Stepping Into The North

Chapter 1

Manhattan, New York, New York

7:19 P.M.

March 23, 2015

"Hey! Jason!" My mother called from downstairs, as always, it was extremely loud.

"Yeah, Mom?!" I decided to yell back, after all, she was pretty much deaf.

"Your dad and I are heading out for the night! Keep watch over the apartment!" I sighed, my relationship with my father wasn't in the most favorable of states. To be honest, I hated him. It isn't exactly immature of me either, he wasn't my real father in the first place.. My mom used to be with another man, she also lived in the Philippines. During her time there, she was with my birth-father. She always said she inherited my father's personality and I inherited her looks. My father apparently wrote articles for the news, so he was always writing. Neither of them athletic, but academic, my mother graduated from a prestigious college in America (when she moved here) and my father was smart by nature. My father also loved to party, which is something I'm very opposite to. I was never one for large crowds, and my mother was the same. The two of them were very happy, and happy enough to have me.

When two of them found out they were having me, they were overjoyed. It was as though Fate had finally set it straight for them. Unfortunately, things never ended well with me in the affair.. On the date of my birth, my own father didn't show up to it.

My mother didn't talk to him, call him, or even speak of him after that.

She didn't know where he was that day, but it was something that was unacceptable to her...


The door closed and locked, leaving me alone in the apartment. I sighed, and grabbed a Dualshock/Six-Axis Playstation 3 controller.

"Now's a good a time as any." I slid my copy of Skyrim into the PS3.

I switched the television on as well, the game already started. I began to let my mind wander on the several hundred combinations of characters. I've had a good number of different characters to decide upon, I sat in my chair, and pondered.

"Nordic Warrior... Hmm, why not." I then realized I was talking to myself. I quickly regained my composure and began to process of crafting my character. It was difficult to determine the height of the Nord, but when I compared it to the carriage it seemed to be a few inches less. So I assumed the Nord was around six feet, it was a very rough estimation... Character creation in Skyrim was very standard, there wasn't much you could with the few hair and eye options. I imagined my Nord had semi-long, brown hair. His eyes were a mixture of purple and blue, similar to that of a galaxy. His arms were fair, not bulging with muscle, but enough to draw back a bow. His most attractive feature would be his face, a very handsome man, high cheekbones and a well-built jaw supported his looks. All I needed now was to decide on a name...

*ding* *ding*

The doorbell rang, I walked out of room, and grabbed a drink from the fridge.

"Awesome, root beer." I opened up the can, and it resounded with a comforting Tss!

*ding* *ding*

The bell rang once again.

"Alright! Alright! I'm coming!." I shouted, and strolled towards the door, drink in hand. Grabbing the brass handle, I twisted it, and it opened. "Welcome ho-" I almost screamed. "Wh-who are you?!"

The figure placed a finger upon my lips, it was bony. I then realized it was a skeleton finger. My attention was grabbed and pulled away from the finger, and to the figure's head. Its eyes.. Well, it had no eyes. His head was a black void, covered by a hood.

"Don't scream. It'll only make the experience worse." Its voice was the sound of a roller blade scraping against the pavement, but deeper, and more emotionless.

"Wh-who are you?" I regained some of my composure, and my ability to speak was returned.

The figure then put his finger against his.. chin? And began to rub it, as though he had an imaginary beard. "Simply put, I'm Death." I could hear the smile from him, and it enforced more fear than joy.

"R-right. Am I going to die?" Death laughed. Death, actually laughed.

"No, I'm going to put you into a world you know very well." He entered the apartment, that was when I noticed he had no legs.

Am I dreaming? I quickly slapped myself a few times, and ultimately decided that I was not. Okay, just calm down. Try to have a regular conversation with the embodiment of death.

"Ah, I see that you are already here." I spun around, and saw another... divine being. He was an Angel, wings of white, a burning halo, it was clear this being was an Angel.

"Akat- Tyrael." Death stood from the chair he was sitting upon. His legless body hovered above the ground.

"Death." Tyrael, wait. The same Tyrael from Diablo?! Both being sat down, and then looked at me. Death waved his hand and the door shut and locked itself. Which left me in a room with two beings that could very easily kill me.

"Sit," Tyrael motioned to a chair across from him and Death. "We will answer your questions, as well as reveal our true selves." Tyrael then nodded to Death.

Death removed his hood, and immediately his form began to change. A man who seemed to have no physical form nor sign of being alive became the opposite. Death's hair flowed gracefully and a medium-length beard engulfed his face. The once nightmare-black cloth changed into a holy red robe. It was one of the Nine Divines in Skyrim: Arkay, God of the Cycle of Life and Death.

"I understand your shock, please wait until Tyrael reveals his true form as well." Arkay's voice changed as well, it sounded like that of preacher. Clear, loud, and holy.

Tyrael's wings disappeared into a fine white mist, and in its stead was long-blonde hair. Tyrael's face began to change as well, it switched from a man in his youth, to a man in his nineties. It switched several more times, sometimes so fast I barely had time to notice it, and others at an incredibly slow rate. Finally, it settled to a man in his sixties, a lengthy, flowing beard covered his neck. Tyrael's armor faded away as well, in its stead were white priest robes.

"Akatosh, the Chief of the Nine Divines..." I said breathlessly. The deity smiled, and then motioned to my seat once again. I realized I have not sat down yet.

"You may begin asking us questions." Said Arkay calmly.

"How are you guys here?! Has anyone not seen you?! Where are the other seven Divines?! What did you mean by put me in a world I kn-" I was cut off.

"One at a time." Akatosh laughed, then began to answer the first question. "Believe it or not, Earth is actually a part of Mundus, which, as you know, is the plain of existence surrounded by Oblivion."

"Then how come none of the Daedra have invaded?" Both deities then laughed loudly, I growled. "Well?"

"You humans are too powerful for the Daedra." Said Arkay.

"Wait. What?!" I was shocked, the Daedra were supposed to be the ultimate beings! Undefeatable by physical weapons! But both Divines nodded.

"Yes," Said Akatosh,"While the Daedra may seem as though they are invincible, they are not. The only realm they are truly invincible in is their own. Earth is very, very special."

Akatosh continued."Earth was not made by the Divines or the Daedra. It was made by Anu, one of the creators of Aurbis, his counterpart, Padomay was another of the creators of Aurbis." I nodded, and then followed it up with some Earthly beliefs.

"So, you're saying that Anu is God?" Akatosh nodded.

"While it may be fully disagreed by religions that base itself around God, it is true. Anu made Earth, and both he and Padomay made the rest of Aurbis together." Akatosh stopped for a moment, letting the information sink in. I began to ask my second question.

"Why did Anu decide to have a world he made on his own? Also, why keep it a secret?" I asked, an eyebrow raised in suspicion. I took a sip of my root beer as well, I had almost forgotten about it.

"Not many texts have ventured to far into the suspicion as to why Anu would want his own world. Moreover, no one really knows why he would keep such a thing a secret. I believe the only ones who know are Lorkhan, and Padomay. But since Lorkhan gave his life to create Nirn, and no deity nor mortal has gotten in contact with Padomay, we have no idea why Anu would keep it a secret. Of course, Anu is also out of reach, even to the Daedra and Divines." I nodded, then asked another question.

"Has Nirn found out of our existence?" Akatosh and Arkay nod.

"But," said Akatosh,"They have no intention of finding a way to transport here, I am fairly certain they do not wish to travel to a world even the Daedra fear." I smiled, I felt some pride that I was part of a world that Daedra fear. I also had my next question prepared.

"Where are the other seven Divines?" I asked, and then walked to the fridge to get the two some drinks.

Akatosh and Arky turned to each other, then smiled. "We believe Dibella is on her way here, as well as Kyraneth. The others have some business on Nirn."

*ding* *ding*

I smiled to myself, It's a Divine Party!

I placed four soft drinks on the table, then answered the door. I was greeted with the sight of two absolutely gorgeous women, they were truly beautiful. Hourglass figures, and bright, shining eyes. The one on the left had short, black hair, as well as a pair of sky-blue eyes. This was Kyraneth, Goddess of Wind, Nature, and the Sky. The one on the left had flowing, blonde hair. Her eyes were dark, purple. It was an awkward combination, but she pulled it off beautifully.

The two walked past me, then took their seats on the table.

"Akatosh, Arkay." Said Kyraneth.

"Kyraneth, Dibella." Said Akatosh.

"So, is this the guy you two were talking about?" Dibella turned to me, I shrugged. I left the kitchen area, and let the four of them talk. The door to my room was still open, so I entered my room. Skyrim was still running, and I was almost finished with character creation. All I needed was the name... I still haven't decided, the conversation with Akatosh and Arkay broke that train of thought completely. A name suddenly popped into my head, and I knew it was perfect.

I grabbed the controller, and typed the name in.

"There." I said to myself, "Perfect."

Raven, no last name. Just.. Raven.

"Raven, huh?" It was female voice, I turned around.

"Yeah, what of it?" I said, I didn't really like Dibella. She isn't my favorite deity, not by a long shot.

"Nothing, it fits you. Maybe I'll call you Raven from here on out." She smiled again, and it made my heart skip a beat.

"What do you mean?" What did she mean by, 'here on out?'

"Oh, Akatosh didn't tell you?" She sat on my bed, then laid down on it.

"Tell me what?" I turned my attention back to the screen, continuing the game.

"I'd be coming with you when we take you to Nirn."


"Shocking isn't it."


I looked at Dibella, then I realized she was standing right in front of me. We were... within kissing distance. Our noses were touching and I could feel her hot breath on my face. It was very erotic to say the least. I released myself from her trance, and remembered that she was the goddess of sexual desire.

"What do you mean 'take you to Nirn?'" I fully refused to believe that it was actually possible, then again. Here I was, chatting with a Divine.

"Akatosh will do most of the work, he is the most powerful out of all of us. Then, Kyraneth will use her power to take directly to Skyrim. It is the land she is most worshipped in, it is the main source of her power, so taking you there should be no problem." I was still confused about so many things, so I began to ask her more questions.

"But why?" I pointed at the screen, "Don't you have the Dragonborn?" She then looked down, her strong fa├žade faltering. But she regained her composure without skipping a beat.

"The Dragonborn has failed, he was assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood." I then began to put the pieces together in my head, I voiced it out to her as well.

"So, Akatosh will take you and me back in time. To a point where the Dragonborn was still alive, and well. And we're supposed to help him on his quest?" Dibella nodded, a smile on her face.

"Well, at least you aren't stupid." I rolled my eyes, then smiled as well.

"Let's get this party started!" I shouted, and then fist-bumped the air.

"Wait. The others need to get ready. We'll meet you on the roof. I'll give you a few minutes to say goodbye." She left my room.

All of a sudden, I wasn't excited about this trip at all. I was leaving my friends and family behind. I wouldn't even get the chance to say goodbye to my brother. He was being shipped out to the military in three days. I began to cry in my room, I let all of my emotions out. I knew it was never a good idea to bottle up any kind of sadness, so I let them go here. After a few minutes, I regained my composure. I wrote a letter that explained my situation to my parents, with a few lies here and there. After all, if I had said that I was going to a video game world with the goddess of sexual desire, my parents would not be vey happy. I left most of my things here, and decided not to pack any clothes. I wore a normal pair of jeans and a red shirt, as well as a black hoodie. My shoes were black Converse, I didn't own a single pair of sports shoes. I set the letter in the kitchen table, and headed for the roof of the building. I made sure to lock the door to my family's apartment.

It was chilly that night, it seems I made the right call to bring my hoodie. I opened the door to the rooftop, and saw that the four of them already began the incantation. They were speaking in the Thu'um. Whether or not the entire city heard them was none of my concern. I made my way to the group, and then I noticed Dibella standing in the middle. She looked at me, then began to speak.

"Ah, good." She brought out her hand, "Take my hand, and stand right next to me." I followed her command, I reached for her hand then placed myself right next to her. I was surprised that she didn't try anything, due to her nature. But I was pleased with it.

"Are they almost done?" I asked, and she nodded. I noticed something in her eyes that I didn't notice before. "You okay?" I asked her, and she nodded.

"I'm okay." She then pulled herself closer to me. I didn't bother moving myself, seeing as it was impossible.

"Raven! Dibella!" I looked at Akatosh, whose voice was similar to that of a dragon. "Get ready! This landing won't be soft!"

"Wait. Wh-" I was cut off by a horrible feeling in my gut. It was as though I was being torn apart from the center of my body, then spun in a blender. What made it worse was when the sensation was over. I felt like I was falling.. but I was unable to open my eyes. Then, the ground came. My back smashed against the ground, the wind was knocked out of me and my entire back was in pain. I screamed in agony.

"Shhh." I then felt the bones return to their places, and the pain slowly fading away. I was finally able to open my eyes.. And I was face to face with the most beautiful woman I had every seen. I sat up, and the woman's hands began to stop glowing. Wait. "Raven."

I turned to the owner of the voice, it was Dibella.

"Welcome to Tamriel."

A/N: Hi. I'm back. I'm completely re-writing this story. There will be less fun, and more seriousness. I am also changing the rating from T, to M. This will allow me to write the occasional lemon and get into the disgusting and immoral parts of war. But, this story is not without its share of jokes. I do plan to have some fun with this, so I hope you enjoy this re-mastered version of Stepping Into the North.