Airumi and Kieko are long separated cousins and they would be,
to each other, the last relatives that they have(in Japan).
Fate destined them to meet in a camp that their elementary school held.
Coincidentally, Furuichi's school was also involved in the camp.
Follow the story of how the childish Kieko resolved to turn into someone stronger.

Kin: Lost Fairy

Kieko's POV

Today is the day I'm going to the camp. It's a disciplinary camp.

At first, my father said that a lady should not go to something like camping because it is unrefined.

So, I was really relieved, but something happened and my father changed his mind so, now..

I have to go to that stupid camp. Ugh, the thought of all the mosquitoes and sleeping in the stuffy tent.

I'm really screwed.

Airumi's POV

Today, I'll be going to a camp. Sensei said we're combining three schools in this camp

I'm really bored so I guess this can help kill some time before the lab the government said they're building for me would be completed.

Hopefully, it's going to be fun. Well, at least Nakki is also coming along.

Normal POV

"Hey, Tatsumi! Wake up!" Misaki's voice along with her fist hits Oga's face.

"Taka-chin is already waiting for you downstairs!" Misaki said as she walked out of the room.

"Ugh, what's with her?" Oga said slowly walking to the bathroom while trying to soothe the pain that was caused by his sister's killer punch; also called special wake-up call.

After taking a bath and having breakfast, he walked to school with Furuichi.

"The camp is going to combine three schools, right?! I'm so excited! I hope there's some pretty girls from the other schools!" Furuichi excitedly said.

"Aa.. right.." Oga replied with seemingly no interest with what Furuichi was talking about.

"Come on! Aren't you the least bit excited?!" Furuichi asked him, annoyed at his attitude.

"I guess, so.." Oga said as he walked into the gate and head for the camp briefing.

"Tch, you're so boring," Furuichi said as he followed Oga along.

To Be Continued

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