I really love hijack/frostcup, and this is my first fanfiction for them, and my first yaoi fanfic. I'm gonna make it kinda angsty, but it might change... Maybe.


Hiccup screamed the boys name in ecstasy as he came. It took a few minutes before his breathing was normal again, and after the initial high the guilt began to sink in once again. What was wrong with him!? He shouldn't think, let alone want to have sex with the pale brunette that lived only a few houses away from him. But every time he ran into the older boy, every time their eyes met, their hands brushed, every single time Jackson Overland gave him one of his trade mark smirks, Hiccup was captivated and pulled deep into what he knew was a world of sin and sickness. He had tried to stop, oh Odin had he tried. He had avoided Jackson like the plague for weeks, busied himself with dragon riding, finding new lands, creating new armor for Toothless, training the youths in how to ride their first dragon. But no matter what he did he could not stay away from the boy with the cold hands and warm heart.

"I have to stop this." Hiccup scolded himself. "What would dad think if he found out? What would Jackson think?

Hiccup tugged at his hair in anger and cursed. He wanted Jackson, wanted the feel his skin against his own, to know the taste of his lips, the way he smelled. Hiccup had fallen into a dark hole and was desperately clawing his way back into the light of purity. He wanted to be normal, wanted to be like all the other men in Berk that so easily grew aroused by the many beautiful woman that littered the village. But Hiccup had never been like the other men of Berk, not when it came to strength, or dragons, or girls.

He got up, walking out of the room after giving Toothless a loving scratch behind the ears. He had to be out of the house, had to to be somewhere where he could completely empty his head. He went to the forest, to the place he had spent time getting to knowToothless. He liked coming here, it was quiet and peaceful, especially at this time of night. The moon shone bright through the autumn clouds, and a slight chill nipped at Hiccup's exposed flesh. Hiccup rubbed his hands together to bring some warmth to them. He climbed down the rocky path, nearly slipping as he trekked to the small pond in the center if the clearing.

Hiccup sighed, skipping stones along the surface of the water. The moon reflected off the shimmering water and Hiccup let himself relax, smiling slightly at the beauty of the scenery.

"Hey Hic."

Hiccup tensed at the sound of his voice. Jackson's voice. Hiccup turned to look at the boy- no, Jackson was 18, he was a man by the village standards, where as Hiccup was still only 17, not yet a man in the eyes of the other villagers.

"What're you doing out here so late, oh heir to the chiefdom?" Jackson leaned casually against a wooden staff looking at the flushed adolescent.

"I could ask you the same thing." Hiccup mumbled out.

"Why I'm following you of course!" Jackson chuckled. "I saw you sneaking out and thought to myself, now what would a responsible young man do in this situation? And of course I did the exact opposite."

"Of course you did." Hiccup sighed. "But I came here to be alone so you might as well leave."

Jackson slowly walked up to him, and Hiccup realized that this is the closest the two had ever been. Jackson's face was so closed to Hiccup's he could feel Jackson's breath.

"Why do you always want to be alone?" Jackson whispered.

"I just... I don't want people to see me." Hiccup murmured. "I don't want them to always be watching and judging me..."

Jackson stared at Hiccup for a long while before he spoke again. "I'll never judge you Hiccup."

Hiccup scoffed, and turned his head away. "Yeah right. You'd be like everyone else would be. You'd hate me and think I was sick just like everyone else."

"Hiccup I've known you since we were little, and never, not even once have I thought you were sick, or hated you." Jackson tilted Hiccups head to face him again. "What are you hiding from everyone?"

At that moment something overcame Hiccup. A warm sensation began to spread throughout his body and he couldn't control himself. All the guilt, the self loathing, all of it melted away as he looked into the eyes of the man he had fallen for. Hiccup leaned forward, covering the small gap that separated the two boys lips, and he kissed Jackson. It was soft, gently, and frightening. It was only a slight graze of his lips against Jackson's. Hiccup quickly pulled away and upon seeing Jackson's surprised and shocked expression everything came hurdling, slamming into him.

"I-I-I'm sorry, I'm so s-sorry, I just... I thought-!" Hiccup stuttered out. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes obscuring his vision. "I thought... I thought... I don't know what I though! Please, please d-don't tell anyone, I'm so sorry!"

Hiccup turned, running off. He ignored Jackson's calls for him and continued to run, not turning back. How could he have been so stupid!? How could he have kissed another man!? It was sick it was disgusting! It. Was. Wrong! He ran, and didn't stop till he was safely locked away in this room. Hiccup threw himself onto his bed, ignoring Toothless's nudges. He openly sobbed and tried to forget the night, forget his mistake.

"I'm such an idiot."