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My name is Hyoudou Issei, and I was born a human.

As you can probably guess from the way I put my name, and the fact that it sounds ridiculously foreign, I am Japanese, my parents are full Japanese. Despite the fact that my family has surprisingly brown hair as opposed to the black color that almost all Asians naturally have, we have a strange thing in the family (from my father's side) where everybody seems to have brown hair.

I was born in Japan, in a small, cozy town in a hospital that was closed a few years after I was born.

My parents were a remarkably happy couple. Both in their early twenties, my parents had very rewarding jobs.

My father worked as a manager for a well known food distributer, that actually distributed things like fish to the rest of the world. My mother worked as an accountant for a famously wealthy family, one of the families that had made a fortune in the game ware company, Mintendos. So you could say that the two were wealthy enough, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new child,

perfectly ready for anything that could've arisen, over time.

Except me.

You see, I know why you are here, huddled with me and listening to my story. You don't want to hear the boring setup of the plot of my story, nor do you want to know how many times I was defeated early on. You want to hear my famous battles, the battle between me and Imperius, for example, and my ripping his wings off.

Fine then. I shall appease you, with a story of a battle that nearly took my life, and plagued me constantly for 16 years.

When I was born, I was immediately diagnosed with a disease that, if the best doctors had any good estimates, would kill me before I reached the age of 10.

What, are you surprised? This is, after all, the closest I've ever been to death, without actually dying. Getting pummeled by countless foes, demigods, gods, even the strongest human alive…

None of those experiences put me as close to death as I experienced when I was born.

This disease… which the doctors named but I never bothered remembering the name, made it so the two sides of my body, my right and my left, were constantly at war with each other on a cellular level.

White blood cells would go after cells from the other side. My heart flow was always irregular.

My actions always were clunky, as if I was trying to get my two sides to agree with one another, which I suppose I was.

You see, a lot of people always moan at me, when they are feeling down and weak, that I never had to train. I never had to suffer. I never felt like complete and utter shit. I despise those people, for you see, I had to suffer not only physically, but mentally as I went through the years seeing my parents grow more and more sad, more and more desperate, before eventually just giving up.

After all, I spent 16 years of my life in a bed, and one day, I was suddenly sent to what I would later realize to be far worse: School.

My first time in school was marked by many first times. My first time seeing more than 20 people at once, for example. My first time seeing more than 1 other person my age, as another example. But of course, the most important two were the most interesting as well. You see, my first day at school was also the day I got laid… and the day I died.

"Now then, Issei-kun. Are you sure you're ready to go to school? This'll be your first experience, so I just want to make sure you're ready," my doctor, Iruka-san asked carefully. I nodded.

"Yes sir. I think I'm ready. Besides, it's not like I've been living much for most of my life. I might as well have some fun before it ends, right?" I asked jokingly. He sighed.

"Issei-kun, how many times have I told you to not be so cynical about the world? You're a young man, a very intelligent one at that, and you now finally have the chance to go to school! Meet people your own age! The very fact that you managed to get here is-"

"Impossible. I'm still putting money that I'm going to have a heart attack while I'm at school."

"Issei…" I heard my mom say. She had grown several grey hairs at this point, and yet was beaming with pride and happiness.

"Sorry Okaa. I'll stop. And besides, Sir. Do you really think I'll get along with everybody? I'm not exactly the type of person to bond with teenagers…"

"Issei-kun, you are a teenager, whether you like it or not. Mrs. Hyoudou, I believe he's ready to go to school now, despite how irritating he's acting. I'll arrange for him to receive a schedule, okay? Issei-kun, I know you're intelligent, for heavens sake I just said it a minute ago. However, I'm still putting you in a class to where you'll be with people your own age. You need to get along with people-don't try to protest against it! The schedule will be mailed to your house as soon as possible. Now off with you, annoying youngster! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" he finally waved us off, and I laughed on our way out of the good doctors office.

Funny thing about my doctor, he's actually also on the school board, and thus, has some say with my new schedule. Just as a random note.

"Are you really going…?" my mom asked, hesitantly. I nodded. That was one thing I could confirm for sure, despite the mix of emotions I had in my head.

"I'll be fine, Okaa. Besides, isn't it about time I left the house?"

The next morning, my mother sent me to school with a variety of different things.

A lunchbox, filled with bento that she made, some various medicines in case I got sick, a medical aid kit, and several water bottles. She was extremely unhappy she couldn't go with me to school, but the amount of doctors that I had seen over the years hadn't exactly been free, and so she was working double time to just keep up, my father just had his regular schedule, which was still extremely full.

And so, I went to school, picking up the schedule I had on my way out of our neighborhood.

My first class of the day was Calculus 1, a subject I already learned a long time ago.

You see, with all my time being bed ridden, there were few things that I could do. One of them, was mope around doing nothing. The other, was educating myself to way past my peers.

Honestly, I could probably have passed college as a first year in secondary school.

But I digress. As I entered the school, slightly late, I noticed several things about said school, some that I had already learned before.

Kuoh academy is funded by some very affluent, very wealthy families and people. Surprisingly enough, the family that my mother worked for actually was one of the many sponsors of the school, making the school grounds massive, and very well maintained.

So I was expecting a nice looking school, and that I did get. What I wasn't expecting was the sheer size. After all, I hadn't really gone many places besides the doctors office and my home, so this was new. Numbers on a computer screen could only really tell you so much, after all. The school buildings, some of which went to the sixth floor, didn't really bother me either. That was a 'whatever' sort of thing.

Naturally, I was now sitting on a school bench, looking around like a total idiot, while school went on. I had gotten to school a bit late, but the school security just let me in, regardless. Naturally, I had no idea where to go to find my first class, not that it really mattered. At the time though, I started feeling anxious.

"Where is the damn place…?" I muttered to myself. This was getting old.

"I've looked around as much as I can, but I can't find the damn room!" Agh, how frustrating!

Suddenly, an obnoxious ringing noise shocked me out of my stupor, and I looked on as rooms all over the school (as far as I could see) opened, and hundreds-no-thousands of people my age started pouring out.

There were so many people! I couldn't believe that so many students could fit in one school.

And yet there they were, walking to some destination.

Immediately, my mind went to what my next class was, Chemistry. Naturally, I tried to get someone's attention, but the initial attempt I had didn't work. The person didn't seem to really hear me. Instead, I got some stares, mostly from females, though I realized that most of the people around me happened to be female as well. This was because Kuoh academy had just recently opened to males, having been an all-girls school.

"You." A small voice said from behind me, assertive and yet at the same time, pleading.

I turned to see a short girl, maybe a first year, with white hair and cat-like features. She had her mouth twisted up into a rather cute pout, and looked ridiculously familiar.

I opened my mouth to reply, but then felt a spasm shake through my body as I fell to the ground, clutching my heart. Students around stopped and stared, but I could barely notice any of them, the shaking being so strong. A seizure of some sort? I thought these had ended, I guess my luck really was the worst…

Just as I thought I was about to finally die, I felt a hand grip my own, and lift me to my feet with surprising strength.

"…Senpai, are you okay?" the little girl in front of me asked. I nodded slowly, not trusting myself not to vomit. The world was spinning, and I stood for a bit longer before replying.

"Have I met you before?" I asked. She sent me a dead-panned expression, before handing me back my backpack, which had fallen off of me when I collapsed.

"…Is that the latest way to try and pick up girls or something? I was actually worried for a moment," yet I knew that she knew that I had nearly just had a seizure. Somehow, some strange instinct just forced me to believe this.

"Ah… Sorry then. Can you help me find my next class? I'm a new student." She took my schedule and began walking off without a word.

"If I am late for my class, I'll kill you." Jeez, so scary…

We arrived a little later in front of my second class, Chemistry, and I looked inside to see a class full of people. The students normally don't take Chemistry until their third year though, so I was with a bunch of upperclassmen that had taken Biology the previous year.

As it turned out, the girl and I were in fact late, seeing as the Chemistry lab was on the second floor. I opened the door to see…

A girl with beautiful red hair, and green eyes.

A girl with long, black hair and calm, gentle eyes.

A girl with shorter, choppy hair wearing glasses and a cool expression.

All faces too familiar. The seizure-like feelings that I had before returned, ten-fold, and I quickly rushed over to the teacher.

"Hello, sensei. My named is Hyoudou Issei, please treat me well. May I go to the restroom? I don't feel well." My sweaty and red face seemed to convince her, and I barely heard her ask if someone would be kind enough to escort the new student to the restroom. Naturally, I didn't bother waiting, and instead half ran out the door.

When I got out, I crashed into the girl from before, who I apologized to for her being late to class. She sort of just stared at me, as I looked around, trying to think of where the bathroom might be.

"Hyoudou-san. The bathroom is this way, please follow me," the girl that the teacher assigned told me. I nodded and let her lead me to the restroom, looking back once at the short girl with white hair. I'd definitely try to talk to her more later.

A few hallways later, I was getting tired, but my seizure feeling had faded. To my surprise, we were actually really close to the PE area. You would think that there'd be more bathrooms throughout campus…

"Err… I don't know your name, but I'm feeling a bit better now. We can head back," I said hesitantly. The girl in front of me, who had blond hair, blue eyes and a decent figure just turned around and laughed a bit.

"My name is Sarah-chan, Issei-kun," she said sultrily. I gulped a bit, as we turned a corner, and next to a pair of double doors, she suddenly turned around to me, startling me and making me trip backwards into the room with the double doors.

The doors opened to reveal a room with tons of PE equipment like various basketballs and footballs, as well as a few Frisbees and cones.

"Um, Sarah-san?" she didn't reply, instead prowling towards me like a jungle cat, as I slowly backed up.

"I can't take it anymore," she finally said, as my head touched the wall opposite the double doors. She pounced.

Three hours later, we were putting on our clothes, albeit slowly. I really couldn't speak at all, looking at a wall away from her while I dressed, my face still beet red over what had happened. She, on the other hand, was humming happily, and after she was dressed from the bottom, I felt her latch on to me, arms around my neck.

"Hey, Issei-kun. Do you feel like dating the swim team captain?" she asked playfully. I gulped.

"I'm guessing that's you?" that would explain her bleach hair. Most likely from swimming so much.

"Yup. Ah, you smell so good…" she took a long whiff of my hair. I shuddered a bit. "Aww… Issei-kun, you're so cute, I could just eat you up~" she stopped for a moment, "Actually, I did, didn't I?" stupid sexual slang. What had I done?

"We should probably head to class now, actually… hmm, it's already 1 pm? Right now is PE then, isn't it… Ah, perfect. A swim to cool off," I made the mistake of turning around, assuming she had finished dressing, but quickly turned back around when I realized. Damned woman…!

"Hey… that's kinda mean of you, you know. Not giving me an answer," she had moved about two centimeters from my face at this point, and was positively pouting. Really cute…

"Should I scream rape? Might help me escape," I joked. She frowned.

"Didn't I scream enough for you? If anyone was close enough to find us, they would've already with how loud I was. Besides, nobody comes here anymore. It isn't sports season yet, and none of this stuff is needed until spring sports. It's too late for fall sports, after all."


"Look, I know this is no doubt a bit weird for you so here's what we'll do. You'll give me your phone number, I'll give you mine. Then, I'll call you. Then we'll hook up again, maybe have sex, maybe not. Sound good?" she asked me. I thought for a moment.

In all honesty, the sex had felt good… I was incredibly tempted.

"Sure," I said, typing it into her phone. She giggled and took mine before doing the same. Then, when we gave each other our phones back, mine had a new picture of Sarah. A rather sexual one at that.

"Something so you don't forget," she kissed me on the cheek, before leaving the PE storage room. Who would've thought that I'd lose my virginity on the first day of public school I had? I guess school really wasn't hell.

A few classes later, and an explanation that I had been sick out of my mind, school was out, and I had actually survived the first day. My first day ever of school… and I get laid by a busty blond.

Wonderful. Was fate trying to repay me for my terrible first few years of life like this?

As I was leaving the school, I saw a girl being dragged away, by two massive looking people. Naturally, I tried to get someone's attention, especially since they were heading away from the school and into the nearby park, but nobody seemed to notice.

"Tch," I ran towards the three, fully intent on doing something, anything to help the girl, or at least ask what was happening. However, my slow and terrible stamina made me tired almost instantly, and I panted as I tried to jog towards them.

Finally, we reached a clearing. As we did so, the trio seemed to disappear, as did the path back to the school. I admittedly panicked, looking to and fro for a way out of the forest around me, before feeling a sharp pain in my chest.

Slowly, I looked down to see the tip of something poking out, bright white, my body felt like it was on fire.

"Damn. That was supposed to go straight through you." I heard a female voice say, as the ground met me.

Was this how I was going to die? I honestly half-expected it to be way sooner, and to a heart attack or stroke or something like that. I mean, at least I didn't die a virgin. That would've been embarrassing.

At the same time though… I really wanted to keep talking to that cute white-haired girl. She looked so familiar. And some of my new classmates in Chemistry… so many of them looked familiar, which made no sense at all. I never got to see my childhood friend again… I'm probably not going to get a chance to even see Sarah again, and despite our momentary meeting, I really thought I bonded with her.

Maybe it was the sex. On second thought, it probably was.

Even then though, my life… still had some meaning. I really just didn't want to die yet, as cliché as it was considering half my life I've actually had nothing against it. Theoretically, now that I've tasted what it feels like to actually live, I want more…

Do I even have a choice though?

I opened my eyes one last time, slowly and slowly, over what felt like hours, they finally opened, and I looked at my killer.

A girl in a school uniform? Interesting, not what I was really expecting.

Anyways, now that the initial pain was over, dying really was like falling asleep, wasn't it? Just slowly, drifting away as the consciousness fades…

As my eyes finally shut close for one last time… a bright red light appeared.

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