The morning in Teufort, like any other, had started as normal with birds singing at first light. While peaceful for some to wake to their song, others found it to be a minor annoyance.

"Shut the hell up!" The Scot man yelled, throwing an empty beer bottle out an open window. The shattering of glass silenced the feathered fiends, but only for a moment as they began singing again. He growled, burying his head under his pillow as anyone else would have to do to get a few more hours of sleep.

Engie couldn't help but chuckle as he walked past his door. As a morning person he couldn't imagine sleeping as late as Demo or Scout did. But he remembered he also wasn't getting piss drunk every night. It was a daily thing, so he didn't dwell on it.

He entered the small rec room for a bite and saw soldier was already there. "Mornin' Sol." He greeted with a wave of his hand. "Watcha makin'?"

Soldier, already dressed in uniform, turned slightly. "Hello Engineer." He motioned to the pan. "If you must know, I am making a meal fit for an American!" He pointed to himself as he spoke.

Engie raised an eyebrow as he took a peek into the pan. Sure enough to what he expected; bacon, eggs, sausage, and hash browns, topped off with way too much salt and pepper, with.. milk and orange juice? Yep, just what he expected.

"Well, don't that look nice." Engie said, eyeing the sizzling mess.

"Of course it does. I made it after all." Soldier said not noticing Engie's forced expression.

Engie left it at that as he stood at the coffee pot. A dark blend was a perfect way to start the morning off.

Medic hummed to himself as he sat in the small medical office. While enjoying the quiet morning he had moved over and started sharpening his bone saw. It was relaxing. Testing it with his finger he gently stroked the sharp end. He smirked rubbing his thumb and index finger together satisfied with his work.

"I will kill all of ye'!" Demo shouted again.

Startled, he dropped his saw from the sudden sound.

"Yo, Demo, what the fuck, man!" Scout shouted even louder.

Medic sighed as he pushed his glassed up and rubbed the bridge of his nose. It was hard to ignore his comrades as they were now screaming at each other from opposite sides of the base. Tranquility gone.

Standing, Medic rubbed his neck. He supposed if he wanted any breakfast and coffee he'd have to go now before those buffoons stumbled their way to the rec room and crowded it. Before he could leave, Archimedes cooed at him from the corner of the room. The bird and four other of his doves sat on the rim of their feeding bowl. Medic smirked as he walked over and stroked Archimedes.

"Come now. I vasn't going to forget." He grabbed a bag of birdfeed from a bottom shelf and scooped some into the bowl until it was past full. That way when the rest of his birds decided to show up they would all be able to eat. Showing his gratitude, Archimedes flew to the medics shoulder and nibbled his ear. A kind of bird kiss as some would describe.

Medic, of course, didn't mind. Archimedes was his favorite bird after all. "Zere we are." He said aloud as he set the feedback. He nodded to himself and began for the door leaving the birds to eat.

He had just grabbed the handle and pulled the door open to see a fist inches from his face. The hand had quickly drawn back at the realization that the door was open.

"Good morning, Herr Heavy." Medic greeted warmly.

The larger man laughed out of embarrassment. "Hello Doktor. I was about to knock. Is morning and thought, maybe, you like coffee together?"

Medic smiled genuinely up at the giant. "Zhat sounds vunderful, Heavy."

Heavy beamed. "Is good! Then we go." He pulled Medic gently alongside him. He couldn't help but smile, forgetting about the rest of the world.

They made their way to the rec room in a steady pace. While Medic wanted to get there as soon as possible earlier, he couldn't help but slow himself to enjoy as much time he had with his Heavy. Even if it was nothing but small talk about pointless things, he still loved every second of it.

"Mornin' fellas." Engie waved to the two as they entered.

"Ja, Morning Herr Engineer." Medic said first followed by Heavy with a similar greeting. "Und Soldier as vell."

"Good morning, comies!" Soldier said before returning his attention to the burnt mess on his plate and scarfing more down.

Medic turning to Heavy, both exchanged a look of silent criticism before making their way to the coffee pot.

"Oh yeah, Doc, why don't ya come 'ere for a sec." Engie called sipping his coffee. Medic glanced back to the engineer then back to Heavy, who looked slightly annoyed. Medic bit his lip.

"Ja." He said walking to the table.

Engie set his coffee down and picked up his leather bound note book on the table. "I drew up some plans the other day. Was wonderin' if ya wanted a look-see and do some experimentin' later."

Experimenting? Medic's eyebrows rose at the word. His curious nature took over and he felt a fluttering in his chest. "Ja, ja! Let me see!" He took the book rather hastily and began thumbing through the pages. It didn't matter what he had planned. Just the thought of researching and going beyond limits made his skin tingle with excitement. Medic looked at the new pages thoroughly looking at all the details. He smiled and laughed a little maniacally, "Interesting. Robotic limbs are alvays fun!"

Engie grinned. "Glad ya like it."

It was then that Heavy stood by Medic's side. "Doktor." He said trying to pull the man's attention from the book. "Doktor." He said again a bit louder. He did catch the attention of the engineer, but still Medic was too fixated on the book.

"Uh, Doc." Engie started to get his attention as well.

"Medic!" Heavy said even louder, startling Medic as he pulled his attention to him. Composing himself after being brought back to reality, Medic looked at the large Russian and nodded.

"You are hopeless sometimes, Doktor." Heavy said chuckling a bit. He held out a mug of coffee to him. "Two sugars. Just the way you like."

Medic couldn't help but smile, and feel quite silly doing so. He hoped he wasn't blushing as he took the mug from his giant hands, "Danka."

Heavy smiled at him caringly, "Da. I must help make sure you get what you need. Don't want you starving because of working too hard."

"Danka" He said again. "I'll finish quickly." Heavy nodded standing to the side to wait for his medic.

Medic looked at Engie who was sitting and patiently watching him. He handed the book back and nodded. "I vould love to help, Herr Engineer. You vill tell me vhen you vill start, yes?"

"Of course." Engie assured.

"Excellent. Though, I think, ve vill need a test subject. Hmm... maybe, BLU Scout?" Medic suggested with an evil smile on his face.

Engie laughed. "Ya really like to torture that boy." He rubbed his stubbed chin. "We'll give it some thought."

The two shared a laugh.

"Alright." Medic turned to Heavy. "ve vill get breakfast now." Heavy nodded with a satisfied expression.

"What would like for breakfast?"

Medic thought for a moment.

"Maybe somesing..." He paused accounting his options. Maybe something different from his usual today. Something simple, like what Heavy always had. Nodding to himself he looked up into Heavy's beautiful blue eyes to answer, but noticed he was no longer looking at him. His eyes were narrowed into a glare, watching the other side of the room.
Medic glanced over and wasn't surprised why as their Scout and Demo man fumbled into the room with their routine of cursing out the morning.

"Freakin' unbelievable, right?" Scout groaned.

"Don I know, lad." Demo sympathized as he rubbed his head.

The two talked casually as they raided the pantry, Heavy still watching them silently, waiting for trouble to happen. Medic looked between the two and sighed realizing the outcome of this situation already.

While anything In the kitchen was fair game, there were a few unspoken rules that everyone followed. The first obviously, being to clean up after oneself. Second, don't let Soldier cook anything past midnight. And lastly, never touch Heavy's sandwich. Scout could never seem to follow that one.

Heavy watched the boy daringly as he nonchalantly opened the fridge door and rifled inside. Scout shut the fridge and turned around, surprisingly only holding a can of his choice of energy drink, 'Bonk'. Heavy grunted, his body became less tense now that he didn't have to worry about his sandwich.

Scout, however, paused. He looked down thoughtfully. In that moment his face brightened as he remembered something and returned to the fridge.

"You imbecile" Medic couldn't help but hiss.

Sure enough Scout shut the fridge, Heavy's sandwich in his hand.

Medic didn't have a chance to stop the Russian as he stomped over and stood menacingly over the smaller boy. "You make big mistake, leetle man."

Scout looked up, obviously not phased, and back down to the sandwich. "Oh, was you gonna eat dat? Or were ya savin' it for your gun, Sasha?"

Heavy's sneered at him, not finding Scout's taunts amusing in the slightest. "If you want legs not broken you will put that back, and apologize to Sasha."

Scout simply smirked. "No way lard for brains." Before Heavy could react, Scout shoved it in his mouth taking a bit and took off in a full sprint out the door. Heavy roared in rage and took off after him.

"Mein Gott..." Medic cursed sitting down next to Engie, who found the whole thing hilarious.

"Aww, come on, Doc. Scout don't mean any real harm. He's just playin' around." Engie assured.

"Even if zhat is true, I am still considering not healing him on zhe battle field." Medic said with venom in his voice.

"Don' be like that. Scout is still an important member of this team. You don' expect me to get that intelligence do ya?"

Medic sighed. Engie meant well, but people had to grow up someday. He rested his head on the table. He knew Heavy wasn't going to be back for a while. Scout was too quick and full of energy to catch. Heavy despite being much slower, was very dedicated when it came to things he loved. Medic couldn't help but feel jealous with that thought and he quickly brought his hands to his face out of embarrassment. He was jealous of a gun and a food item!

He groaned. While he knew the morning with Heavy was now gone, they would still fight alongside each other on the battle field soon. Medic stood up and walked to the kitchen alone. It looked like he'd be having his usual after all.

It was going to be a long day Medic thought as he stepped over scouts torso the damn boy was so reckless and called for him only to run out of reach of the medigun before he could be healed, irritation fueled him as he ran to Pyro's aid, Heavy had been snipped a few moments ago leaving medic to fend for himself as he ran to heal his comrades who were still moving forward.

Medic jumped when he felt a hand fall on his shoulder he whipped around to find Heavy smiling at him

"Don't do Zat" Medic said having come very close to shooting him full of needles as he lowered his weapon.

"Come along Doktor" he said as they began to move forward, Sasha whirling to life as they turned a corner before the rapid gun fire filled his ears.

Medic moved behind aiming the Medigun at Heavy's back as they started to push forward more to the BLU base the red beam flowing in to the Russian, Medic stared at heavy's back and broad shoulders starting to day dream about running his hand over the hard muscle underneath and maybe tasting the soft flesh.

Medic shook his head pushing away those thoughts; that was how you got stabbed in the back, which wouldn't be the first time. Besides they had a battle to win and intelligence to steal, if the scout would stop being so lazy and get in there already. Moving in front of Heavy, his eyes scanned the windows for sign of trouble. He caught the shimmer too late as he opened his mouth to shout but felt his body jerk backwards before it all went black.

The cool air had him blinking open his eyes as he took in the respawn room, an irritated growl fell from his lips. That damn sniper was going to pay dearly for that one. Images of gutting the man ran through his mind before he grabbed his gear to rush back out on to the battle field.

The heat of the desert afternoon sun was almost unbearable as medic ran across the rough ground to the bridge, coat tails flapping behind him as he attempted to catch up to the team. Thoughts of tearing out the BLU snipers intestines crossed in his mind again as he ran a manic grin on his face. The sounds of gun fire and shouts became louder as he turned a corner ignoring the flutter in his chest as heavy came in to view still in one piece. He moved behind the giant of a man and began over healing the man to take more damage.

Scout ran past them with a shout grinning, his face cut up and what looked to be a broken nose. Medic sighed and aimed the medigun reluctantly at the boy as he ran past them healing the cuts and fixing his nose before he was out of range. "Stupid boy." He grumbled still angry at him for ruining breakfast with Heavy.

"Doktor!" Heavy shouted as he began to approach a corner, Medic rushed over to him training the beam on him once again.

They continued the push through the BLU base. Turning a corner they came face to face with the BLU Demo man, Heavy took aim as the man began to rush at them with his sword. Medic jumped back to avoid being hit as he kept the medigun trained on his heavy. The black Scot went down a few moments later and Heavy turned to looked at him "Are you hurt?" he asked as he looked Medic up and down for any wounds.

"Nein" Medic said as he started walking down the hall trying to brush off his embarrassment with the way Heavy looked at him with those damn blue eyes. As he rounded a corner he realized his mistake too late as he came face to face with the BLU Scout who aimed his Scattergun at his chest grinning as he did so.

"See ya round Doc" he said grinning, his eyes sparkling with glee.

A large Hand grabbed the back of his coat and yanked him back around the corner, the BLU scout jumped around the corner after him only to come face to face with Sasha as he was riddle with bullets. The boy fell into a heap on the ground.

Medic grinned at the body of the BLU before looking up at Heavy who was smirking at him, Medic Coughed once before murmuring "Danka" ignoring the butterflies in his chest it had been happening far too often around the giant Russian, but he wasn't willing to risk his friendship with the man, it meant too much to him.

There was so much more he wanted and craved to be near the man, and it seemed like Heavy liked being near him to. When he would forget to eat while researching or experimenting, hold-up in his lab for hours, it would be Heavy who would bring him a plate of sandwiches and make him sit down and eat and they would laugh about what the other mercenaries had done that day. Mostly about what dumb thing scout had done or some new thing solider was ranting about. It was tranquil.

A rocket exploded next to them sending dust and shrapnel, 'Pay attention dummkoff' he thought keeping the gun on heavy the red beam unwavering as the red light flowed in to the man. He ignored his own cuts as they would be fine until he could bandage them later, unless of course he died again, which was always a possibility.

He and Engineer had discussed the respawn machine time and time again, always coming back to the same solution. They would have to tamper with it to find out how it worked which wasn't an option since that might lead to permanent death to one of their team mates. It was a risk they weren't willing to take, just yet.

Medic whipped around as the BLU scout came from behind. Acting on instinct he grabbed his bone saw and lunged for the boy plunging it through his chest ripping it down and then out before driving back in to the BLU. The scout coughed blood as he fell to the ground a gurgled insult on his lips. Medic grinned at the body before pushing up his glasses and returning to the medigun and turned back to Heavy, who was looking at him with such affection it made a small blush rise on his cheeks which he hoped to play off as excursion from killing the scout. At least he hopped that's how he saw it.

Honestly how did the man have so much power in one look only looking at him like that made his knees go weak, it was becoming far too much. Maybe Heavy felt something for him to. Medic quickly squashed that train of thought before it could get out of hand. Glancing down at the Medigun charge reading a 100% he grinned as he looked up at Heavy "Ready to charge." Heavy placed a hand on his shoulder and grinned

"We go together Doktor" he pulled back and readied his gun the barrel spinning as they entered the room he flicked the switch as the sentry locked on to them, the ubercharge raced through them speeding their hearts up as the feeling of invincibility ran through them. Heavy laughed as he began to take out the sentry and dispenser and even the BLU scout as he had come back running only to be mowed down. Even Medic had to chuckle at that before he felt the ubercharge fading.

The BLU demo man fired his grenade launcher at them making them retreat or be blown to bits. Heavy pushed him forward as they ran back down the hall before make a new stand around the corner as Demo ran at them. Heavy fired the gun making him retreat back to a better position as well. Medic didn't even see the rocket that landed between them until it was too late as it launched them in different directions. Medic groaned and pushed himself up off the ground his vision swimming as he tried to get his bearings.

"Medic!" Heavy's voiced boomed.

Medic's eyes cleared as they landed on heavy who was slowly falling back as the BLU Demo man and Pyro began to charge him. The RED Demo jumped into the fray as well, sword clashing with the BLU Demo as they spat insults at each other, leaving Heavy to deal with the Pyro who readied his flame thrower. Medic began to run towards them, he couldn't let the BLU's push them back. They need to hold this position they were so close to capturing the intelligence.

A flash of blue had Medic skidding to a stop and raising the needle gun as he came face to face with BLU Solider who had his rocket launcher pointed right at his chest. The man smirked at him, eyes hidden under the helmet. Medic began to fire his needle gun before he heard the boom and felt the pressure on his chest as he was thrown backwards.

Pain engulfed his body as he slammed back to the ground. He couldn't move could feel his body becoming numb. As he looked he could see the RED Pyro aiming his flare gun at the BLU's to help keep their position before his eyes fell on Heavy. He would have smiled if he had the strength but the world was starting to go dim. He was dying again; he didn't fear death because they cheated death ever day in this endless war, dying over and over again only to come back to die again.

Letting his eyes fall shut he heard a strange white-static noise, which he would have thought odd, had blood still been pumping to his brain. But death had claimed him once more and would continue to do so till the war ended.