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The cold air howled as the wind blew against Sherlock's skin. His face was bloody as the moon shone down onto him, highlighting his features. He could feel the blood cascading down his face, seeping into the ground below. The rich liquid soon stained what used to be green blades of grass into red.

He laid on the grass, the puddle of blood forming around him grew as time went on. He coughed, he weeped as his fists clenched the earth below. He could feel himself becoming weak, fragile as his body fell deeper into nothingness.

His breathing was slow and harsh, painfully causing his wails of pain to echo throughout the night sky. The howl of the wind carried his cries, blowing them away as if they were non-existent.

"Look at you. You pathetic, merciful creature. You're on your knees, begging for help. Are you praying for a second chance? Hoping that somewhere a higher power is going to intervene and miraculously save your life? I highly doubt it. You're going to die, Mr. Holmes."

Sherlock agonizingly rose his head, stealing every ounce of energy he had. He stared at the mystery man looming over him. The darkness shrouded his face, giving Sherlock no indication to who the man was or why he was here.

"W-Who are you?" Sherlock struggled, snarling through the blood seeping into his mouth.

"The bringer of life, the bringer of death. Your savior. It doesn't matter who I am."

The man snatched at Sherlock's face, clawing his chin so they faced each-other. The blood on Sherlock's chin seeped into his fingers, causing him to shudder at the sensation.

Thick, red, blood. It flowed as it's aroma filled the air. Nostrils flared as he indulged in the scent, breathing in it's ecstasy .

Without a word he took hold of Sherlock's dark curls, yanking them into the air, causing Sherlock to struggle onto his feet. As the stranger stared at the ecstasy in front of him, he slowly lowered his head into the crevice of his neck, feeling his hot breath trace along Sherlock's jugular, inhaling his heavenly scent.

Sherlock was powerless against his dominance. His breathing became hoarse and ragged as he struggled to hold himself up. His eyes became heavy, struggling to stay awake as he noticed his surroundings turn into a blur.

Sherlock could feel his heart thumping against his chest, trying to break free from this nightmare.

The blood gushing from his skull continued to stream down his face like wet paint. It leaked into his mouth as he gave a harsh cough, attempting to dislodge the vile liquid inhabiting his throat.

His weak, insufficient body acted like a puppet within his strangers grasp. The man flicked his tongue out, sliding it over Sherlock's neck. His hot trail of saliva collided with his blood and ran down his skin.

As he pulled away to examine Sherlock's blood, his pupils dilated, glimmering in indulgence from the mere sight of it.

"Beautiful isn't it? Human blood...The pure essence of what makes a human alive."




"I can hear your heart beating. I can hear your blood flowing as it pumps through your veins. Your blood won't stop flowing. Do you know how frustrating it is?!"

Sherlock could hear his every word, but he couldn't find the energy to speak in return. He could feel his head burning and screaming as the words he wanted to speak pounded against his skull. But they could only remain trapped inside his thoughts.

The collar of Sherlock's black trench-coat was suddenly met with clenched fists. They brought him in close to his body, lowering his head onto the strangers chest. His hand began to gently caress Sherlock's face with ease, removing any curls which disturbed his precious face.

"Goodnight, Mr. Holmes. I'll see you on the other-side."

Nails that acted like claws dug into Sherlock's skin. His body laid motionless within his arms as Sherlock could feel himself getting weaker as each second passed. He was barely conscious, but conscious enough to be aware of his surroundings.

Sherlock felt those familiar lips meet with his neck once again. They slowly but viciously made their way along his jugular vein, sucking hard as his tongue rolled against his bloodied skin, licking off any blood which remained on his flesh.

Two white fangs suddenly emerged from the man's upper gum. He dragged his fanged mouth along his flesh, breathing in his scent for the final time that night.

Without hesitation the two fangs pierced Sherlock's skin, gouging into his flesh. Sherlock shrieked in pain as he felt the venom shoot through his body like a drug. Blood oozed out of the two minor holes, trickling down his neck before eventually colliding with the ground below.

As the man rose to his feet he departed the scene as quickly as he had entered. Sherlock laid in place, slowly watching the man's silhouette disappear inside the darkness.

He could feel his body changing, forming into a new life-form. The cells in his bloodstream were mutating as he struggled to cope with the pain. He whelped in agony as the poison slowly pumped through his veins, altering his DNA in preparation to become a new species.