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Joker utterly hated this and hated everyone. He had far better things to do than to deal with this; more so when his counterpart was still back in his room in such condition. But he at the very least needed to save appearances and not show any weakness even if someone had been stupid enough to call on a council just to satisfy the stupid girl's whims.

Due to Alice's insistence on a meeting, when everyone had come back from Diamond after the Jabberwocky had gotten lose and clashed with the mercenary foreigner known as "Aria Hadron Scherzi" into an epic battle that ended up with the merc being sent to Spades and thus permanently getting her out of the picture, everyone was forced in yet another useless gathering.

He was wearing his warden's uniform and couldn't tolerate this. The game had cheated on him and was screwing him up far worse than anyone else. Life wasn't fair but this was just far bitchier that even he could manage.

No one wanted to be here. Much less speak about the second foreigner. Her disappearance was still too fresh and he was fed up with his. Sure, he wished his so called merc "friend" would come back, but wishing served for nothing. She was gone and that was it and it bothered him that even when he wanted to blame her and hate her for this he couldn´t.

He got up and turned his back to the depressively quarreling group that was already disbanding when a black hole opened above them like an eye in the sky, and from it came clashing against the table a figure clad in a dark armored technological suit, that had unleashed the side blades of her forearms to slash against tendrils of darkness that were trying to grab her and pull her back into the portal of shadows.

"Aria!"- Everyone screamed upon seeing the second foreigner along with their personal inserted phrases.

The strange portal began closing, but the darkness tendrils began attacking everything that moved as the mercenary girl slashed at a vine like tendril that had grabbed her by her ankle. She got free and her body hit the table; to avoid another attack she rolled incidentally directly to where Joker was dealing with some attacks on himself by the lost bullets that came his way.

Seeing his chance, he jumped right over the tech-armored foreigner and grabbed her hands over her back to close some handcuffs on them.- "You are under arrest! " - He immediately threw her over his shoulder as he jumped away to avoid knives, swords and bullets as all hell broke lose all around.

"You´re going to hit her idiots"- Someone called and people began attacking each other as much as the things coming out of the soon to be closed portal.

"It's alright, I'll apologize and explain later to everyone!" – Aria called with her strange digitally distorted voice, not minding being arrested and kidnapped. However she didn't look fine either. It was obvious that she'd been fighting for a while.

Without losing time Joker jumped to the door behind him and called for the elevator to reach his own territory. Lucky for him, the knives and bullets from the other roleholders that had the guts to shot him when he was carrying the girl, hadn't hit in fatal spots. Only a foreigner could kill Joker.

The doors of the elevator closed behind him and he dropped Aria.

"Ouch!"- She managed to stand up and looked at Joker. He was sweating, breathing heavily and his look was, to say the least, distressed.- "Joker. You aren't alright. "

He blinked; surprised that she seemed truthfully worried about him. However, this was partly her fault. She was guilty. Or so he wanted her to be.

"YOU FOOLISH WOMAN! What the hell happened!?" –Joker looked as angry as he was baffled and tried to hide that he had been worried.

Up to this point, not even he knew what had been going on with her. She had not played the game as it was supposed to happen, nor had she acted like a foreigner should at all. Her existence was indescribable and he at times had felt that she was his own Joker, and the fact that she had a sort of deal and connection with his role thanks to the old connector mask-shaped earrings from a past Joker she wore, didn't make it easier as they released her from his influence.

"I´ll… I´ll tell you later. But first tell me what is wrong with you White?"- She was infuriatingly calm.

"WHAT'S WRONG!? "– He slammed her against the back of the elevator and put his shaky hand on her neck – "I'LL TELL YOU WHAT'S WRONG! MY FRICKING "BEST FRIEND" ALMOST CAUSED THE extinction OF THIS WORLD BEFORE UNLEASHING A creature THAT CAN DETROY THIS WONDERLAND AND THEN SHE WAS PRACTICALLY DESTROYED' IN A FIGHT WITH SAID CREATUR BEFORE DISSAPERING AND MAKING ME THINK YOU WERE FOREVER TRAPPED IN A DEAD MOMENT!"- HIS GRIP TIGHTENED but it was not very effective on the armored collar piece of her suit. He got his face close to her and growled-"Not to mention that I…."-He managed to stop himself from saying it. -" What makes you think that I'm White! I'm simply Joker."

She looked confused and even showed surprise and remorse. A great feat from someone that lacked feeling. Then her gaze hardened and she kicked him away from her – "I asked you what is wrong with YOU White. I tell you what happened in Spades later. But now I'm worried about you. You look sick, pale and weak. And I'd know which one is White and which one is Black even when both of you are Joker. I wouldn't be a good friend if I wasn't even capable of distinguish that."

"Such a good friend you are!" – He was still surprised by her worrying about him even when he had said she was arrested and she knew what he was capable of doing. More so because she was in clearly no conditions to fight. She looked tired and battered too.

"I told you that I wasn't good in this friendship thing. And you can take of these cuffs. I ain't running from you" –She looked calmer despite the handcuffs limiting her movements and possible defense.

Just then, the elevator stopped and the door opened to a corridor in the prison.

He moved her inside the prison and she didn't resist. He uncuffed her and took her to Black's room without saying anything to her and she responded with equal silence.

When they reached their destination, he opened the door and pushed her inside. The place was barely lit and on the bed was Black laying in the bed with a huge bandage on his torso covering a bleeding gash. Arias eyes widened and she ran to the side of the bed. The warden was unconscious, breathing hard and sweating. Now she understood why White seemed to be in pain. He was feeling what his counterpart was suffering. - "What the friggin hell happened?! Cómo chingados quedaste así!?"- She even returned to use her mother tongue.

The jester saw her moving her weird equipment over his counterpart and taking into his battered state. It was useless. He had tried everything and he had seen what happened to such large wounds and heavy loss of blood. And despite being in his own territory he wasn't healing. It was impossible; the wound was not normal, it had been done at the battle in the castle of Diamond by one of the shadow copies of the Jabberwocky, that had concentrated it's antiexistence into that attack, and because the Jabberwocky is a thing that can destroy shit because it's the antienergy born of the darkest emotions of foreigners, it had actually managed to hurt even him. There was no helping it. He knew his counterpart was dying.

She unwrapped the wound on his torso to get a better lecture and she gulped. Not that she hadn't seen or done worse, but she hadn't got a real friend in years and he was the closest to it.

Joker gritted his teeth, still unsure as to why he had brought her here. When she appeared he had only though of snatching her and bringing her here. Maybe he had wanted a last taste of her friendship or her pity. The only he had ever received. Perhaps he had wanted to show what she had caused. Or maybe he wanted her help and the mercy she claimed to not have but in the word "mercenary". He took a deep breath and responded- "It was the Jabberwocky. This is what happens to those attached by it. They get destroyed, literally they cease to be."

"What!?"- She looked between both parts of Joker.

"I'm calling upon your so called friendship. Only a foreigner can kill Joker."- Seeing his other self like that was pathetic. He had even tried to kill him to see if he recovered but in vain. Now He knew what he wanted of her-"I don't know what will happen. When he dies maybe I'll slowly cease to exist too; or maybe I'll die with him at the same time… That would even be better than remain as only a part of myself…"

"You can't be serious"- She was the one gritting her teeth now.

"I want you to kill me." – He was dead serious and desperate. He couldn't think of himself as only half of himself. That scared him more than true death.

"Like hell I will!"- She stood up to him.

He slapped her and threw her over the bed besides his counterpart; once again he griped her throat; this time right below her jaw and over the collar of her suit to meet real damageable flesh.

"Defend yourself and kill me or I'll kill you instead."- His grip tightened and he sat over her with his legs at the sides of her hips and leaning over her with his other hand at the side of her head.

"NO! I WON'T KILL MY BEST FRIEND." –She didn't defend herself.- "ITS NOT OVER JOKER."

"OF ALL THE TIMES YOU HAD TO DEVELOP A HUMAN CONCIENCE…!– His red eye glinted with fury. He knew that as absurd as it was, he was one of the few strains she had to her own conscience. Killing him would probably destroy whatever was left of her thin and twisted sanity. But he didn't care at all. He would do anything and everything to achieve this. If she hated him she would kill him. It wouldn't be hard. He was usually very good on getting that from people, specially female prisoners.- "I'LL MAKE YOU HATE ME!"

With his free hand he grabbed her suit and opened the air sealed latches as she had taught him in case she ever needed medic help badly enough that it would require someone taking of her suit. He received a slight electric shot from her suit's inner circuits at it was peeled of her skin. Her gaze went wide with shock when his hand went to her chest and she understood what he was trying to do, and then her eyes glared at him with disgust.

Doing this would truly earn him a dreadful death. But if he needed to rape her to get her to hate him and kill him, so be it.



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