of Alduin, his black wings fully outstretched. I peer closer and realize that they're more bony and scaly than I imagined. His eyes are solid red, kind of like lava or magma. They were surrounded by an obsidian colored irises. I hear the booming noise of the Thu'um, it cracks the rocks beneath Alduin's clawed feet. I turn my attention towards the sky as a black portal opens. Allowing fiery, burning meteors to rain down. It was a beautiful sight actually. I hear the sound of Ralof screaming at me."Come on comrade! The gods won't give us another chance!" I nod, pulling myself up from the ground as I run towards the tower for a bit of safety.

I hear the sound of a door closing behind me as I entered the tower. I hear the sound of heavy breathing and gasping. I turn around and see that Ralof has engaged a conversation with Ulfric."By the gods, the legends are true! That was dragon, just like the children's stories." Ulfric nods and responds with wise words.

"Legends don't burn down villages." Wow, that voice. It sounded really good in the game, but here. It just sounded, so... sultry. Damn me and my bisexuality. I ignored myself and looked around.

"How are we going to get out of this?" I said, fake curiosity in my voice. Ralof nods.

"Come, there is a path up here." With that, he jogs up the stairs, I follow close behind. We head up the tower, I knew what was coming so I prepared myself for the intense heat and another dead Stormcloak. As we reach the top of the watchtower the Stormcloak at the top said with worry in his vouce."Wait! There's go to be-" He was interrupted by Alduin's face breaking the walls of the tower and the soldier was burnt to crisps by the powerful shout of Alduin's Thu'um. "Yol.. Toor... Shuul!" Fire erupted from Alduin's mouth, I could feel it burn some hairs off my face. I looked at Ralof's face. My god, he probably knew that guy, now all that's left of him is his burnt insides. I shivered, I was never good with guts. Ralof and I moved on and he looked at me saying."See that in on the other side? Jump through the roof and keep going!"

I look at him and say."Are you serious?"

He replied instantly."Are you afraid of heights?"

I shake my head."No, it's just that well-"

He told me to just shut up and deal with it. I prepare myself for a leap. I squat down my legs, and then push myself up with as much force as possible. As soon as gravity brings me down, I lean forward ever so slightly so my angle is about sixty-five degrees. I feel myself land on near burning wood. There's a spike of pain in my ankle and- OW FUCK A DUCK! I'm pretty sure my ankle is broken in many places, I see another and jump and I say fuck that, let's use the stairs. I walk down the stairs towards the wall in the inn. I reach the first floor and I see Hadvar yelling over the sounds of combat and the roaring of a pissed off dragon.

"Haming! You need to get over here now!" I see a boy about seven years old in a spot where the dragon was about the land. In the game the kid actually listened but here, he just stood there, as if waiting for something. Then Alduin cam down on the little boy. I hear a series of sickening cracks as Haming was now part of the ground. Hadvar got over his shock and took cover behind a house. Alduin shouted fire at the house which melted, but Hadvar and an old man were still safe. I walk up behind them. Hadvar turns his attention to me, still getting over Haming's death via Alduin's weight. "Still alive prisoner? Stay close to me if you want to stay that way." I nod and follow him, we walk towards a familiar wall. An Imperial archer turned to me, reaching for his bow.

Hadvar shouted at him."Hey! He's with me!" The Imperial was about to shout traitor that is, before Alduin landed on the wall on top of us and basically melted the Imperial's face off. After Alduin was done, he flew off, to go kill some more people probably. Damn me and my sense of humor. Hadvar and I got off the wall and continued our adventure to reach Helgen's keep. We continued past the half destroyed house. I hear the distant call of Tullius.

"Hurry up soldier! We're leaving!" I knew he was talking about Hadvar. We got passed the stone bridge and I saw Ralof appear out of nowhere. Hadvar saw him as well and shouted at him.

"Ralof! You damned traitor!" Ralof saw him too and decided to carry out the argument.

"We're escaping Hadvar! You're not stopping us this time!"

"Fine! I hope that damn dragon takes you all to Sovngarde!"

Now was the time to decide, I knew in the game choosing Hadvar gave you more gear, but I really disliked Hadvar, and I also liked axes. Although, I love the bow. In the game choosing Ralof gave you the chance to kill an Imperial and the captain, so I decided to go with Ralof. I walked towards and I could feel Hadvar's steely gaze following me.

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