Through Innocent Eyes

Nothing is certain. A long road lies ahead, but with nobody willing to travel it. Destiny and fate can be easily molded into whatever the bearer sees fit. Yet there is nobody willing to stand up and claim the power to destroy the world, nobody willing to stand up to claim the power to save the world. With many intertwining paths, how will one person's actions affect everyone else? Time keeps moving, yet the course of the future is still unknown to all.

"It's time…he's been through various specialized sports and activities that are ideal in what we're looking for." An aging, middle aged man with grey-brown hair and hazel eyes explained, sitting down in his dark old wooden office across the table from a beautiful young woman.

This woman had silver hair down to her shoulders, vibrant fiery red eyes, and she carried herself very proudly, despite looking much younger than the aging man in front of her. The woman sighed looking down at the table, then she looked back up responding, "This 'Special Ops' group isn't going to do anything, but get a whole bunch of innocent teenagers killed." The woman stated with a wise bold voice.

The aging man cleared his throat, then rubbed the stubble of his chin, and responded, "If their parents are killed, and they go through the basic soldier training…then their chances of dying in battle are far greater than them dying in our new group… if trained properly that is."

The woman shook her head disagreeing, "I'm telling you, this is a bad idea… they'll get in our way more than help us."

The man coughed while smoking his cigarette, and in a raspy tone spoke, "A vampire is going to attack his house soon…"

Then the man pulled out his lighter and lit a new cigarette. The woman took note of the fact he was only choking a moment earlier, "Alright, so is that house human residence…or-"

The man then interrupted the woman by saying, "Yes, it's a human's residence… it's his residence…and there should be three live inside if I'm not mistaken."

The woman then nodded and stood up as the smoke from the cigarette approached her. She headed for the door, but then turned back and said, "I'll get a group ready to infiltrate upon command…oh, and you better stop smoking… especially around me…unless it's the green-"

Then the man gestured his hand towards the door, as if he was waving her out, yelling, "Get out of here! You know better than that!" The woman turned back at him with a grin, and then walked out shutting the door behind her as she started laughing.

Three Weeks Later…

Rain opened his clear purple eyes to the sound of a loud shriek in his parent's room directly on the other side of his wall of his own room. Rain's room was naturally cluttered, as a usual high-student he had not cleaned his room in the past few days. He jumped out of bed in a panic while noticing that he only had his boxers on and was completely helpless in the cluttered room, alone.

Shit, what's going on? He thought as he slowly walked towards his bedroom door and quietly unlocked and opened it…. Blood…. It was smeared all over the hallway right outside of Rain's room. The blood had left a variety of different hand and body trails across the entire hallway. Blood was on the floors, the walls, and the ceiling.

Rain's whole perception of the situation quickly shifted from just worrying about attackers in his house, to a very brutal and unknown death.

Rain closed the door and turned back to his quiet and seemingly normal bedroom. Oh, shit…this is bad, this is really bad! Rain thought, trying not to panic. There was no phone in Rain's bedroom and this is the time where he regretted that the most, but what to do? A weapon… Rain thought, he then turned to his closet and approached it quiet as a mouse, while silently shifting around the mess in his room. He then slowly pulled out a very long knife in a sheath out of his closet, and out of that took out the knife. If was a perfect Ka-Bar that he had always had stashed away in case any emergency requiring a weapon or a knife was needed. This was the situation that the knife was bought for.

Rain smiled, thinking, I finally get to use th- Another loud and almost ear-piercing shriek from his mother came from his parent's bedroom. In a panic, Rain quickly and quietly put on a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a jacket before he walked to the door, thinking, Alright, now I'm ready for anything.

Without hesitation Rain opened the door and slowly walked down the blood infested hallway. Rain had to walk down this hallway if her were to get anywhere, for his room was on the second floor of his house. As Rain walked, he looked around the blood infested hallways thinking, Oh my god…this is the most blood I've ever seen. He could see a story of what had happened by just looking at all of the intricate blood marks. There were definitely more people in this hallway than his parents, and he didn't have any siblings. Most of them had been dragged down this hall by something, and they were trying to hang on to anything that they could get the hands on… Useless…, Rain then thought to himself in remorse.

Rain finally got to the final hallway door that was his parent's room. The walk from his door to theirs seemed to have been a lot longer than any other time he had walked down the hallway. Alright, here goes. He thought, as he grasped his parent's doorknob and slowly twisted it.

Rain opened his eyes to see the mutilated corpse of his father hunched slightly over the bed, the rest of his body was the bloody pulp on the ground. "F-father…" Rain mumbled in horror.

The body of his father was almost unrecognizable, it had seemed like a wild animal had attacked him, ripping and tearing his flesh and blood all across the room. His father's eyes were still open, full of fear, and gazing right into Rain's eyes. Yet there was no life to be found.

Suddenly a shadow fell from the ceiling right above Rain and tried to grab him, but he had jumped the instant he had heard it. Rain focused his eyes on the shadow, and it turned out to be a mere shadow of his former mother. "M-mother?" he mumbled again. Rain looked at her terrified, thinking, Mother… no…I can't fight you. His mother slobbered and licked her bloody lips at the sight of Rain, revealing two long fangs, then she suddenly lunged out for him. Rain quickly slashed at her back and forth with his knife, but she was pushing him back still with each slash...till… BANG!

Rain saw her body fell on the floor with a single gunshot to her head. He watched her brains blow out all over the ground, thinking, What the hell is going on!? Suddenly a group all in black clothes helmets covering their faces rushed into the bed-room and knocked Rain up-side the head with some kind of steel blunt object. Rain was knocked unconscious before he could even hit the ground.

Rain woke up in a haze. He held his head with one hand because of the exploding feeling in it, and tried to remember what was going on. What the hell happened? Rain immediately thought, looking around to find himself in a small square room with one bed, a night-stand, a square table with one chair on each side, and another smaller room which was probably the bathroom. A clean and new it for me? Rain thought, then he sat up and stretched out his arms.

The room looked like a completely sterilized room. All of the walls and ceiling were a blinding white, and the floor a thin grey carpet. With only a bed, a night-stand, a bathroom, and a table with two chairs, the room seemed very much empty compared to his cluttered room with all of her various belongings.

Then the door to the room unlocked from the outside and opened. A young woman with semi-short silver hair, deep blue eyes, and a perfect figure walked into the room. She looked at Rain and slightly smiled, then she sat down on the edge of his bed. This girl was really cute, almost the perfect stencil for a woman. "I-I'm sorry for your loss." She calmly uttered. She sounded like she had gone through centuries of battle; her voice was strong from years of battle, and bold as if she had also endured many hardships. Yet she was a slender young woman, upon just looking at her she would look like all she had endured was high school.

Rain looked at her mesmerized and thought, Wow… she's beautiful…who is she?

The woman then continued, "We were late. A vampire had been scouted in the area, but we acted too late. We had to cleanse the area of all evidence."

Rain looked down, and then a tear ran down his cheek while he thought, Cleanse…the area?

The woman cleared her throat and continued, "Since you are still a minor you are now under custody of the Secret International Defense Organization. And I am your commanding officer, Celes Slater. You are indeed very lucky to be here and alive, Rain Yatoni." Rain looked at Celes, confused, but somewhat relieved. "You will undergo one month of our training program; hopefully then you will be ready to be the final member of our special op team. I'm proud to have a soldier like you on my team Rain, trust me, I wouldn't have chosen you otherwise…the higher ups were going to send you elsewhere"

Rain was puzzled though, he just thought, Secret Def ense Organization? Special Op's team? Higher Up's? What the hell is going on here!? How does she know my name!?

With that Celes got up and walked towards the door. "Get your rest Rain; you'll learn to cherish it tomorrow after training." Then Celes walked out and locked the door behind her.

Hurray…I get to see her again tomorrow! Rain thought, then sighed, walking back towards his bed, and reflected on what was going on around him. He knew that his parents were dead and that that lifestyle was over. He was now under custody of the Secret International Defense Organization, whatever that was. And that cute girl was his commanding officer. Maybe this lifestyle won't be so bad, Rain thought while smiling.

Rain's old life had been a bore, day after day of nonsense, and he really wasn't even that close to his family. Let go of any friends. Rain pondered the idea for a few more minutes until he no longer could stay awake.

Celes walked down the grey stone hallway back from Rain's room alone. Her posture was perfect, her S.I.D.O. uniform pressed, and her body perfectly fitting into it. The uniform consisted of a baize color collar shirt, as well as slacks, but with a red rim. Celes had already gained many medals that she had pinned along her collar. Yet, this uniform was considerably different from that of the battle uniform for the soldiers and commanders.

As Celes continued walking until she took a right at a four-way hallway intersection and down another shorter hallway, it got darker with each step she took. Then Celes came across a doorway' she took out a keycard and swiped it on the control panel next to the door. The door automatically opened and she walked through, it shut firmly behind her. Celes turned and started walking up a short flight of stairs; about three stories or so. When she got to the top there was only one lone metal door in front of her. Celes walked towards it and knocked three times.

Then the door opened and the same middle aged man appeared in the doorway. He had black hair and hazel eyes that glimmered in the darkness.

"I need to talk to you Seth." Celes ordered. The man now known as Seth looked at Celes and then took a step back, inviting her in. Celes walked in and closed the door behind her; Seth took a seat at the desk in the room that appeared to be an office.

Seth cleared his throat and, "What do you want Celes, it doesn't matter if you don't need sleep at all. Others do! That's why we got you a bed."

Celes slightly glared at Seth and said, "It wasn't like you were sleeping Seth, and it is important."

Seth pushed papers aside on his desk and then leaned back, "Go on Celes."

Celes stood up straight and said, "As you know, the Yatoni family operation was a failure, but we did manage to bring back the child. He is under S.I.D.O. custody, and is going to undergo special operative training starting at 0500 tomorrow-"

Seth then interrupted her and merely said, "Just get to the point Celes."

Celes glared at Seth again and continued, "Well, by standing in the same room as him, I can definitely tell you that Rain isn't completely normal. There's this certain aura around him that I can't put my finger on."

Seth then sighed and said, "And what do you suppose we do Celes? I mean technically I'm not even supposed to know that you're a 'super-natural being', so you know that we can't take in another one."

Celes paused, and then nodded, "Yes sir. Understood sir, but-"

Seth then interrupted again, "No 'buts' Celes. Just make sure that he's not a threat, that's it."

Celes looked down. She didn't agree or necessarily understand what Seth's decision was, but she also knew her place now. "Yes sir. Understood sir…I'll let you to your work now. Good night." Celes then saluted and walked down of the room, closing the door behind her as she left.

Rain suddenly woke up to the sound of a loud buzzer over an intercom above him. It was the alarm for the day, no more sleep anymore. Rain opened his eyes thinking, God damn alarm…I hate wake up calls…damn it I'm going to have to get up!

Then there was a bang at his door and then it opened. The middle aged man with the black hair and hazel eyes walk in and looked at Rain, "You you're lucky to even be alive…Rain Yatoni." The man said in a deep voice.

Rain looked up at the man while nodding, before getting out of bed, and noticing brand new clothes set out on the table before him. Raion looked at them strangely, thinking, Who the hell is this…and what the hell is going one here!? Oh, well…just listen…do what you're told. Wait…Rain then looked at the man and asked, "That girl…Celes…am I going to be working with her?"

The man smiled, slightly chuckled, and said, "Eventually…but only half of her sometimes and the 'other half' of her the other times."

Rain looked at the man confused and said, "What do you mean? Trying t-"

The man interrupted Rain by saying, "I don't really even know. All I really know is that; now when the moon is waxing, or turning towards the full moon, then she is that sweet nice and innocent Celes with those pretty deep blue eyes."

Rain smiled, as he slightly dozed off in a daze, sighing, "Yeah…"

Then the man sternly continued, "Now, when the moon becomes full she switches even her eyes do for some some stuck-up, know-it-all, showoff…and she stays that way while the moon in waning, until the new moon…then the cycle starts all over again. I'm kind of getting sick of it."

Rain looked at the man in confusion as he said, "But she's not all bad is she?"

The man cleared his throat and said, "Enough talk about this soldier. You'll now follow me to the S.I.D.O. training ground. There you'll become acquainted with your new teammates, get to know them because you'll be with them for a long time."

Rain nodded and finished strapping on the rest of his gear. The S.I.D.O. uniform consisted of a navy blue dense fabric that covered his legs, torso, and just a little down the shoulders to the elbow. On top of that was some sort of strange metal armor that covered his; shins, legs, waist, chest, shoulders, and he also had a helmet.

Rain reached out for the helmet thinking, It's time to start this new road in life. As Rain put on the helmet he noticed something within him had changed. He thought long and hard over what it could be, he was now in an agency fighting for the good of the world; trying to end corruption. Isn't that what everyone wants in the end?

Rain then followed this man down to a large bared metal door that was down the metal hall. "You were the only soldier to not ask of my name, you know?" The man then stated, while walking next to Rain.

Rain looked at the man and grunted, thinking, Where's he getting at?

Then the man continued, with a grimace smile, "All of the others are whinier…immature…but you…I have very high hopes for you Rain. My name is Seth… Seth A. Rhine."

Rain looked at Seth's smile suspiciously, but then sighed and said, "Where to?"

Seth smiled and shook his head, "Just so you know…you should address your superior officers by their title, but just call me commander and that will do too." He then cleared his throat and continued, "We're going to go the Training Facility to introduce you to your teammates." Rain nodded and they both left the room.

Seth and Rain had continued walking throughout the large long metallic hallways that stretched far down the buildings, but with scarcely any intersections. It was almost designed so that everybody would only have very few options to take while wondering the corridors. The lights that stretched above with the hallways with many breaks in between them, were surprisingly not that bright, almost dim.

Seth and Rain finally reached a large room entitled the, Training Sector. As they both entered Rain was surprised to see Celes, talking to three soldiers. "Alright soldiers, line up!" Seth immediately ordered with a strong voice.

Rain kept walking, thinking, Three other soldiers…huh…they are more… inexperienced. The three soldiers that were talking stood straight next to each other and Rain joined.

"Alright soldiers, listen up! You're our new S.I.D.O. recruits, in some way your parents or guardians have been taken from you by the supernatural, and since the government can't leak information of this magnitude you've been taken under this secret organizations custody. The Secret International Defense Organization works to destroy the supernatural creatures, as well as keep it secret from the public. S.I.D.O. has many sectors, one on soldiers, and another on guards and others on physicians, etcetera. You are the only secret sector that will not be recorded in any way. S.I.D.O., in general, will sometimes work with some sectors of the U.S. government, but as I said, we can't leak any information about these supernatural being to the public. So, Celes and I are not only training you to become the standard soldiers that we have…but an elite team of soldiers that we will train personally." Seth then looked at Celes and then back at the soldiers, "You can now take this time to introduce yourselves to each other."

Rain glanced over at the two other soldiers talking to each other, one was a boy with brown hair, and the other was a girl with cherry red-ish hair and vibrant green eyes. They seemed to like each other by the way they were talking to each other, their body language. Then the other boy with blonde hair walked over to the couple and started talking. Rain looked at them strangely, thinking, Huh…they're all not as interesting… they're just a bunch of kids.

Then Celes walked up to Rain and put her hand on his soldier, "Cheer up, standing here being all silent isn't going to help anything or anyone."

Rain shook his head and smiled at her, "Sorry…I was…just daydreaming." Celes smiled back at him, she had such vibrant deep blue eyes, and a bright and beautiful face and smile. Rain smiled at her, thinking, She really is beautiful… there is nothing wrong with her at all!

Then the other soldiers walked up to Rain and Celes, they all definitely looked more immature and younger than the both of them. Rain was 17, and he didn't know how old Celes was, but he presumed that she was around his age, according to her looks.

"Hey, I'm Amatsu." The soldier with the brown hair said, he also seemed to have brown eyes as well. Rain rolled his eyes thinking, So, why do I care?

Then the female soldier with the red-ish brown hair and green eyes said, "And I'm Kaori."

Then the blonde kid jumped in front of them with a smile while cheerfully saying, "And I'm Andrew!"

Rain looked up at the both of them, they seemed to be happy, despite that their parents or guardians were killed by being from another world. Rain took a deep breath thinking, Pathetic…they're all pathetic…well, better not stay silent… "My name is Rain…Rain Yatoni." He said in a cold dark cold voice.

They all looked at Rain strangely, while trying to smile. They were already intimidated.

"Nice to meet you," Kaori quietly said, standing close to Amatsu, just trying to break the silence.

Rain smiled, and then thought; There…I was social with them….

Seth then ordered, "Alright soldiers, now time to introduce Celes and myself. As you now know, My name is Seth…I am your captain. And this is Celes…your commanding officer. Now, Celes is a 'special type' of person." Celes then glanced over at Seth, but remained silent as he continued, "She can easily fight off these creatures of the darkness, but there are some things you should first know about her. First, don't disrespect her at all; that is an order! She has come a long way…and you must show the up-most respect for your superior officer." Everyone then looked at each other, and then looked back at Seth as he continued. "Second, this is only half of the Celes that you are going to know. Now you see…Celes has two different…how should I say…people in her. Kind of like the yin-yang concept...this is her light side…and when the full moon comes, which is actually soon, she shows her darker side until the next new moon. And third, when the darker side of Celes does emerge…show even more respect than usual." Then there was a long pause, until Seth announced, "Training will be in the field. I have confidence in my decisions that you are exactly the type I need. Your first class is dismissed until further notice."

Rain sighed, thinking to himself, Hmm, it seems that Celes is more interesting than I thought… but what is she exactly?

ThenRain, Amatsu, Kaori, and Andrew then turned around and walked out of the large metal room altogether, not saying a word to each other..

"You didn't have to tell them my life story." Celes said, her was voice as well as body obviously showing that she was agitated.

Seth chuckled, before emphasizing the sarcasm in his reply, "You know as well as I do that that would take way too long… and besides… it would be too depressing for their first lesson. Right?"

Celes glared at Seth, "You know I was being sarcastic. I didn't want-"

Seth then interrupted her with her stern voice, "Listen Celes, they are our new soldiers, no need hiding it from them since full moon is tomorrow. Learn to trust them…they are going to be around for a while. That is an order Celes."

Celes then sighed and saluted, before unenthusiastically saying, "Sorry for my selfishness sir."

Seth smiled and said, "No need Celes" Then there was a pause before he continued; "Now… how do you suppose your 'other half' is going to act around our new recruits?"

Celes took a deep breath looking down at the ground, before she responded, "I don't know sir…I really don't."

Later that night…

"You better be nice to them…this is important to me." Celes commanded, talking to herself in the mirror. She was brushing her long silver hair in her own suite-like room on the top floor, she had a very large red velvet bed, a large table with a large mirror, a few bookshelves, dressers, cabinets, a sword rack with a rainbow colored sword, with red carpet covering hard wood floors. The entire room was lit by candle light.

Then a voice the exact same as Celes, except with a bolder, stronger, deeper, and darker tone responded in her head, "A special op team…I told Seth that this would be a bad idea." The voice said to her in her head slightly agitated before she continued, "I don't know exactly what your idea on 'nice' is…but I'll see what happens and see if I'll give them a chance."

Celes then looked down, still brushing her hair, "That was exactly what I was worried about."

The darker-Celes then chuckled before saying, "Jeez…don't worry Celes. I won't be like 'evil' or anything…you act like I'm the bad personality or something. You forget…we're the same person-"

Celes then interrupted the darker-Celes, agitated. "I don't forget…you've pounded it into my skull. We're the same person…but just the two yin yang halves to the true and real Celes who I know nothing about. I got it."

The darker-Celes then laughed for a second before saying, "Good. And don't worry about the special team…I won't make them hate us or anything if that's what you're worried about again…but I get the chance to do the first part of the training."

Celes then finished brushing her hair, then put the brush down, and then she walked towards her bed and got in it, "Yeah yeah…I know." She said to herself closing her eyes.

"Getting some sleep on your last night Celes?" The darker Celes said.

Then Celes mumbled, "It's not my last night…don't worry…it's what I want," She said before yawning and closing her eyes.

"Goodnight Celes," The 'other-Celes' whispered to Celes before she fell asleep laying in her bed.

Rain opened his eyes and sat up startled at the immediate sound of the morning's buzzer over the intercom. He glanced over at the clock with his purple eyes, still weary from slumber. 19:30, it read. "Seven-Thirty at night,…what?" Rain mumbled getting out of bed. He sat upright, and then stood up looking at his uniform handing on a hanger on the wall. Rain then yawned, thinking, Shit…another day. He tugged it down and started strapping up. After he was done he pulled on his boots, tied them tightly, then he grabbed his helmet and left the room.

I wonder what today will be like…hopefully more active. He thought as he walked down the long intricate hallways to get to the training area, just to see Seth in front of Amatsu Kaori, and Andrew lined up, waiting for Rain.

"You're late," Seth said sternly to him, "Get in line!" He added, sharply. Rain looked at Seth thinking, Hmm, Seth trying to be dominant…alright, just get along. Do it.

Rain nodded, not startled at all from Seth's bark, and casually got in line.

"Alright," Seth began, "I know all of you aren't that experienced with super-natural warfare, but let me tell you that you can only really learn through experience." Seth then took a deep breath and said, "A small group of vampires has been spotted in the outskirts of O' Town, along with a larger group of ghouls…and we have to act soon." Seth's voice was serious, and somewhat shaky.

Rain smiled, thinking, Hmm, more active than yesterday, that's good.

Then Kaori stepped forward and said, "But I don't know how to fight them…we haven't even been trained yet."

Seth then looked down and took a deep breath, "I know, but you must listen to me. I know that you three are superb soldiers; vampires and ghouls will mean nothing to you in a few months. The sooner you get used to them…the better."

Suddenly the metal door unlatched and opened, and Celes walked in, but she was not the same. Celes? Is that really her? Rain thought, watching her walk. Something was different about Celes, she stood next to Seth and looked at everyone with fiery red eyes. Her eyes were different, along with many more things; this was not the same Celes as the other day. This is not the same Celes…multiple personalities? Could it be? Rain thought, confused and puzzled.

Seth cleared his throat and said, "Everybody… this is Cel-"

Before he could finish Celes glared at him and interrupted, "You already introduced me to them yesterday."

Seth looked at her in the eyes and then looked down and said, "Y-your right…I guess I did."

Celes looked at him and smiled and then looked at the line of soldiers and said, "And they are supposed to be our 'special ops' team?"

Seth looked at Celes and nodded, Celes then slightly glared at him, then walked up in front Andrew, who was to the rightmost of the line.

Rain looked at her, still thinking, Wow…she's a lot more aggressive and dominant than the 'other' Celes…this'll be interesting.

Celes looked at Andrew, and examined him, then shook her head and sighed, "You won't make it pass the first mission…You're to…Ah never mind."

Then Celes turned and started to walk down the line, but Andrew grabbed her shoulder and boldly said, "Hey! You don't know me…I'm a lot tougher than I look you know! In fact, I bet I could take you anytime, any day!"

Celes glanced at Andrews arms on her shoulder with fiery red eyes, then shook his hand of and sighed, "Enjoy your last day…don't make me do something I'll later regret."

Andrew then let go, and then Celes continued onto Amatsu who was next in line. Rain shook his head, and couldn't help but think, She's a lot more interesting than the other…hmm.

Celes looked at Amatsu, examining him, then she sighed and said, "You're too trigger happy, and to rambunctious, you better not get anyone killed or you'll have me to answer to…just follow your orders and you'll be a good soldier."

Celes then closed her eyes and walked in front of Kaori, and then she opened her eyes and looked at her. "You're to naïve, to innocent, and to childish…you are actually more likely to get ourselves killed."

Rain smiled, thinking, At least she's honest… alright… time for me.

Celes sighed walking in front of Rain. Celes then looked at Rain strangely in his purple eyes, "I-Interesting… you're different…than the rest."

Rain looked at her impatiently, but remained silent, he just thought, Different…what do you mean different!?

Celes said interested, still examining him. "You'll become a good soldier, just train, and listen to your instincts." Then Celes turned around and stood next to Seth.

Rain sighed, thinking, What!? That's it…alright... patience…just wait.

Seth then took a deep breath and said, "Alright soldiers…let's get into the 'Loading Station' and get into the #12 Bus, then we'll take that to our targets."

Rain smiled, thinking, So this is it huh? Alright, first missions…let's get to it. All of the soldiers looked at Seth somewhat confused and worried in their own way…even Rain.

After an hour on the bus or so, Celes got up from in front and walked down the aisle and sat next the Rain in the row 2nd farthest back. It was around ten o'clock, and the roads were totally empty. Seth was sitting in the front near Andrew, and Amatsu and Kaori were sitting down next to each other in a middle row.

Rain looked forward, thinking, Oh god…she's sitting next to me…alright, play it cool.

Celes then glanced over at Rain with her red eyes, her mesmerizing red eyes. "Daydreaming?" she asked him.

Damn, Rain thought, then he shook his head and then looked at her, she definitely was different than the Celes whom he known.

Celes then closed her eyes and took sighed, "Don't be worried…I know everything is going to go all right."

Rain looked at her and clenched one fist saying, "I'm not worried…I'm actually somewhat exited."

Celes chuckled and opened her red eyes, "Good…that's what you should go off on."

Rain then looked at her somewhat confused, and then he chuckled, thinking, I kind of understand… but it's kind of weird to hear. Huh,…would it be weird if I asked this Celes the differences? Probably.

Then they all heard Seth in the front yelled out, "About another half hour or so…make sure you're prepared!"

Rain looked at Seth, and then at Celes. Celes looked down at Rain and muttered, "There's nothing to really prepare for…you're not… until you're there."

Rain swallowed and then looked down, there was a pause, and then he looked back up at Celes. "Are you…truly different…than with blue eyes?" Rain said, obviously having a hard time asking, he then thought, Smooth, very smooth…alright let's see how she takes it.

Celes chuckled and then looked at Rain smiling, "Of course. That girl that you met yesterday…you know the innocent beautiful one with blue eyes…yeah she is totally different than me…because I'm the mysterious beautiful one with red eyes."

Rain looked up at her almost shocked, "What!? I don't understand?"

Celes looked at him smiling, then she took a deep breath and said, "I know I look similar to you…looks and age…but I'm not. I'm not even a human…I'm a long lost and mythological race that was one of the first spirits to exist…having the ability to become a powerful angel, demon, vampire, anything. I'm known as a Sprite…and I am the first woman to really ever exist…Eve was long after me. So I'm actually a sprite that's billions of years old…and your God, my Creator, has appointed me as Earths guardian millions of years ago."

Rain looked at Celes shocked, words couldn't come out, and he was basically blown away…because he actually believed every word of it.

Then Celes rested her head on Rain's shoulder and then continued, "Now you must understand, that the 'other Celes' with blue eyes, she was the one appointed, and she was the one who messed it all up. She exposed God and Heaven to the humans, and was cursed with what you're talking to now. I...I am her cursed side…all of the negativity, all the darkness, hatred, anger, loneliness, everything…was divided, and I'm the darker half…to the yin and yang that we make."

Rain looked at Celes, still shocked, but understanding, thinking, She's not lying…it's all true. Everything…she really isn't human. But…how am I so certain of this…it's as if I already know this.

Celes continued, looking out the window towards the full moon, "Now you also must understand that the 'blue eyed' Celes is already… in love, with another. Her heart belongs to him, so I too must uphold that responsibility to keep her heart safe…if you know what I mean."

Rain looked down, he could somewhat comprehend the concept, but was still somewhat lost. All he could do was think, So, I guess that kicks out the possibility of me with her…damn it…oh well, I have a much more important purpose.

Celes sighed and continued, "So…we're each one half to a true Celes…a Celes in her final form…a true Sprite." There was a short pause before Celes chuckled, "I wonder if both of our eye colors mix to purple." Celes then sat upright and looked at Rain sort of surprised, "Wow…I actually told you more than I wanted you to know…not even Seth knows that much…"

Rain looked at her surprised, he felt sort of special, he just thought, Really… she's really opened up this much to me…I have to remember that this was only the 'red eyed' Celes thought…. Hmm, this information may come in handy later.

Then Celes smiled, before stating, "Make sure not to let any others know alright?"

Rain looked up at Celes, he started to feel a bit closer to her, then he said, "Don't worry…you're the only one I truly trust."

Celes then looked at him and smiled, then straightened her face, and said, "Good, but don't get soft on me soldier…we have a battle soon."

Rain looked at her and sighed, he was already ready for battle, always was, "Yeah," he then mumbled in a grunt.

After another fifteen minutes or so on the bus of complete silence, the bus finally came to a halt, they had arrived. "Alright soldiers, above your heads in those black duffel bags are all of the supplies and weapons you're going to need." Seth said standing up.

Duffel bags? Rain thought as he looked up and saw his duffel bag. He stood up and grabbed it, then opened it, thinking, Jesus…they make sure we're prepared. There was an assault rifle with a few magazines of ammo, two handguns, a couple of grenades, flashlights, handcuffs, knives, hooks, extra food and water, everything. Rain looked around the duffel bag, thinking, Perfect…I don't even need all of this stuff. Rain thought, then he smiled as he grabbed the various weapons, strapping them to himself, and walking towards the front.

Andrew later followed, but Amatsu and Kaori both were still equipping themselves. Rain looked back at everybody, thinking, Slackers…they won't make it being so slow. Seth was waiting for everybody, and the bus driver was waiting even more impatiently.

Celes stood up grabbing the metal bar hanging above that carried the duffel bags, and a shock of static electricity went through her body. "God damn it!" she yelled suddenly.

Rain quickly looked at Celes, thinking, What the hell is wrong with her? Is she okay? Everybody in the bus, even the bus driver looked back at Celes to see what she had yelled about. But by then she was just rubbing her hand walking towards the front.

Rain looked at her puzzled, thinking, What is she hiding…oh well, no need prying, now. As everybody finally exited the bus, the bus driver took off. Then Rain looked at Celes and quietly asked, "What was that about?"

Celes took a deep breath, her deadly red eyes calm, "Lets just say…electricity and I don't mix…it…it just brings up a lot of things… it's just a weakness."

Rain looked at Celes surprised, "Huh, interesting," he said casually.

"Yeah…I guess I'm pretty weird when you get to know me." Celes said with a smile.

Rain smiled back, as he thought, Electricity's her weakness… best remember that…but why?

Then Seth loudly and sternly yelled, "Alright soldiers, this is it! This is your first assignment, I know we haven't gone through any form of training yet, but that's the key. This is totally real…use your instincts, you'll understand."

Celes then pulled on a flak jacket with various guns attached to it, as well as grenades and ammo, and on her back, was a rainbow colored katana. "They know we're here." Celes said, looking at the group.

Rain smiled, thinking, Already…this is going to be fun.

Seth then nodded and yelled, "Alright everyone! Amatsu and Kaori are together, Rain you're with Celes, and Andrew, you're with me." Everybody nodded, and then looked at their partner.

Rain looked at Celes, thinking, Yes… I'm with Celes…how could this be any better.

Celes looked at Rain straight into his purple eyes with her red eyes, "Okay, this is it. Your first actual assignments…don't screw it up."

Rain nodded, and thought, This Celes really is different than the other Celes, even if they are the same person, you can't say that their personalities are at all the same. Then Celes started to jog in a separate direction than everybody else, and Rain soon followed her, thinking, Alright…this is it…mind to the mission. His equipment was heavier than he had previously thought; it also clicked and clanked with each step.

Celes kept jogging with Rain behind her, and then she lifted her fist, ordering him to halt. Rain stopped dead in his tracks and looked at Celes looking and sniffing around. He looked at her suspiciously, thinking, She really isn't human.

Then she ran and hid behind a tree that was behind even more bushes. "There are two ghouls over there." Celes whispered looking back at Rain with her glowing red eyes.

Rain looked at them, thinking, Good, they shouldn't be too hard. Rain slowly walked over towards Celes, holding his BAR rifle tightly.

Celes looked over her shoulder at Rain and said, "There all yours."

Rain looked at Celes, then back at the two ghouls that were walking without destination in the distance. Neither of the ghouls had noticed any humans nearby. Rain then knelt down near the brush, but he still had a perfect shot. Rain closed one eye and looked down the barrel of the gun; he matched up both of the balance aimers…a perfect head shot of one of the ghouls. The two zombies were somewhat in a line, one was behind the other.

Rain aimed at them, thinking, Shoot the one in the back first…then the one in the front will go down easier if it's distracted. Rain thought to himself. So this is it. This is how we're defending the world... Rain then pulled the trigger shooting the zombie in the back thinking …well somebody's got to do it. Then Rain slightly moved his gun towards the other zombie in front that was dazed and confused and then he pulled the trigger. Both of the zombie's brains splattered in the background of trees and brush. Rain then thought, taking a deep breath, That's it…it's over.

Rain was only surprised when Celes put her hand on his shoulder and said, "Good work. Now, let's go." Rain looked up at her wide eyed, and then nodded. Then Rain started following Celes deeper and deeper within the forest.

Rain looked up to see the full moon high in the sky, he never noticed that his mind and body where now totally separated. His body was running constantly, shooting the sluggish moving shadows, and automatically reloading his gun. But his mind was elsewhere, he thought about what his life had been like a week ago, plain and simple, boring. He had always thought it was only going to be that…day after day of living the conformist lifestyle. But now he knew that he had a chance…a chance to really make a difference in the world. The Secret International Defense Organization (S.I.D.O.) was his 'in' into the world of a lot bigger secrets and information.

Rain looked around, thinking, If there was actually billion year old woman spirits from the beginning of time, as well as vampires and zombies, then there had to of been something larger behind it all. But what would that be?

"Daydreaming again?" Celes said while they continued running through the endless dense trees and brush.

Rain snapped back into reality, thinking, Damn…I really need to stop this. Rain shook his head, and kept running along side Celes. As they kept running through the forest, the two suddenly heard continuous gunshots to the northeast of where they were. Rain looked in the direction thinking, Gunfire? Shit, they're already getting themselves killed!?

They both stopped and looked around each other, and then sprinted towards the gunfire. As they ran and dodged the bushes and large blades of grass, the gunfire started to become visible.

Rain continued running, thinking, who is it? I hope that Seth's alright at least. Rain and Celes ran through one larger bush and appeared in the center of a large grass plain that was being used as a battle field.

Celes then pointed towards two soldiers in the distance, and then looked at Rain and said, "That's Amatsu and Kaori."

Rain looked farther and could see the outline of two people fighting off a hoard of zombies that were closing in on them. Rain sighed, thinking, Idiots…just kids with guns, lost in a forest, getting themselves turned into zombie food. Rain looked over at Celes; she was focusing on the gunfire, so he tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Let's go in."

Celes nodded, while smiling, and then they both started running low in the direction of the gunfire. Rain smiled, thinking, good, time to kick some ass.

Celes looked over at Rain while they were running and she said, "Don't fire until my command. We don't want to give our positions that easily." Rain nodded, and kept running next to Celes. Damn it.

Once they were close enough, Celes lifted her fist and then they both halted, about 50 yards from the actual gunfire. Rain eagerly watched the gunfire thinking, Come on Celes…give the order. Then both crouched down low, Rain was panting, but Celes looked as if she was used to running very long distances, since she was neither panting, nor sweating. Rain looked at her surprised thinking, damn… she's good…of course she's the woman killing machine.

Celes took a deep breath and then said, "Alright…you have two orders. First, I want you to be the first one to run in there and throw a flash-grenade. All of your helmets will shield your eyes from the blast, so after that I want you to rendezvous with Amatsu and Kaori."

Rain nodded, glancing at the flash-grenade strapped to his utility/weapon belt, thinking, good…that'll get them.

Then Celes continued, "And that's when your second order comes into play…and in fact it's my favorite order," she then smiled while saying, "Search and destroy."

Rain widely smiled, then nodded while saying, "Yes ma'am."

Then Celes slightly unsheathed the Rainbow-Colored sword strapped on her back, and looked at Rain, "After you throw in the flash-bang…I'll go in."

What a sword…damn…suits her perfectly. Rain thought as he looked at her smiling, then he nodded, saying, "No problem."

Rain then sprinted out of the brush and un-strapped a flash-grenade off of his belt, then he kept running, waiting to get closer, just thinking, Alright, don't be stupid with this…make it work the first time…and first time only.

Amatsu looked past all of the zombies as he shot them, and could see Rain hurl the flash-bang into the crowd of zombies. It went off, but nobody else besides the zombies were even slightly effected.

Now, kill them all. Rain aimed his B.A.R. rifle into the crowd and started shooting a path in between the zombies. Rain kept running and shooting, and then Amatsu and Kaori finally heard the order VIA intercom. They pulled out there assault rifles and then started shooting through the crowd. Rain looked at them thinking, Good, hopefully they won't die now.

Zombie after zombie started to go down, but then a shadow overhead blocked to moon that was giving them light. Rain looked at the shadow, caught off guard, all he could think was, What the hell?

As Rain looked up he could see Celes overhead with her sword drawn and aimed at the hoard of zombies. She landed slashing through one zombie, then immediately swung her sword 360 degrees around her, slashing all of the zombies nearby. Rain looked at her slashing away, thinking, Wow, she's an amazing sword fighter…as if she's been doing it since the beginning of time.

As Rain, Amatsu, and Kaori kept shooting through the zombies, none of them could keep there eyes away from Celes. She kept slashing through all of the zombies nearby, and when there were none nearby, she would run with lightning speed to another small group and slash them to smithereens. Rain looked at Celes, stunned, thinking, Impressive Celes…I'm speechless.

All of the soldiers looked at Celes in awe as she had quickly killed all of the zombies single handedly.

Once the battle field was empty of any and all zombies, and full of blood and gore, Celes pulled out a red cloth and cleaned her sword that was dripping with darkened blood. Rain then looked around thinking, Alright, at least now we know that we're alright…but what about Seth and Andrew.

Then Celes sheathed her sword and looked at the rest of the group, "Zombies are by far the easiest un-earthly creatures to deal with." She said smiling with confidence.

Rain closed his eyes, thinking, that's good to know.

Kaori then stepped forward and asked, "Where did you learn how to fight like that? Everything about your sword skills was either unknown to me or vastly superior!"

Celes looked at her sternly, then loosened up before saying, "It took an endless time of training."

Kaori nodded, and then stepped back, standing with the group.

Rain looked at her strangely, thinking, A stupid girl with stupid questions…that's pathetic.

Celes then stood straight and boldly said, "Alright, well it seems that I took out most of the ghouls, but there's been no sign of a vampire anywhere." She then closed her eyes, sighed, and then folded her arms.

Rain sighed, thinking, is there anything or anyone nearby? Rain closed his eyes also, listening for any gunfire or moans in the background, but there was none.

Amatsu and Kaori looked at Celes and Rain with their eyes closed strangely at each other, then they both sighed.

That's was when Celes opened her eyes and pulled out her radio strapped to her flak-jacket, and set it to a specific frequency.

Rain watched her thinking, what's she doing?

Then Celes pushed a button and started speaking into the microphone, "Seth…Seth, come in." They all waited for a response, but there was none. Celes pushed the button again and said, "Seth…it's Celes, can you read me?"

There was still no response.

Rain took a deep breath thinking, What does that mean? She said that nothing would go wrong…so believe her.

Celes just sighed and closed her eyes, mentally scouting out the area.

After a few seconds of complete silence, Celes opened her eyes and boldly ordered, "Everyone, follow me," before she started running southeast from where they were.

Rain immediately started running after her, but Amatsu and Kaori hesitated before they did so. Rain continued running, thinking, They're so slow…oh well, just take care of yourself Rain.

But eventually they were all running out of the plain and back into the dense thick forest of brush, grass, rocks, roots, and trees. Celes led the group, running the fastest, and knowing exactly where she was going.

Amatsu reloaded his gun, as Kaori just checked her gun, they were both panting heavily in front of Rain, as for he was in the back of the line.

Soon after, Celes raised her hand and halted, followed by Rain, and then Amatsu and Kaori. Everyone in the group could hear a group of people talking nearby, but they were nowhere in sight.

Rain focused on them, thinking, Alright, now who's that?

Celes looked around her, and then her eyes widened and focused on a specific area north from there position. "Seth and Andrew are pinned…there are three vampires." Celes whispered, somewhat boldly, but worried.

Rain looked in the same area that Celes was, but couldn't see anything, he just thought, Three vampires…shit. He tightly gripped his rifle, and then looked at Celes asking, "Should I go in?"

Celes, as well as Amatsu and Kaori looked at Rain as if he was insane, and he wasn't sure if he even was sane anymore, because he was truly serious. "Do you know what you're doing?" Celes then asked Rain boldly.

Rain smiled at her confidently, and thought, of course I do. Rain linked eyes with her and nodded saying, "Yeah."

Celes then sighed and then took a deep breath, "Don't get yourself killed Rain," she boldly ordered him. Rain nodded and then turned towards the vampires, and then Celes said, "I have your back."

Rain smiled, then turned and ran towards Seth, Andrew, and the vampires. Rain continued running towards the empty plain, thinking, don't depend of them….

As Rain neared the vampires he noticed that there was only one male vampire, and two females. One of the female vampires had already grabbed Andrew, and had him in an impressive hold. Seth had his magnum pointed at the male vampire, but the other female was slowly circling around him.

Rain smiled, thinking, so they like to play dirty, huh? Rain thought to himself as he rose his B.A.R. rifle at the other female vampire circling around Seth; he had a perfect headshot, and took it.

The female vampire to the right behind Seth fell to the ground; her brains had splattered all over the ground behind her.

Rain continued running, thinking, So easy, now it's time for the rest of them.

Instantly Seth started unloading his magnum rounds into the male vampire in front of him, while the other female vampire bit into Andrew's neck and threw him behind her. Andrew held his bleeding neck then started screaming, and crying.

Rain grunted, thinking, Stupid kid…oh well, Celes foretold his death during his first mission anyways…guess she really knows what she's talking about.

As Rain neared the vampires, he started shooting at the male vampire nearing Seth, but all the vampire did was smack Seth once, and Seth flew to the ground unconscious.

Shit! Rain thought, whensuddenly, with un-human like speed, the vampire circled behind Rain and put him in another type of hold. Rain was caught off guard, all he could think was, Oh shit! Alright…don't be stupid like Andrew. Rain struggled a bit, but knew that it was impossible to get out. "Impressive hold." Rain mumbled while he still struggled.

The male vampire jerked Rain's neck and back roughly as he yelled, "Shut up human! You're going to regret ever coming here!"

Rain watched as the other female vampire neared Rain, and then stopped right in front of him. Rain looked at her thinking, Pointless…all of this is just pointless.

The female vampire looked young, she was dressed in all black with the rest of them, but she had black hair as well as red eyes. As she neared, Rain could tell by her face, that she was very angry.

The female vampire quickly slapped Rain across the face, and then she looked at the male vampire holding Rain, before saying, "How about we just drain him? That other one didn't taste very good."

Rain couldn't keep his eyes off her fangs, but then he looked and could see Andrew's body curled up in the distance. Rain gripped the flash grenade, thinking, Wait…patience.

The vampire holding Rain sighed and said, "Sure why not? But this is getting pretty boring…we need to start soon."

Rain shifted his eyes back and forth, he didn't understand what they were saying, not that he really cared. Andrew was dead for all that Rain cared, and Seth was knocked unconscious. The female vampire in front of Rain neared his neck and started sniffing it. So they like to play dirty, huh?...Well so do I!

At that moment, Rain pulled the pin to one of the flash-grenades attacked to his utility vest, his body was held in such a way were he could of still reach as high as his torso. The flash-grenade went off and Rain was suddenly get go, as both of the vampire in front and in back of Rain held their eyes in pain and agony.

Rain immediately thought, now…kill them all! Shoot every shadow…every movement.

That was when Rain pulled out his pistol and shot the male vampire in the head without even thinking…then he aimed it at the other female vampire that was still holding her eyes as well as head in agony.

Rain walked over towards her and then kicked her to the ground, then knelt down and put his pistol to her head. He looked at her, the innocence in his eyes was fading, and something within was being unleashed…Unchained.

"You better tell me why you are here…and I don't want any bullshit!" Rain yelled looking at the dying female vampire with furious eyes. It would be so easy to end her now…Rain thought, boldly looking at her.

The female vampire looked up at Rain, partially proud, but also scared.

Oh, so she's trying to be sassy with me, alright, time to show her that I'm not messing around. Rain thought, then grabbed the vampire by the collar of the black dress she was wearing with the hand not holding the gun and pulled her up to him, then he boldly said, "I'm not hearing any answers!"

The vampire looked at Rain scared, and then she looked down.

Either she talks or I shoot, Rain thought, shaking her by the collar and said, obviously agitated, "Now, you killed my partner over there…so don't think I'll have a problem killing you and forgetting about this matter by the morning."

Rain then swung the gun around in his hand, and pistol whipped the vampire multiple times as she loudly cried out on the ground.

She can take it…she's a monster…un-human…she deserves a lot worse. Rain thought pulling her closer, her face just starting to discolor and swell, "Answers?" he then plainly asked.

The vampire looked up at him, still scared out of her wits, then she said, "That vampire that was holding you… Mathew…he wanted to create an army of those ghouls…and take back the world that has forsaken us. You must understand that I had no say in the matter…I was forced to obey…or I would be killed."

Rain still kept glaring at her, examining her, and the situation: If she was telling the truth, then they had already eliminated the whole army, as well as the commanding officer. If she was telling the truth, then she had no part in the matter, and has no real reason to be killed. But if she was lying…then the situation was still similar. They had eliminated the army, as well as the commanding officer, and this woman could now just be trying to save her own skin. There was no telling whether she was lying or not, but he wasn't going to give her a chance.

She's going to end up dead one way or another…Rain thought taking a deep breath and calmly asking, "Who sent Mathew…I know that you're just the lowest of this particular chain." Then he thought, Either I get a name…or it ends here…that's that.

The vampire started crying and whimpering, "I…don't know…"

A single gunshot suddenly rang throughout the valley; Rain looked down as he had just seen her blood, skull, and brains fly out of her skull, and spray all over the ground in back of her.

Rain squinted his eyes, thinking, It's just business…don't make it personal.

Rain then stood up and walked nearby to the body of Andrew, who was breathing heavily with his eyes closed. Rain looked at his neck to see the two puncture wounds, he then took a deep breath, and then another gunshot rang throughout the valley.

Defending the world…it has to be done…it may not be the most humane job…but somebody has to do it. Rain thought while he saw Andrew's brains fly out of his skull and all over the ground and trees behind him. Rain holstered his pistol, and it was then that he noticed that he had their blood all over his hands, as well as his uniform.

Seth struggled to sit up near Rain when he regained conciseness, and when he finally did, all he could see was Rain staring into the sky…at the stars. Seth then looked around him to see Andrew's corpse lying near him, as well as three dead vampires. "Did…you do all of this, Rain?" Seth asked in shock and confusion.

Rain glanced at Seth over his shoulder and nodded, just then Celes, as well as Amatsu and Kaori came out of the woods in the distance. Rain looked at them, thinking, finally they decide to show…oh well, no need to get angry about it.

As everyone else neared, Celes looked at Rain with her red eyes proud and said, "Impressive," complementing him.

And that's my reward! Rain thought, smirking.

Amatsu and Kaori looked at him and smiled, but then all they looked down at Andrew.

"He was bitten because I rushed in to fast… I was too noticeable…it was all my fault." Rain said looking down, staring at Andrew's corpse.

Celes put her hand on his shoulder and said, "You have to learn not to blame yourself…this job is constantly revolving around life and death."

Rain shrugged and said, "I know…I mean, yes ma'am, understood."

Celes merely boldly looked back at him, seriously.

Seth stood up and walked towards the rest of the group, then said, "Well…you're definitely all qualified. I guess we should get back to the rendezvous point, and meet up with the bus driver."

Rain smiled to himself, thinking, Alright, that's it…first mission complete…and with many more to come.

Everyone nodded, and then followed Seth as he turned and started walking under the moonlight.

As Rain kept walking with everybody he definitely noticed that something within his had changed, or awakened. He knew that he was different now, from when he had first heard his mothers shriek in his old room. He no longer saw the world through innocent eyes…they were different now, tainted. But out of all of these 'feelings'…he was okay with it. He was fighting for a good and rightful cause, and one that had to be done. He knew this job had to be carried out by those with a tough mind and body. And that it was no job for somebody with innocence…and a rightful life ahead of them This was a job for those who had been through many hardships, someone who wouldn't be properly fit for everyday society, a shattered soul, scorned by the realism in the world. Everyone in the group, Seth, Celes, Amatsu, Kaori, and even Andrew had all seen there own sort of traumatizing event in there own day, and therefore where properly picked for the job. But Rain was like that…and beyond. He wasn't just any other 'special ops' soldier, he was something more than that.

"You're such a daydreamer." Celes friendly said, patting him on the shoulder.

God damn it! Rain thought as he looked up at her surprised, then he smiled, and said, "Thank you Celes…." Celes looked up at Rain surprised as he continued, "…For everything you've done for me so far."

Celes then looked down, smiled, and said, "Don't get to used to it…I'm still your Commander you know?"

Rain smiled, nodded, and looked ahead.

Celes then looked back at Rain, and seriously said, "Oh and Rain…"

Rain then looked back at Celes, and looked her dead in the eyes, mumbling, "Yeah."

Then Celes smiled and said, pointing to her head, "Don't use the lords name in vain…I don't want to hear that ...just everything else going on in there."

Rain then looked back at Celes surprised, and thought, She can read minds… she knows everything I've thought up of since I've first met her till now.

Celes slightly chuckled, and said, "Yeah, pretty much."

Rain shook his head, stunned, and slightly happy. He knew his place now, and enjoyed it for the time being. But, sub-consciously…he had bigger plans ahead. Rain could then see the bus over the horizon; and as he did, he knew that he was in the right place now, finally at peace, with another beginning.

Time keeps moving, yet the course of the future is unknown to all. To Rain Yatoni, anything is possible. Anything can be achieved, but what to focus on? Friends and possible enemies have arisen, yet anything can change in a blink of an eye. The pieces have been set, although, only time can tell what the outcome beholds.