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The Blonde Fanalis

Pushing Me Away

Naruto's eyes slowly opened as he saw the blinding white light envelop his vision. "Somebody turn that crap off now!"

The light turned off. Naruto groaned raising his upper body. "Where am I?" Naruto said looking at the older man in the room.

The man was Kakashi Hatake, Naruto's Jonin sensei. Kakashi was a fit and relatively tall shinobi, with spiky silver hair, and had dark colored eyes. There was a forehead protector going down his face in a slanted way, covering his left eye. He wore a blue face mask that covered his chin to his nose, effectively hiding the majority of his face. He wore a blue jumpsuit with a flak jacket over it, strapped up sandals, and short arm guards. He wore a metal chain necklace.

"Konohagakure's hospital Naruto," Kakashi said. Naruto looked at his sensei with a confused expression. "Why am I here? More importantly, why can't I remember anything after Haku's mask falling off?" Kakashi nodded. "That makes sense. After defeating Haku you fell unconscious and we had to carry you back to Konoha. It's been three days since we got back. I'm impressed with you though Naruto, you defeated someone who could prove to be even a challenge for me."

Naruto shook his head. "It was all thanks to Sasuke." Naruto's eyes widened. "Wait! Is Sasuke all right? Haku said he was dead! Please tell me he isn't!" Kakashi eye smiled. "He isn't. Sasuke is just fine, although he only visited you once. Sakura visited you the same day Sasuke did." Naruto smiled. He wasn't disturbed by his teammates visiting him only once. The fact they had bothered to visit him at all was enough to make him smile. Plus, Sasuke wasn't dead.

"Hinata did visit you a lot though. I'm surprised actually. Are you two close?" Naruto shook his head. "I don't really talk to Hinata." Kakashi frowned, although you couldn't see it. 'What does that mean,' he thought.

Before either of them could continue the door opened, revealing Hiruzen, Sasuke, and Sakura. Sasuke was a fair-skinned ninja who had onyx eyes and black chin-length hair. His hair was spiky in the back with bangs. Sasuke wore a navy blue, short-sleeved shirt with a high collar and the Uchiha crest on the back and white arm warmers.

Sakura had bright pink hair, large green eyes, and fair skin. Sakura wore a red qipao dress with white circular designs, with short sleeves, with a zipper, tight dark green shorts, standard ninja sandals, and a forehead protector which she used to accentuate her face.

Hiruzen was a light-skinned man of below-average stature with grey spiked hair. Age had not taken much of a toll on his overall appearance. His only changes were slight; he obtained more pronounced cheekbones, few wrinkles, a wart near his left nostril, and a few liver-spots. Hiruzen would commonly wear the official uniform of the Hokage — consisting of the customary hat and haori, along with a red, full-length kimono that was tied using a white sash.

"Naruto, you're awake!" Sakura said, rushing over to him. Naruto smiled as he looked at her. "Hey Sakura-chan, how's it going?" he said weakly. Sakura just sighed. "You idiot! Don't ever scare us like that again! We all thought you were dead!"

Naruto chuckled before he turned to Sasuke. Sasuke nodded, out of respect for Naruto saving him, even if he didn't want it.

'I shouldn't be getting saved! I should be the one who is kicking ass, not some dobe! I'm stronger than he is! I know I am! So why did I fall and Naruto defeat that guy? Damn it!'

"Hello Naruto-kun. It is good to see you awake." Hiruzen said, with a tone of dread in his voice. Naruto was oblivious to the tone. "Hey jiji, how's it going?"

Hiruzen gave a weak smile, something Naruto again did not notice. "Good," Hirzuen said, mumbling it slightly. Kakashi narrowed his eyes, although Naruto was still oblivious. In his mind the old man was an unwavering, immovable pillar of strength. Any sign of weakness that would exist on a normal person couldn't exist on him, it was simply to afraid to. The Third Hokage destroyed anything that was weakness within himself to be the best type of person anybody could strive to be. There were no chinks in his armor, no enemies that could stand up to his might. He was perfect, his ideal, but more importantly his grandfather figure. Nothing could compare to him.

Naruto did not know how wrong he was.


"We have come to this Council Meeting to discuss the matter of Uzumaki Naruto, the jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." said an old man. Hiruzen sighed, already knowing how this meeting would go. Luckily the Civilian Council had not been assembled, so the elders, the only other people other than the Hokage who had the power to summon a meeting in the council, thought it was to far in the realms of shinobi matters for them to have any influence on the sway of things.. That would make things infinitely easier.

"Why have you called us about him? We have heard nothing significant about him in very recent history," said a quite annoyed Shikaku Nara. To him the entire thing was to troublesome for the Shinobi Council to have gathered.

"It is very important I assure you," said an elder, specifically, Homura. Koharu, another elder, nodded.

"Then spit it out already," Tsume Inuzuku yelled.

The elders nodded, ignoring the females disrespect and filing it for another time. This was to important. "On a recent mission Team Kakashi went to the Land of Waves escorting a bride builder. Normally this would be just fine, an easy C-ranked mission, however it was found out by Team Kakashi that Gato, a now deceased millionaire, was also a well-respected blackmarket drug lord. He was using the bridge builders home as a way to deposit his drugs while also keeping them in an economic stranglehold. Nonetheless, it should be relatively easy-"

"Please get to the point," said Inoichi Yamanaka patiently. The elders nodded. "Well, in summary the scope of the C-rank turned into an A-rank, and Zabuza Momochi fought Kakashi Hatake. Judging from the fact Kakashi is here, he won, however in his mission report he explained something very disturbing. Naruto Uzumaki used the Kyuubi's chakra."

The room grew deathly quiet, and Hiruzen suddenly tensed, realizing he was in for a much more heated debate than he had thought he would be in.

"It should be noted that after using it he fainted and still has not awoken, and it has been two days since then. From the enhanced speed of healing the Kyuubi and his Uzumaki blood gives him we can only guess that something has happened with the seal. It should also be noted that he was reported as acting like a wild animal while this was happening, taking attacks while dishing out impossible feats for a boy with his amount of skill, like shattering a Hyoton (Ice Release) user's ice, who was noted to be highly experienced with it. As well as the fact that Uchiha Sasuke could not melt the ice with a Katon (Fire Release) jutsu. He was said to be hostile to everyone, even attempting to kill the bridge builder he was hired to protect." Koharu said.

Hiruzen's eyes widened. That was a lie, he had read Kakashi's report and he had said nothing of the like. He was not about to let that slide. "That is false! I read Kakashi's report myself and there was no such tale of that!"

The clan heads and other significant shinobi turned to glare at the elders. "Is this true?" asked a highly disgusted Choza Akimichi. The elders shook their head. "We assure you it is. We have his report right here. Read over it for yourselves." They passed it out and one-by-one they read it, finding what the elders said to be true. Even Hirzuen read the report, although he couldn't believe his eyes. It did say that, but he could have sworn it hadn't earlier!

"Hiruzen, maybe you need to get your eyes checked," Homura said. Sarutobi growled, clenching his fists. Something suspicious was going on here.

"My eyes are just fine Homura!" Homura gave a small smirk before continuing.

"We, the elders, have decided that Naruto Uzumaki is to dangerous to the citizens, and even the shinobi of Konohagakure, and have decided that he be banished."

The room was quiet before Hiruzen slammed his fist onto his table, denting it. "Preposterous! Young Naruto is not like this! I have known the boy for some time! He has never showed any signs of being overcome by the Kyuubi!"

"Previously he hasn't. However, it was in the report that Uchiha Sasuke nearly died in front of him. The emotional stress must have triggered something inside of him, and allowed the Kyuubi to take over. We have no idea whether or not this could happen again. Let us continue to add that bond you have formed with the boy may very well be blinding you. You may think you know him, but he could have been putting on a false persona. We have no idea whether or not the Kyuubi truly is able to take control of the boy. Your bond towards him has likely left you blind of the truth."

The elders smiled in thanks to Danzo. "However, we cannot banish him. He is to valuable a military asset to Konoha. He is a jinchuriki after all, and he is our strongest weapon. As much as it pains me to say it, we do need him. I say we give him to me. I will break him, and the Kyuubi."

Hiruzen released a wave of killing intent that would even make the Shinigami cowerand it was enough to let the clan heads and two of the three elders to remember why this man was Hokage. Danzo seemed to be unaffected though. "Madness! You are doubting the skills of the Fourth, and Jiraiya while you say this! Besides, you would turn Naruto into a stoic murderer who is loyal to you and you alone."

Danzo nodded. "Jinchuriki are beasts. They need to be caged and loyal, not to me but to the village. Not to mention he was created for the purpose of killing. Emotions would only hinder him."

The clan heads were silent as the debate raged on. They barely knew the boy so they had little to contribute. Add on to the fact that the Third was angry, and that enough was scary as it is.

"I will not give him to you, and he will not be banished! End of story!" Hiruzen said. Homura frowned. "Fine, he will not go to Danzo, I agree on that. However, he is dangerous to Konoha. If you so strongly refuse to have him banished than have him on banish-leave. He would be banished, unable to dwell in the Land of Fire, and unable to join any other hidden village. He also would be on leave, and would be forced to live outside the Land of Fire unless we called him back for our own purposes."

Hiruzen shattered the table with his punch. "NO! He is NOT some tool you can dispose of whenever you want."

Koharu sighed. "Please, you must understand Hokage-sama, the boy is dangerous, to everyone. We cannot, no, we will not allow him to remain here. Please consider this."

"I will not consider it! My answer is final. Meeting adjourned!"

Hiruzen disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Homaru sighed. "We will reconvene tomorrow." With that the clan heads disappeared.

As they left Homura and Koharu turned to Danzo. "Hiruzen will not allow him to go to you, however we did manage to get the next best thing." Danzo nodded. "Yes, we did. I'll make sure my ninja keep an eye on him, so that the second he leaves the Land of Fire he will be dragged back and broken by me."

Homura and Koharu nodded. "Then let us prepare to end Sarutobi's reign. He has become to weak in will over the years," Koharu said, although even she herself didn't truly believe that. The elders nodded before disappearing.


Naruto smiled before turning back to Kakashi. "So, whens the earliest time we can get back to training?" he asked. Kakashi laughed. "Naruto you're still pretty banged up. Your body needs to rest before training. Give it a couple of weeks and we'll get back into it." Naruto frowned.

"But I should be fine with the Kyuubi right?"

Kakashi's eyes widened. How did Naruto know about the Kyuubi? He hadn't told him, and to his knowledge neither had Hiruzen. What had happened back on that bridge? Kakashi glanced at Hiruzen who frowned, confirming his thoughts. Naruto must have met the Kyuubi. No one else could have told him about it, or would have, for fear of breaking the law, as Jiraiya wasn't here at the moment. Sakura looked at Naruto strangely.

"The Kyuubi? As in the Nine Tailed Fox? The one that the Fourth Hokage killed?" Naruto nodded to her. "The very same. He was..." Naruto slumped forward, going unconscious again. Sakura's eyes widened. "Naruto!" Kakashi put a hand on her shoulder. "He should be fine. Let him rest. Let's go." Kakashi stood, guiding Sakura and Sasuke out. Hiruzen soon followed although he did glance back at Naruto.

'Be careful Naruto...enemies are at work.'

(-The Blond Fanalis-)

Naruto awoke next to the sewer to see large red eyes gazing down at him. "Hey furball." A massive paw slammed into the gates, courtesy of the fox. The Kyuubi was a kitsune with red-orange fur and red eyes, it possessed the upper-body structure of a human, complete with disposable thumbs on its clawed hands. Oh, and it had nine, violently thrashing tails. Nothing to uncommon.


The fox growled at him, annoyed with his presence. "Why are you here you puny human?" he asked, annoyance clearly expressed. Naruto gave him a bright smile. "I fainted." The fox blanched. "No shit. Look, if you came here to waste my time then just go into an actually unconscious state please. It's so much easier."

Naruto frowned when Kurama said that. "It's not like I came here on purpose, you haven't exactly taught me how to control it." Kyuubi snorted. "One, why would I teach a fucking human anything. You're all just greedy creatures that look our for yourselves, nothing like a Bijuu." Naruto gave a slight smirk. Right, because the Bijuu totally stuck together. "Secondly, why would I tell you something that should be as simple as instinct. I see something in you kid, something I haven't seen in a person for a long time, you should be impressed I'm even bothering to converse with you, more than that even train you. You're a nuisance, and let's get things straight, I hate you! I'm doing this for my survival only. Can't have a weak container after all. The strange thing I'm sensing only got me slightly interested."

Naruto laughed. "I'm just gonna simplify that to you took a liking to me." Kyuubi growled. "I will gut you the soonest chance I get." Naruto laughed. "Can you bring her out now? You said you had a surprise for me that I would like, something involving my mother...can I see her now?" The fox snorted. "I never said it was your mother I said it involved her. Besides, you haven't shown me the thing that impresses me, hence, no." Naruto growled.

"This is more important!" Kyuubi's eyes narrowed. "Really? Remember that only I know the way for you to get the gift before you're even prepared for it. You should feel honored that I shared it with you, nonetheless decided to give you it! However, if you won't show me that spirit then you're not getting shit!"

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "What spirit!? I have no idea what you're talking about! Just explain it to me!"

Kyuubi roared, blasting Naruto backwards from the shockwaves generated. Naruto's eyes widened in fear as he looked at the fox. "Learn about yourself before you demand things of others, brat!" the fox roared. Naruto felt a brief drowning sensation before he woke up in the material world.

"Sometimes I wish you and that scum were still alive so you could teach that brat some manners!"

"Haha, but he takes after me."

"That's the damn problem."

"He'll probably learn about the Spirit of the Fox, so calm down. I understand you want him to learn about not only you and your race, but pushing it onto him won't do anything useful. He'll likely begin to hate you."

Kyuubi growled. "I don't give a damn about him trying to understand me. Don't get it twisted Kushina, I'm looking out for a common interest here. If he dies from an unnatural cause of death I die thanks to your husbands seal, and neither of us want to die. I'm in a weak partnership with the brat because our goals are mutual. I may be impressed that he has the Spirit of the Fox but it's not something that's a shoe in for me to like a person. Any Bijuu can tell when their jinchuriki has their spirit whether it be the Spirit of the Fox, Racoon, Cat, Turtle, Monkey, Horse, Slug, Beetle, or Ox. Anyone can have it, as long as they are a jinchuriki or close to a specific Bijuu, or the Uzumaki Clan's case, eventually taking on their traits. You didn't though, and neither did Mito. Only Asura did. And after him no other members of the Uzumaki Clan did so."

"I don't know who Asura is. And if that's true then shouldn't you actually train him?"

The Kyuubi snarled. "He needs to earn it, and going by how long I'll likely live, it won't be rare. Besides you can't use that excuse! I'm feeding you chakra so that you can take on that form of yours for prolonged periods and teach your son how to use his Kekkei Genkai, the Kusariton (Chain Release,) yet you do not. You haven't even shown yourself to him!"

A spectral form appeared in front of the fox. The woman rolled her eyes.

(-The Blonde Fanalis-)

Hiruzen Sarutobi was a strong old man. While being late into his sixties he still could use chakra, something unheard of excluding the case of the Sage of Six Paths. Not only that, but he was a Kage with lifetime's of experience and mountains of power, making him undoubtedly one of the strongest Kage's to exist. He could even use the famous Sage Mode of the monkeys, although he hardly had to rely on it these days. His chakra coils, while deteriorating with age, still stood strong enough for his max chakra capacity to still be stronger than that of many high level Jonin. He had gone through all of the Shinobi World Wars, all three, and lived to tell the tale. Not only that, but he was feared in all of them, and was the Kage for the the last half of the second and the entirety of the third. He was wise, preferring to use his brain over his brawn, and because of such was thinking over his plan to stop Danzo, Koharu, and Homura. He had no idea how, but they had changed Kakashi's mission report, and he knew it. He had to get evidence of them being traitorous and execute them. Just when he came up with a viable defense, get Team 7 to describe what they saw during the battle of the bridge. It was at that moment he fainted before raising his head, an apathetic smirk on his face.

"Mission success."

That was why it was a surprise for him to be caught unawares by the jutsu.

(-The Blonde Fanalis-)

Naruto awoke with a crook in his neck. He groaned intensely before he popped it, smiling at the instant relief. He stretched briefly before his eyes widened. He felt better than he had ever felt, even when he had gotten his headband. He felt faster, stronger, more nimble. His felt clearer...more in tune with nature. He sighed as he hopped out of bed, noticing his slightly more muscular appearance. He laughed, he couldn't believe it. He felt incredible, as if he could take on Kakashi and defeat him.

"Stop getting cocky brat. You're only just beginning to notice. These will be all you get without the training." Naruto raised a mental eyebrow. 'What do you mean?'

The fox did not respond. Naruto sighed. "Damn old, grouchy foxes," he mumbled before he jumped in the air in fright. An Anbu member had appeared in his room. However, he looked at it strangely, as the Anbu member had no animal on its mask, it was blank.

"Don't do that!" Naruto yelled. The Anbu member did not respond. "Hokage-sama wishes to see you in the Council Hall." Naruto's eyes widened. People usually weren't allowed to go to Council Hall unless something serious had happened involving them. Naruto was immediately worried, wondering what he could have possibly done to force Hiruzen to actually be forced to bring him to Council Hall and not just talk it out with him when he visited. Naruto nodded to the Anbu who disappeared in a swirl of leaves once they got confirmation.

(-The Blonde Fanalis-)

Naruto slowly walked into the Council room, noticing the long pathway that led to the center of the hall. Naruto took a deep breathe and walked through it, down to the center of the room, being watched by the eyes of the Council.

"Naruto Uzumaki," he heard a voice. He turned, his eyes wide as he saw Hiruzen looking down at him apathetically.

That wasn't normal.

Hiruzen never looked at him like that.

The very form his face took when he did so looked wrong. Vile.

Yet it staid there.

"You have been called here today because of a mission report we got from Kakashi Hatake, your Jonin sensei. In his mission report he claimed that you lost control of the Kyuubi no Kitsune that is sealed within you. Is this true?"

Naruto eyes widened. Kakashi had said that? He had done no such thing! Sure, he had drawn on the Kyuubi's chakra, but he was in control the entire time, angry, but it control. Kakashi had lied on him. But what did he have to gain by doing that? He thought Kakashi cared about him.

"I did no such thing!" Naruto yelled.

Hiruzen shook his head. "That is what I would have liked to believe, but when you were unconscious we had a Yamanaka look into your brain to find that you indeed do so. If you had been truthful your punishment would have been leneint, however you decided to lie, hence your punishment will be severe."

"This is crazy! I didn't do it jiji, I swear!"

"Silence!" the Hokage said.

"You dare call the Hokage a liar, along with disrespecting him in a trial," Koharu said, a disgusted frown on her face. "Scum."

The Hokage nodded his thanks to Koharu, who nodded back. The exchange did not go unnoticed.

'I do not remember the Yamanaka being hired to do such a thing,' Inoichi thought, thinking back on it. 'Then again, Mifune likely could have. He doesn't live with us anymore.'

"What bullshit! If I wanted to take over you I would have done it then and there,' the Kyuubi groaned out. Naruto nodded mentally. 'Wait, does that mean you don't want to posses me?'

Kyuubi was silent.

"With your crimes being: lying to the Hokage, insubordination, endangering the lives of your fellow shinobi, and attempted murder of your fellow shinobi, you are hereby banished from the Land of Fire unless we are in need of your services. You however, are still a Konoha nin, and if you attempt to betray us you will be labelled as a missing-nin. You have thirty minutes to pack your belongings and get supplies you may need, along with say your goodbyes. Any longer and the Anbu will seal your chakra and forcefully make you leave. You have another thirty minutes to get out of the Land of Fire, or you will be killed by the Anbu following you. I realize that the villagers don't exactly treat you right with pricing, hence for the next thirty minutes if they overprice you or giving you bad quality items you may report it and they will be held in a court of law. Dismissed."

Naruto's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it. It was impossible. Hiruzen wouldn't do that. He had known the Hokage since he was five years old, five. Hiruzen had always known when Naruto was lying and when he was telling the truth, he would have known Naruto wasn't lying. He couldn't have banished him. After all, his dream was to surpass the Hokage and become the greatest among them and Hiruzen knew that, and he knew Naruto. He couldn't, he wouldn't banish him after the bond they had forged.

Could he?

Naruto was dragged out of the room kicking and screaming, tears running down his face.

Naruto rushed from the hall, unable to believe what he had just heard. It was impossible, Hiruzen would never do that. However, Naruto knew he didn't have time to whine and complain. He had to get supplies and then race over to talk to Hiruzen. He quickly went into the market, buying many shuriken, kunai, food pills, smoke bombs, matches, regular scrolls, and different pairs of clothes. He quickly and sloppily sealed them into a large scroll.

Naruto shot back to his house, sealing everything important he had into separate seals in the large scroll. He frowned when he noticed it. It had been 29 minutes. It looked like he wouldn't have time to say goodbye or talk to the Hokage. He sighed, tears cascading down his face. Naruto shot from his house, his tears leaving wet spots on the ground. The civilians did not know what was happening, but they knew that the boy being forced to cry gave them a sick feeling of happiness.

They relished in it.

Naruto had just appeared at the gate when he saw Sasuke standing there. Naruto's eyes widened.

"Hey dobe, we need to talk," Sasuke said. Naruto looked at Sasuke. "It'll have to be under a minute then Sasuke," Naruto said. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at that. He had never been put under a time limit before, and it was strange. Add that on to the fact that Naruto looked like he was leaving the village permanently, Sasuke was interested, but nodded, mainly because he had actually been called by his name. That alone was enough to prove that Naruto was serious.

"I wanted to tell you that next time we go on a mission, I won't be getting saved. I'll be saving you or your pathetic self, you understand," Sasuke said, a smirk on his face. Naruto allowed a sad smile to form on his face, realizing that he would never be able to go on a mission with Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, or any of his friends ever again.

"Right. I'll keep that in mind Sasuke. Goodbye...and tell Sakura I said goodbye too. As for Kakashi-sensei...just ask him why for me...please?" Sasuke seemed confused at what Naruto was saying.

"Naruto, what are you-"

Naruto sensed the approaching Anbu. He cursed, he had prolonged his stay.

"Bye Sasuke," Naruto said, clasping on hand on his shoulder before racing off. Sasuke's eyes narrowed, confused as to why Naruto was leaving. What had happened? Sasuke's eyes widened. He could have sworn he saw Anbu chasing after Naruto.

Well now he was interested.

(-The Blonde Fanalis-)

Thirty minutes later, Naruto reached the border of the Land of Fire before shooting out, stopping just as he passed it. He turned to look back at the Anbu who nodded to him before turning, and raced back into the Land of Fire. They didn't need to stay. A fresh Genin that was banished wouldn't come back into the Land of Fire. After all, a fresh Genin couldn't hope to last long when there were Jonin, Chunin, and Genin that had actually trained in the country. Naruto sat down on the ground, and began to cry, sobs coming out of him so harsh and fast that it was nearly impossible for him to breathe. Naruto turned, still crying as he walked forward, leaving the Land of Fire.

Perhaps permanently.

Hey guys it's Kuma Akuma. Anyways, this is the first chapter to my NarutoxMagi crossover, The Blonde Fanalis. I also would like to inform you that this is only the first part of the series, as their will be a prequel with Bleach in it, possibly even Inuyasha. I hope you guys like this story, and I'll inform you now after the war, or perhaps before it and they'll just relate to it, two arcs that I created will be incorporated. Of course, I have more of my own personal arcs, but you see the point. Also, I know the beginning didn't seem rushed, and the end did, but I tried to grasp the forcefulness Naruto would feel if he was banished, not having enough time to do what he wanted. I'll delve into his sorrows next chapter, although that won't be the end of it, along with what Sasuke is up to. Naruto might meet the Fanalis next chapter...not sure on that. Anyways, the pairing is NarutoxMyron, Muu's sister...the hot Fanalis. I'm going to tell you know though you don't have to have watched/read Magi to understand this story, as I'll be using relatively few elements from it. The Fanalis obviously being one. I already have them and how they will operate, and eventually operate, planned out. You guys also may have noticed that I gave Naruto two abilities. One, Kushi-chan's, is a Kekkei Genkai that I gave him, and the Spirit of the Fox will be delved into later, along with how Naruto met Kurama. Also, Danzo, Koharu, and Homura will be assholes in my story, and I know how I'll kill each and every one of them off, so be prepared for that. Danzo's you'll probably like. I also know whether or not I'll make Sasuke good or bad, so don't ask for either. I have the OC template up. See you guys later and avoid the Earl.