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Back in Session


Her eyes widened at the damage the garden had taken. She couldn't let this happen…

Not again…

Not again…

Not after all the new friends she'd made… Not after all the new memories she had made with everyone… Not after the love she had found…

She couldn't lose those bonds twice! She wasn't ready for that!

Yui Kusanagi gripped her pendant and raced through the remnants of Zeus's garden towards the destructive light that had consumed her friend. The sword had worked once before. Surely it would again. It had to! She silently prayed that everyone would be all right. That they would make it through this. That things wouldn't end like they had last time.

She couldn't let history repeat itself.

Yui wouldn't let that happen.

Not this time…

Not this time!

AnimeKiwi369: So did I freak anyone out with my beforehand comments? Due to the "Ludere Deorum" subtitle in Kamigami no Asobi, I couldn't resist greeting you all in Latin! Even though "Ludere Deorum" literally means "to play of the gods" and not "mischief of the gods"... Don't worry, though, I'm not likely to greet you guys like that every chapter. ;)

Roughly translated, it reads: "Hello, all! And I welcome you all to my new story. This is my second story in this area and the story pleases me so much that I could not wait to put it up. Kamigami no Asobi and its character do not belong to me. However, the story and new characters do belong to me. Enjoy!"

By "new characters", of course I mean OCs. I'm going to warn you all now that this FanFiction contains many, many OCs, however I won't say any more on the matter until they show up. :) Anyone care to guess who these new characters might be? ;)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the prologue. A bit vague and foreshadowy, no? Which was what I was going for, by the way. I'm really excited about this FanFiction, and I look forward to going through it with you all! My life is about to get hectic with college, so I ask for patience in updates, but luckily, I don't have writer's block for this story so far. Therefore, that shouldn't be much of an issue. :)

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