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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful evening in East Blue city. Right now we notice a pretty young lady making her way to her best friend's house. The girl donned a red tank top with tight and small blue jean shorts that complemented her figure. Her face was as beautiful as the morning sunshine with her only flaw being the scar embedded beneath her right eye. She also sported an old strawhat on her head. Her expression was filled with determination as she approached her friend's house.

"I can do it, I can do it"! Luffy kept repeating to herself over and over. While her beating heart pounded rapidly in her chest, she steadily made her way to her friend's door. With three quick knocks, she patiently awaited for someone to open the door. Today was the day she would do it! She would finally tell her friend how she felt!

"Just a second"! a female voice yelled from inside the house. "I can do this, no more being afraid!" Luffy continued her self chant. The door opened to reveal the source of Luffy's desire.

At the door was a woman with long curly orange hair and beautiful brown eyes. Her outfit consisted of a green striped bra with dark blue jeans that hugged her body perfectly. With a bright smile, Nami greeted "Hiya Luffy, come on inside."

Luffy thanked Nami and made her way into her friend's home. "Hi guys!" Luffy greeted as she noticed her other friends there also. The dark haired woman looked up from her book, "Nice to see you Luffy." Robin greeted with a smile. A man with a long nose and very toned chest glanced up from his card game with a man with a curly eyebrow and tidy black suit. "Oi, Luffy!" Usopp greeted with a genuine smile. "Luffy chan!" Sanji exclaimed with heart filled eyes, his full attention on Luffy making him fail to notice what Usopp was doing with cards. The shirtless green haired man paused his weight lifting, "Hey Luffy." He said with a smirk.

"Seeing you guys here like this makes it like a party, ShiShiShi!" Luffy laughed her unique girlish laugh. "Well Robin actually had a reason to be here. As for these idiots, they were just bored." Nami ridiculed. "Hey! You said I could come over anytime!" Usopp shouted. "Yes, only when you're helping me with certain objectives. Other times like these, you have to pay for being over here!" Nami finished.

"That's so heartless." Usopp whined with comical tears running down his face. "Whatever. Luffy would you like some tea? I'm making some for everyone." Nami offered.

"Ee, I'd love some!" Luffy exclaimed enthusiastically. "Ah, but first" Luffy said while taking Nami's hand with her own "there's something I really need to tell you, Nami." Luffy stated.

"Luffy?" Nami questioned. What was going on with her? She was acting strange.

"Oh my." Robin said glancing up from her book. "Luffy, what's this all about?" Nami questioned as she blushed a shade of red on her cheeks. "This is so beautiful!" Sanji exclaimed. "Two gorgeous women holding hands!" Sanji finishes. "Oi, oi, don't get excited about that." Zoro sweatdrops. Sanji again does not notice Usopp with the cards because of his full attention on the girls.

"Nami, I need to let you know how I feel." Luffy blushes with a big smile. Her stomach filled with butterflies. Her heart rapidly pounding in her chest again. She was finally going to let her know. "S-Sure Luffy, lets go upstairs." Nami says, leading the way to her bedroom to have a private conversation, their hands still connected.

"What's up with Luffy?" Zoro questions completely confused. "I think I have a clue, fufufu." Robin laughs with a warm smile feeling really happy for her friend.

"Ha! Straight Flush! I win!" Usopp cheers. "What the hell?! You must've cheated! I want another round!" Sanji exclaims furiously. "Ha! If you think you can beat me, you're insane! I am the God of this game." Usopp says. "Alright lets see then, if I win, you owe me 20,000 beli!" Sanji says. "Alright, but if I win, you have to agree to get rid of all the magazines under your bed AND you must refer to me as 'God Usopp' for the next week." Usopp replies. "Deal." Sanji said determined as Usopp set up the cards again.

End of Chapter 1

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