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~Aoba's P.O.V.~

I saw him singing.

His voice is calm.

But his song couldn't stop Toue.

I saw him fell on his knees.

My heart was frozen.

I couldn't help him.

I screamed out his name.

And I was dragged away from him.





I saw him again.

I so happy to see him.


He looks...different.

He wasn't the Clear I knew.

Toue must have done something to him.

He carries me somewhere.

And test my whole body.

'I can't be a human so I will just let Aoba-san be mine.'

His hoarse voice shivers my whole body.

I saw him taking the scalpel.

And he started to cut my eyeballs,arms and legs.

I cried out in pain.

Afterwards he touched me.

He touched every inch of my body.

Even though I can't see anymore.

I could feel his cold,large hands.

The Clear I knew is gone.

I couldn't do anything but to suffer.

You told me that...

'I'll become human just like Aoba-san~~~'

Why...why did you lied?


Now I understand.

I failed at Scrap.

It's all my fault.

I should take the consequences I made.

But deep in my heart I don't hate you the way you act now.

Even though the real you is gone.

Even though you tried to test my body.

Even though my heart stops beating anymore.

I still love you.

As long as your happy...

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