Orbital 7 was looking longingly into Ryoga Kamishiro's [eye color here] orbs. Orbital 7 had went on fifteen dates with Ryoga by now and he didn't care that he was Nasch before, Orbital 7 had longingly hungered for Ryoga's affections for so long and he had them now… and he was ready to experience everything with Ryoga.

Orbital 7 looked lovingly into Ryoga's gaping eyeholes and he whispered huskily into Ryoga's ear. "I'll see you tonight Ryoga-sama…" and he flew out of Ryoga's window leaving Ryoga alone and ready for their next encounter, Ryoga loved his robot.

Ryoga knew Kaito didn't approve of this, who would? Ryoga didn't give a single damn… he would eternally love Orbital 7.

Ryoga clutched the bed sheets around his body and dozed off to dream land, he would be ready for his and Orbital 7's next meeting.

"I love you, Orbital-san," Ryoga whispered out in a hoarse voice as he was sleeping.