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Julius sat in a bench along the guests from Clover Tower. They and all the other territories had agreed on a temporary truce to celebrate this happy special occasion; and although it was indeed special, it wasn't entirely easy or necessarily happy for the present guests. But regardless, it wasn't every day that a foreigner was getting married and a game was completed.

The string quartet began playing and everyone turned around to look at the feminine figure that appeared under the flower arch that decorated and marked the entrance to the red carpet that led to the altar. The light that came behind the white clad figure accentuated her radiance at every step. The bouquet of roses on her hands trembled lightly from her exited and slightly nervous grip. Her blue eyes shone with joy and her lips couldn't hide her happiness. Alice looked beautiful. She seemed genuinely happy to finally end her game in this world after choosing Blood Dupre, the mad hatter and mafia boss, as the winner of her heart.

She was happy and was permanently staying in Wonderland, and that was what mattered to most of the present guests.

Of course, this ceremony was just a symbolic act for her pleasure and reassurance. A representation of a tradition from her world, and a way for Blood to boast and gloat his victory at the game. True union and end of the game would come later on when Blood gave her his connector and she accepted it, a magical connection that would unite them forever. That would effectively end Alice's game of hearts and everyone else would go on with the terrible monotony of their lives as losers of an opportunity that came every once in a while when a foreigner was brought into the world called Wonderland.

If he had to be true to himself, Julius Monrey, the so called "mortician" and clock master of Wonderland, didn't want to be here and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

He was uncomfortable to say the least. Just like everyone in this world, as the rules said, he had fallen in love with the foreigner during her game, and just like for everyone, this wedding was a sweet sour moment and a painful reminder of what they had lost and would never have. Besides, something else happened thatleft him very anxious and confused.

Not that long ago there had been a huge storm and afterwards he found himself missing his memories from an extended period of time, months even. It had happened to everyone. That wouldn't have been so strange in this world and he would have dismissed it, had it not been because of the terrifyingly humongous quantities of clocks piled up everywhere in the clock tower waiting to be repaired so that they could become people once more. Whatever happened, it had included the biggest massacre Wonderland had ever seen.

That was bad because now he had so much work that he probably wouldn't finish repairing everything during his lifetime, much less at the constant rate people normally got killed in this world. But there was something even more disturbing.

When he had regained some composure after seeing all those hundreds of clocks, he went to his desk to get his tools and start working. There he found a note in a piece of paper that apparently had been there for a while. It said that someone's undeniable request to his role was that said person could undeniably order the mortician and control how, when, why and every single and possible condition regarding the repairing of clocks in whatever terms and means the person wanted. Of course, that had sounded crazy. But as if to prove him wrong, he had felt an intense heat burning at the back of his hand and a mark appearing briefly on his skin, and it wasn't a common mark either. It was the kind of mark that proved an oath and a pact directly to his role.

At that moment he had also suffered shadowed flashes of someone he couldn't place and things he couldn't remembered. Mere broken reflections of real memories of those months everyone had forgotten and he had ended up panting in the floor wishing to know WHO had written that note.

The music went quiet and the ceremony started when Alice reached the altar. A little later she finally said "I do". But that moment, out of nowhere, something heavy fell from the sky on top of the mortician. From the groans, it was obvious that it was a person.

Julius and the stranger shared a few confused and awkward moments in their attempts to get up while the sound of guns being pulled out and aimed at, filled the air. Luckily, as a deference to Alice no one shot immediately like they normally did.

The mortician was still dizzy by being hit with the full weight of a person, but when he saw the appearance of said person, he felt a strange pang of familiarity on his clock despite not recognizing anything regarding the weird black and plastic like armored person. The stranger admittedly looked dangerous, and somehow Julius immediately knew that this was the one who had written the note and was the one capable of controlling "when , where, how" and even "if" clocks were repaired. More dangerous still was that he knew that before anyone could shot, this person could literally sent Wonderland into extinction.

Nightmare gasped in shock after reading Julius thoughts, yet unaware that he couldn't read this strangers mind. –" DON'T SHOOT!"- He warily told everyone and Grey got ready to stop any attempt against the weird person.

The silence was deafening until it was broken by a digitally distorted and undefined voice that came from the armored person, who was looking around in confusion and apparent discomfort, but without the slightest tint of fear.

- Did I miss something? – Then the person looked at Alice and Blood and the situation that he (Julius though the person was probably was a he) had stumbled upon – You're getting married? About damn time!

Everyone was confused, and Julius guessed that maybe he wasn't the only one that felt something familiar about this person.

Then the person looked around once more. No gun had come down. He raised his hands to show that he wasn't holding anything in his gloved hands – Gezz guys, give me a break. Everyone wants a fairy tale wedding but when I show up to curse the first born child, then I'm the jerk...

Once again no one said anything, but more than one gun clicked to prepare a shoot.

-Ok... I get it...- The person sighed - We can talk about everything that happened later... And I do own an apology for having been dumped here without invitation… - The person looked at Blood and Alice and moved his hand in front of him holding the 3 fingers up –I'll give you 3 questions as a present... well 2 and something else.

-Why would they want questions? – Elliot March, the hatters 2° in command mocked the figure.

-Trust me Elliot. They DO want those questions because I'm choosing them and they are 1- "Will theyir children be born with a clock or a heart?" and 2- "Will their descendants be faceless?..."

Everyone was startled at such questions. No one knew the answers to that and they wondered who the hell was this person to know such things if indeed this person knew. Alice specially was completely anxious about those, but there was just something about this person that told her that she could trust her words, that "She" would tell her the truth... then she realized that she had said "she" for this person.

-Who are you?- Alice asked aloud what everyone was wondering.

-What? – The digital voice sounded weak and the posture looked as if the person was taken aback while looking around the roleholders for signs of recognition.

Julius put two and two together. All the time that was gone from their memories had something to do with this stranger. He stood straight and spoke calmly to the person–"They don't remember you"

The person addressed the clock master completely – And you do Julius?

-No, I don't but I want to speak to you.

The person's posture was unnaturally calm, but the voice betrayed that visage. –"I see... If you don't remember... then perhaps is for the better..." – then the person turned to the married couple –"I'll wait for maximum 30 minutes in your office Blood. I'll answer those questions and give you the other thing Alice..."- The mysterious stranger took a couple steps towards the main hall, clearly knowing the way around, and then stopped to turn back and looking at everyone- "I give you my mercenary word that I'm not planning anything."

The personleft escorted by a couple of the hatter's faceless, ignoring everyone's comments and still pointed guns as the ceremony was resumed. After it, Julius was the first person to leave. He had dryly stood up and whished Alice happiness before storming out back to his territory.

His mind was in turmoil thanks to the party breaker.



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