Day 1:Dreams

Dreams are meant to be woken up form, that is their nature. They show us our desires temptingly and teasingly.

The dead return to life.

The conflicts put to rest.

The peace otherwise unattainable is found.

The kind of love that would never be reciprocated are.

Dreams show the impossible, an impossible that everyone has accepted to be as such and choose to live their lives in false ignorance of a broken peace.

I too was once a dreamer, wishing for the dead to rise and for my days to be filled with the warmth of being with another.

But I have woken up.

And I see the world for how it is,


Never changing,

Never wanting to change.

It seeks conflict and sows its seeds. It thirsts for the red iron and anything done to stop the flow would be negated.

Thus nature itself must be reformed.

With dreams the impossible is true,

So this carnivorous world must enter a slumber so great that the masses will follow it.

The status quo they so desperately held on to will be irrelevant.

It is almost pitiful.

Infinite Tsukuyomi

Where the dead are never lost

There are no winners or losers

Peace reins supreme


The love is returned.

My first time writing from Madara's perceptive, did I do okay?