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I raced out of class as the last bell rang. Zoro's message better be important, and fast. He knows I can't be late getting home. Damn it, if it weren't for these wounds, I'd be there already.

"Luffy!"I skidded to a halt, turning around.

"Zoro? Didn't you want to meet outside? "I asked, my head turned slightly to the side.

"I took a wrong turn. But let's just walk and talk. "

"Alright. Zoro,what's wrong? "

"Luffy, please believe me when I say you are in danger. "I stopped walking, just in front of the school gates.

"Zoro, how-"

"Please, don't ask any questions. I must go, your father's here. "As if proving the fact, he honked his horn just as Zoro moved to leave. I gave a flinch, before moving to enter the vehicle.

"Who was that, and why were you talking to him? "I suppressed a sigh, feeling his eyes boring into me.

"Someone from class wondering what our homework was. "It was best to lie. Otherwise, my friends would be in danger. I can't let this man near my friends. The man who calls himself my father.

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