The Ooc and Oc plague hits: Whammy house

Mello was sitting alone in the orphanage room that he shared with Matt, when he realised something, he was in love with Near. Somehow over the years the sheep had gotten into his heart, well he wasn't having any of that.

So Mello promptly left his bedroom and on the way to Near's room he saw Matt swooning lovingly with birds and sparkles and other girly crap spinning around him.

Mello tapped him on the shoulder "what the crap-cakes gotten into you Matt?" He asked not expecting the following answer:

"Why Mellow-Yellow I am in love with a beautiful nameless heroine." Just as Mello had suspected, this place is a mad house "Unfortunately I will never meet her again and she will be the last thing I think of, when I'm on my deathbed" he continued to swoon off happily. Now that was just fucking weird.

Mello rolled his eyes and continued to walk to his loves room, passing a perfect looking girl who looked intelligent and beautiful, angry and happy at the same time and she made his heart leap. Really fucking weird. He FINNALY arrived at Near's room, opening the door he found the sheep sleeping on his white bed, in his white room.

Beautiful was the only word that was running through Mello's head as he leaned down and kissed Near who awoke as he began to pull away, and abruptly pulled him close to kiss again and agai-

"WHAT THE FUDGE-MUFFINS!" L yelled as he fell from the chair he had been sleeping on. He leaned forward and pressed a button to connect to Watari.

"Watari, NEVER EVER give me vegetables again!"

Hmmm… I wonder what light-kun is doing?

~~~~~~Meanwhile in the legion of doom~~~~~

Light sat at his desk writing furiously in the death note. Once he read it out aloud to himself.

"L Lawliet, chokes to death. after awaking from a terrible dream L begins to eat more sugar than ever before, then a piece of candy becomes lodged in his throat, he then chokes to death." Light then manically laughs, then Misa joins in, Lights spins around and yells " . .Up!" And promptly pimp-slapped her.