When I was away,

She's what I'd think about everyday.

I couldn't stand,

Not holding her hand.

I know I've made mistakes,

And earning her trust back won't be a piece of cake,

But I'm not giving up on her

What we have is pure,

And i can't let that go,

I can't let her go.

My nerves are getting the best of me,

As I enter her room to once again come face to face with my destiny.

As she's sitting on her bed,

She uncrossed her legs,

And sees me standing there.

I can see in her eyes that her emotions are everywhere.

She looks mostly shocked,

And at this point I'm not letting my emotions be blocked.

I feel tears come down my face,

And I begin to pace.

She wraps me in a tight embrace,

As she wipes the tears off my face.

I look her in the eyes,

And in that moment everything around us dies.

I finally get the courage to say,

Those three words I've been wanting to say for days.

They come out as a whisper,

But in that moment all I could think about was kissing her.

She took a moment,

And you know it,

She said them too.

In that moment I swear my eyes glimmered a brighter blue.

And I knew exactly what I had to do.

I wrapped my arms around her neck,

And not for just a quick peck.

As our lips finally collided,

All of the unknown decisions I had were decided.

We were gonna be together,

How long, you ask?

How about forever?