Rosario+Vampire: Rieliquiae Memoriae

"Hey girl, you still have time to say turn around. I wouldn't blame you one bit, cause this is one scary ass place your headed to," an unobtrusive man in a bus driver's uniform with glowing white eyes and smoking a big cigar said from the driver's seat of the bus.

The young girl in question looked up from her seat near the back of the vehicle but said nothing. In all honesty she wished she wasn't there. She had aced her high school entrance exams and had been all set to go to a school in Tokyo, but her parents had other plans. Two weeks earlier she had received a letter that promised a full scholarship to a private academy, and her parents being on the lower end of the economic scale jumped on it. Though she was sure there were many schools in Japan she wasn't aware, of the name immediately stumped her. Yokai Academy. There wasn't an address given on the envelope and the one included for the reply was addressed to a P.O. Box in Osaka.

So her parents without even asking had sent in the registration papers and earlier that morning the bus had shown up to get her. She didn't have the ability to go home now, her parents had told her they were going to America for the school term in order to try to earn enough money to move them to from Tokyo up to Kyoto where her father was originally from. Her grandparents had died years ago, so she had no other family. Her life officially sucked.

As she settled herself back into a more comfortable position she started to hear something that sounded a little like a deep humming. Trying her best to ignore she stared out the window at the passing landscape. No matter what though it kept getting louder, and looking towards the rear of the bus she saw a motorcycle approaching at high-speed.

"Um, driver-san, I think someone is trying to catch us," She said, her voice a little shaky.

Looking in the rearview mirror the man smirked "Don't worry about him, he is harmless for the most part. He's the son of the Headmaster. Also one of your yearmates."

She looked back again and could see him a little clearer. Black leather jacket, dark aviator styles sunglasses, and black jeans and boots made him look like a thug out of an American crime movie. What stood out was his hair and eyes, his hair dark brown with a multitude of pinkish and silver streaks in it, and his eyes were green with red lines visible despite the glasses and distance. If this was the Headmaster's son she wondered what the Headmaster was going to be like.

Suddenly the bike pulled alongside the bus and the rider looked up into her eyes. For just a fraction of a second, though it felt like centuries, she was lost in those deep pools. Then he gave a crooked smirk and sped up. Following with her gaze she saw him wave to the driver and speed on ahead.

'Oh my god, he was the most beautiful man that I have ever seen. And he smiled at me," at that point her mind kind of shorted out.

When she regained herself she fished out her compact and checked herself. She wouldn't call herself beautiful, while most men would say she was a complete knockout. Though she spent a great deal of time outside she had a skin condition that prevented her from taking a dark tan, so her skin was almost always the color of porcelain, her eyes were an almost perfect slate gray, and her hair was as black as a crow's feather. Her appearance had made many agencies approach her about becoming an idol, but she turned each down due to her self-respect, and her being extremely shy.

'Why would he pick me though, if he is the Headmaster's son then he is probably rich beyond belief. He could have any of the high-class girls that go to a school like this, all I have are my looks.'

In time the bus came to a tunnel. During the passage through it everything seemed to warp some with the darkness. It wasn't the darkness most people would equate with a tunnel, it seemed to suck the light out of the world. Shortly after entering they exited, and the landscape didn't match what she had been seeing before. Before entering everything was lush and green, after exiting everything seemed dead. For the love of god there were even headstones everywhere.

"Well here we are, the point of no return. If you get off you have to stay. If you don't we go back to your home and you explain why you returned to your parents."

Rather than argue she got off the bus. Looking around she shuddered. Dead trees, bats, and headstones. Was this an academy for undertakers? It sure didn't seem like any of the private school brochures she had looked at. All of them had happy students and green lawns. She wanted to go home.

"Well, well. What have we here? Such a pretty little china doll."

She turned slowly and looked up. She stood 5'6", but the leader of the group she was looking at was at least a foot taller than her. And judging by the line of earrings not the best of company.

Her voice low she spoke "um... hello. Can you tell me how far it is to the school."

One of the cronies cackled, "Hey Fauru, she wants to know where the school is."

Fauru, who apparently was the boss, "Shut up. Why don't I do you one better, and take you there."

"Umm.. that's really not needed, just point me in the right direction a.a.a... and I can make it on my own."

Suddenly she was standing on four inches of air as the man held her in the air, "Look little bitch, you are going to be my girlfriend. First rule of that is that you walk with me. Rule number two is that you don't back talk."

"And the first rule of not getting a beat down asshole; put the lady down," Heads turned to see the biker from earlier.

Fauru laughed, "Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

"Tekeshi Aono... oh wait, this is Japan. I am Aono Tekeshi. Son of the Shuzen Family. Son of the Shinso Aono Tsukune and Akashiya Moka. And the guy who is going to bury you if you don't put her down."

The bullies shuffled some, except for the boss, "Who gives a shit. You might actually taste good."

The girl fell as the hand holding her opened. As she watched the boy started to change, but if it could go any further it didn't. Before she could see Tekeshi had buried his fist in Fauru's stomach and picked him four-foot off the ground. Without prompt the rest gathered up their battered leader and ran.

Tekeshi then turned to her, "You ok. I should have known that there would be asswipes like them here. My dad told me about quite a few he faced. Anyways you know my name, could I know yours?"

"Um... It's Utsuki... Shiraishi Utsuki. Um... Thank you for helping Tekeshi-san."

Tekeshi smirked, "Please drop the honorific. I was mostly raised in the U.S. Well then Utsuki, if you don't mind I will escort you the Headmaster's office. The reason I'm out here is to find you."

Utsuki gulped and nodded. Taking the boy's hand and standing she noticed that he was only 6'. She had thought him taller due to his bravado. She then noticed that he was slightly sniffing the air. She also felt something wet dripping down her arm.

Takeshi gulped and handed her a bandana, "You might want to bind that up. Some people around here are real bloodsuckers. Hehe."

Utsuki did as he suggested as they walked. His words bothered her though, more the way he said them than the words themselves. Real bloodsuckers, did he mean like vampires.

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