A Sister's Turmoil

Sometimes I wish you would protect me.

We laugh, we play, and we have our Sunday afternoons together.

Yet you seem to refuse to protect me.

In public, your eyes watch me. But only watch.

You let me fall and make mistakes without teaching.

I don't say a word because I truly admire you.

It's because I love you.

I fall in love with this guy and your words seem encouraging.

But I feel a piercing glare from behind.

You continue to watch and I don't say a word.

Suddenly, you become more distant and sharper with your words.

We quarrel over the smallest things but I never lay a hand on you.

Yet you laid your hands on my face. A slap.

We continue this and I end up getting hurt.

I feel alone and unprotected.

He decided to leave me. And so did you.

"Alice, can I talk with you?"

She gave me a smile. A fake one that was too kind.

"Why don't we have some tea? It's Sunday after all."

We sit at our usual spot in the garden.

Smiles and book discussions are exchanged.

Finally the sun sets.

"Alice, I have something to tell you."

My heart beats fast.

"- and I are getting married."

How much time has passed since our breakup?

Two months. Six months. One year?


Once again, I am left alone. For good.

Her grace and beauty are admirable but she doesn't share her love.

She tried being a friend to me.

But I didn't need a friend. I needed a sister who would protect me. Who would love and care for me.

All I got was a broken heart.

I really don't like her.




"I want you to become my maid of honor."

While stuck in thought I look up to her and put on my bravest smile.

"Of course I will."

I feel my hatred towards her growing.

But I can't say it aloud nor do any harm to her.

It's all because I love her.

Helloo! Just a bit different from writing story fanfiction... I just had to urge to write while having this anger directed towards my older sister (we really don't get along well...) Alice may have felt this way towards Lorina. Maybe not. Lorina could have been a "bad" sister. Who knows...

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