Betrayal of Corruption

One year later…

Rain had continued working and training with S.I.D.O. for a little more than a whole other year, though he knew that his time of departure was soon to come. For an entire year, Rain continued his fight with S.I.D.O., struggling the whole time. Struggling with what he was really doing, struggling with his hatred for S.I.D.O., struggling to live happily. He had almost forgot about his past, the first time he came to S.I.D.O., the first time he met all of his friends, and he forgot all about Spirit. Rain just focused on his escape from all of the corruption going on around him. His betrayal of all of the corruption was always, 'soon to come'. Celes always stayed close to Rain, knowing of what was going to come. Though Rain remained calm and cool around Celes, never mentioning his escape since that one day. He just silently let his hatred and rage build up over S.I.D.O., though even Rain forgot the reason for this. No one else ever knew about Rain's escape, only Rain, Celes, and anybody watching from above. Amatsu and Rain had become close friends in the last year, even though Rain knew that it wouldn't be a long friendship. Brendan had survived the vampire attack, though he was badly traumatized after the mission, and was hospitalized ever since. Kaori, Amelia, and Celes had become close girl-friends as well. All of the elite girls hung out together constantly, as all of the elite boys hunt out together. Rain, Amatsu, and Sky became close friends, though Rain always remained somewhat separated from the others.

"Hey Rain," Sky said behind Rain, as Rain was walking down one of the S.I.D.O.'s hallways.

Rain then turned around, looking at Sky, and then he plainly said, "Yeah," though he thought, What does he want now? Sky then walked up closer to Rain, as Rain then asked, "What's up Sky?"

Sky walked up to Rain, stopped in front of him, and then Sky said, "I heard that Celes wanted to meet all of us in some urgent meeting, you're the only one that we couldn't find."

Rain smiled and shrugged, while thinking, For good reason…though if Celes says that it's urgent…then it must be urgent, and then Rain said, "Alright, another mission I guess."

Sky then sighed, then saying, "Yeah, that's what it sounded like."

Rain then sighed, then he turned around, and started walking down the hallway… Sky followed. Rain kept walking down the hallway, thinking, Damn…I just want some solitude…who knows when I'm going to disappear.

"Hey Rain," Sky began, "How'd you get so close to Celes…I mean…both sides of her are very reclusive."

Rain sighed, took a deep breath, and then he sternly, yet plainly said, "She was interested in me…otherwise there would be no other reason to bother with a soldier."

Sky looked down, saying, "Oh…I see."

Rain then stared at Sky strangely, thinking, Why does he want to know about Celes? Is he part of it? Then Rain and Sky turned down the hallway, still walking next to each other, yet they both remained silent. S.I.D.O…. I really can't stand this any longer…I wonder how much longer it'll be though? Rain thought to himself as he walked silently down the hallway with Sky.

"I can't believe this…," Sky said, breaking the silence, "…It's been three years since I joined S.I.D.O….and I really believe that I've made a difference already."

Rain looked down with a cold stare, thinking, Damn it…he's helpless...useless…if only things were different. Oh well…nothings going to change anymore…I better just let him live in ignorance…what bliss it truly is. "Yeah…good job kid," Was all that Rain could say.

Soon both Rain and Sky entered the 'Mission De-Briefing' room. Celes, Amatsu, Kaori, and Amelia all stood in the room, waiting for Rain to arrive.

Hmm, everyone's always waiting for me…what am I special? Rain thought, then sighing, …no, probably just slow, Rain thought walking in.

"Bout time Rain," Celes said with a bold and annoyed tone as Rain walked in. Celes's deep blue eyes vibrantly showed through her silver hair, staring at Rain walking in.

Rain nodded at Celes, smiling, though he could only think, What now? How important could this really be…how urgent?

Celes then looked away from Rain, and towards the rest of the soldiers. "Alright everyone," Celes sternly said, "Under an hour ago…a Disorter escaped from a nearby S.I.D.O. complex….and our team's been assigned to the area."

Rain's eyes widened, his heart skipped a beat, he actually was surprised, all he could do was think, I was right all alone…S.I.D.O.'s still experimenting on people… Disorters.

Celes then continued, "For those of you who might have forgotten…Disorters are humans that have been born with artificial telekinesis…as well as XVX…or a certain type of Super-Soldier- Serumthat have made these humans literally meant to kill."

Rain then looked down, standing next to Celes, thinking, Great…and we have to bring one down.

Celes sighed, and then asked, "Any questions?" Most of the soldiers usually didn't have many questions, but this mission was different,

"How dangerous are these Disorters?" Sky asked raising his hand.

Celes looked at Sky, and then responded, "They have a 100% kill-rate accuracy within ten feet, though the length could vary. Even so, they can use anything within ten or so feet as a dangerous projectile that had a 85% kill-rate. So…Disorters are pretty dangerous in general."

Rain smiled, thinking, They sound so familiar…but I haven't fought one…have I?

Amatsu then raised his hand, saying, "Was-Wasn't Spirit a Disorter?"

Rain then clenched his fists, his heart skipped another beat, and then his head fell. Spirit! Spirit…I…I can't believe I almost forgot…but how? Why? Rain thought, surprised and ashamed.

Celes glanced at Rain, then turned to Amatsu, and said, "Spirit was the strongest of the Disorters…but now she's gone…so there really isn't of much use talking about her."

Amelia then raised her hand, and innocently said, "What's our survival rate?"

Celes took a deep breath, thinking, and then she boldly said, "As long as we all obey every order…and there aren't many mistakes…then our survival rate is 65%."

Most of the soldiers in the room took a deep breath, but everybody remained silent.

65%...yeah right…do you really think that this group won't make many mistakes!? I give us 25 or 30% in actual reality… damn it! I may have to be on my own for this one…gives me a higher survival rate. Rain thought, looking slightly downwards and away from Celes.

Celes then concluded by saying, "We're leaving by plane in half an hour…meet in the bus port."

Trent walked down one of the S.I.D.O. hallways with Alyssa, nearing Zack's room. "Uh, sir?" Alyssa innocently said as they both walked down the hallway together.

Trent was dressed in his usual blue suit with a white collared shirt, and Alyssa in a red suit-like outfit. Trent sighed, turning around, and looking at Alyssa with his cold blue eyes.

"Um," Alyssa began, "I was wondering if we were making any improvement in finding Spirit?"

Trent took a deep breath, then he plainly said, "That's not your job…it's mine. Just stay to your actual job working for me…and your safety can be 100% guaranteed. Any insubordination will automatically void all of your privileges with S.I.D.O….so the best thing you can do is just do as you're told…and everything will be fine."

Alyssa then looked down towards the ground as they kept walking, "A-Alright," was the only thing that came out of her mouth.

Trent kept walking down the end of the hallway, and then he merely said, "Good… then go back…you're off for tonight."

Alyssa stopped, watching Trent walk on, then she loudly asked, "Y-Your serious…really?"

But Trent didn't respond back; he just kept walking on, as he always did.

As Trent entered the darkness at the end of the hallway, he stopped and leaned up against the wall of the hallway. "Damn it…Spirit…I'm still trying to protect you…please know this." Trent blurted out, with his head in his hands. Then Trent shook his head, and he walked on further into the darkness.

The lights from the hallway above Trent had gone out neared Zack's room, due to psychic disturbances. Trent kept walking on, until he could see the metal hatch-like door, with '#47' stamped onto it with some permanent red ink.

Trent took out one of his keycards from one of his suit pockets, then he swiped it on the key-card panel on the wall to the right of the door, and then the hatch-like door automatically lifted upwards.

Trent walked into the average teenage bedroom that had been customized for Zack; all of the electricity was running perfectly.

Trent walked farther into the bedroom, to see Zack telekinetically opening a can of soda.

"Very busy in here I see," Trent merely said, looking down at Zack with a can in his hands.

Zack looked back up at Trent; he had in the last year, 15 or 16 by now. "What's up Trent…I haven't sensed anything so far." Zack said as he glanced up at Trent.

"This had nothing to do with Spirit," Trent began, "It has to do with another Disorter…lets call him your test."

Zack looked up at Trent, somewhat interested, then he mumbled, "Test?"

Trent sighed, then plainly said, "A Disorter has escaped recently…he's not as strong as Spirit…but it's something that normal soldiers can't handle. He's called #24…."

Zack then closed his eyes, thinking, face towards the ceiling, then he plainly said, "#24…is less than twenty miles away… though he is very strong. I don't think I can beat him."

Trent sighed, and then said, "Then lead us to him…and do as much as you can."

Zack looked down, taking a deep breath, then he plainly said, "Yes…sir."

Rain opened his eyes, he had just woken up, not from a dream, not from a nightmare, he just woke up out of plain nothingness. Rain was still sitting on the plane, though it seemed to had just stopped, or landed.

"Come on Rain," Amelia said, shaking him, "We're here."

Rain looked up at Amelia, in to her blue eye that was covered by her brown hair, then he got up. We're already here…damn that really was a short flight. Rain then looked out the window, to see that the moon was still high in the night sky.

Celes was walking past Rain and Amelia down the plain aisle, with her blue eyes towards the ground.

What's up with Celes…I wonder what her mind is on? Rain thought as Celes boldly walked past Rain and Amelia without saying one word.

"Let's stay close okay…this could be one of our most dangerous missions," Amelia said, looking up at Rain, with a sparkle in her eye.

Rain looked down at Amelia coldly, thinking, I'm sorry, but I can't. I-I'm not with S.I.D.O. … no matter what my uniform may say. Though,… I shouldn't just leave you out in the dark.

"S-Sure," Rain blurted out with his eyes closed.

"Alright…I'll make sure not to get in the way." Amelia concluded.

Rain then started walking off of the plane with Amelia, after Celes, Amatsu, Kaori, and Sky.

Shit…we really are here, Rain first thought once he laid his eyes on the battle field. Though the plane had landed outside the S.I.D.O. complex…the area was still just a complete bloodbath. Dead mutilated bodies lied everywhere…blood couldn't escape any of the soldier's sight. Same manner…they're killed in the same manner that Spirit killed all of those soldier's…that killed her family that one day long ago, Rain thought, walking off of the plane, with an excellent view of the battlefield.

"Oh my god," Amelia blurted out in a whisper next to Rain walking down the staircase off of the plane.

Rain smiled; finally reaching solid ground, thinking, Well…let's get this out of the way.

Celes then boldly ordered, "Alright everyone…the Disorter is in the complex still…search and rescue the survivors…and destroy the Disorter or any other threat upon sight!"

All of the soldiers nodded, and then they all ran in their own direction towards the S.I.D.O. complex. Amatsu and Kaori ran together as always, yet Rain and Amelia also ran together, Celes and Sky ran in their own directions though.

Hmm, you better not get killed Sky, Rain thought as Sky faded out of sight into the building. Rain and Amelia then entered the building through a side door that they had found after running.

Rain and Amelia ran into the side door that led right onto one of the floors of a long squared staircase. Hmm…where would this Disorter be? Rain thought to himself, Underground… or towards the top of the actual external building? Hmm, it probably escaped from underground…so it should be going up if those bodies can be seen from the outside. Rain then looked at Amelia, and said, "It's probably going up if it escaped from down below…makes sense right?"

Amelia smiled, then said, "Makes perfect sense…let's go."

Rain smiled, and then started running up the staircase with Amelia. Good, Rain thought, This girl doesn't really even think for herself…she's so used to taking orders… this will probably be easier than expected.

Rain and Amelia continued running up the staircase, soon they passed bloody patches on the stairs and walls. Hmm, it seems I was right…we're getting closer. Then they would pass bloody limbs, or torsos, though no actual heads or faces could be seen.

Amelia grabbed onto Rain's arm out of shock or fear, though Rain just continued on running up the stairs, I have no time for this now…my prey is waiting for me…I know it.

Rain out ran Amelia as he sprinted as fast as he could up to stairs. Bodies, limbs, blood for that matter just became a dirty red blur as Rain quickly ran past all of it. Where are you…or when will this staircase end at least.

Rain soon found himself at the top of the staircase, where just one single door stood in front of him. This is it, Rain thought to himself as he reached out his hand and opened the door. The door swung open, and Rain found himself at the top floor of the S.I.D.O. complex.

Rain walked further in to see a single man standing in the bloodiest room, only covered in a single robe. Shit…this is it…good I must be over twenty feet away. Rain reached for his MP5, then he aimed it at he man, yelling, "Alright…now while we're still alone…., CODENAME: SPIRIT….is the name familiar!?"

The man looked up at Rain, thought he didn't say anything.

Suddenly a desk flew at Rain, though Rain dove out of the way just in time before it struck him. Good my training probably has really prepared me for this, Rain thought looking at the Disorter.

"I guess that's a 'No'," Rain merely said, smiling at the Disorter. Rain then quickly pulled out his knife, and attacked it to the bottom of his gun. A chair then flew at Rain, though Rain grabbed it and tossed it further back.

Though I wonder how far my training will take me, Rain thought, smiling back at the Disorter. "We'll see who'll prove victorious…won't we?" Rain merely said.

Trent and Zack were sitting next to each other in a private helicopter going straight for a blood drenched S.I.D.O. complex out in the woods. Blood could be seen all out in the front lawn, as well as the outer walls, and roof of the complex.

"Hmm…it seems that #24 really has made a mess," Trent said once he saw the bloodshed.

Zack looked out the window, and then he looked back at Trent, saying, "We have to…go in there?"

Trent then nodded, saying, "Yep…the real battle is going on inside."

The helicopter swerved down, towards the roof of the S.I.D.O. complex.

Zack then swallowed, with a look of fear in his eyes, then saying, "Do you really think I'm that powerful…do you think I can win?"

Trent then nodded back at Zack, saying, "If you truly try…then yes…I do think you'll defeat him. Though…only if you're truly trying…will you win."

Zack took a deep breath, saying, "I'll try my best."

Trent plainly responded by saying, "You'll also have a battalion of soldiers with you as support…they'll follow your lead."

Zack smiled, saying, "Awesome."

The helicopter soon landed on the bloody roof, right on it's landing target. Several other helicopters soon landed on the roof on their specified landing points.

Zack stood up, looking back at Trent, saying, "I'll see you when I defeat him." Trent nodded, and once Zack got off the helicopter, it took off, and other helicopter took it's landing point.

Zack was left all alone on the roof with several other helicopters full of soldiers landing all around him. As all of the helicopters landed, about fifteen soldiers per helicopter got off. All of them gathered in front of Zack, who was the youngest out of everybody there of course, but by far the most dangerous.

"What are your orders Commander!?" One soldier loudly questioned.

Zack looked down, sensing the other Disorter nearby, then he boldly ordered, "The Disorter…or #24…is one floor below us! I want half of you to infiltrate the building now, and the other half will wait here with me! I want the first half of you to report on any casualties…as well as any other important information on you search! Call us if you need any back-up!"

All of the soldiers looked at each other somewhat confused by the order, but they soon started to divide themselves us in two groups.

Then both sides called one side to a coin that Zack flipped, and one half of the soldiers then infiltrated the building. As the other half stayed and waited on the roof with Zack.

Rain continued dodging all of the trash, debris, and furniture that was around the Disorter. Rain was slowly making his way closer to the Disorter, keeping fifteen feet away, though it couldn't even notice Rain closing in.

As Rain neared the Disorter…all he could think was, Now the tricky part comes…I have to stay this far from it or I'm dead…though I only have one opportunity in defeating it. As Rain neared the Disorter, he kept completely hidden behind a pile of desks, pulling out a handgun out from inside his flak-jacket. One chance…I only have one chance…Rain thought, pulling the handgun closer to himself.

The Disorter threw a chair in a totally random direction across the room. He doesn't even know where I am, Rain thought looking at the Disorter through a hole in one of the desks, This is just too perfect.

Suddenly Rain aimed his gun quickly through the hole in the desk, and shot once at the Disorter. The bullet met it's mark, and the Disorter quickly fell to the ground in agonizing pain.

The Disorter, #24, shrieked in agonizing pain. Yelling and writhing on the floor, as it was completely immobilized.

Rain stood up and holstered the handgun, then Rain started walking towards the Disorter lying on the ground, writhing in pain, as Rain plainly said, "That bullet was filled with a time released pain neurotoxin… that must be burning more than anything you've ever felt…right?"

The Disorter couldn't even respond…it was in to much pain.

Rain smiled down at the Disorter in pain, thinking, I've actually done it…I brought down a Disorter…it was just all a matter of following all of the steps and taking all of the precautions into consideration. It's a good thing that the Disorter's powers are completely immobilized while in a state of pain… and you'll be in a state of pain for an eternity.

Rain knelt down next to the Disorter, then he pulled out his .357 magnum, chuckled, and said, "It's over."

Suddenly a loud gunshot erupted throughout the complex, as the Disorters brains flew out of his head, all over the floor and debris around him…including Rain.

Suddenly Amelia caught up to Rain, totally out of breath, as she finally reached the top floor to the complex. The only thing that Amelia saw when she entered the room, was Rain kneeling next to a body that had had its brains blown out.

Great, Rain thought, This is perfect timing.

Then all of a sudden, over twenty soldiers broke in through an exit on the other side of the room.

Huh, more re-enforcements, Rain thought as everyone started closing in around him.

"Hey…#24 has been defeated!" One soldier yelled in joy.

"Hooray, I guess our job's been done for us!" Another soldier yelled.

Rain looked at all of the re-enforcements confused, thinking, They're the ones that are useless…damn it!

Rain then felt a tug at his arm, he looked over to see Amelia look at him happily, "You did it Rain," she happily said.

Rain nodded, and then he looked over towards the Disorter.

All of the soldiers were so happy, so caught up in the moment, so savage, that they started beating up and shooting the corpse of the Disorter.

Savages, Rain thought, So…this is what happens. If a Disorter escapes…then they're just hunted down like animals. Rain continued watching the soldiers shoot, kick, and basically tears up on the Disorters corpse. What about Spirit… is this what would happen to her if she's found? No…I won't let that happen. Rain continued thinking as he watched the destruction go on around him.

"Hey…he's been defeated…#24's already dead!" One soldier yelled through a radio.

Rain then grabbed and started shaking his head while thinking, S.I.D.O. are the real savages… if they are just savages… then maybe I should show them how savage I can be!

Amelia tugged at Rain, starting to get horrified by the situation, as she nervously said, "This is turning bad… we should get out of here Rain…."

I'll find Spirit…and protect her from this evil corrupt corporation! Rain thought…standing up.

Suddenly Rain harshly pushed Amelia out of the way, and then he raised up his silenced MP5. Rain's finger held down the trigger as he MP5 then started unloading on all of the unsuspecting S.I.D.O. soldiers…most of them weren't even elites.

I knew it would happen eventually…though I never thought that it would be like this, Rain thought as he watched the blood spray out of the tainted innocent soldiers.

Amelia looked at Rain shocked, confused, full of fear, petrified.

Rain then looked back at Amelia, thinking, Damn it…I should of just been honest with her…with everyone…now it's just going to look like I massacred everyone…well, too late now.

Rain then suddenly and harshly smacked Amelia hard across the skull, knocking her out. Forgive me, Rain thought, But I don't want you getting really hurt here.

More soldiers then entered the room, and that's when Rain aimed and unloaded on them with his MP5.

"Shit…that soldier's insane!" One soldier yelled at the back of the group.

"Watch out!" Another soldier yelled.

Rain just kept kneeling behind the barricade of desks, thinking, There must be over 30 of them in this room…damn…I didn't want this to happen. Rain then pulled out a grenade from his flak-jacket, and looked at it. I'm sorry…but my betrayal of this corruption has now come, Rain thought as he pulled out the pin, and threw it behind him…towards the group of soldiers.

"Shit…grenad-!" Rain heard a random soldier yell before the grenade went off. A bright blast and loud explosion went off at the same time, right on the group of soldiers.

"Take cover!" Another young man's voice yelled.

Who could that be? Rain thought, then looking out from a hole in one of the desks. That was when Rain could see Zack standing next to a small group of soldiers. Th-That's the kid…from the time I last saw Spirit, Rain thought, looking at Zack.

"What's going on!?" Zack yelled again.

Then a soldier ran up next to Zack and harshly said, "A elite S.I.D.O. operative has lost it…he attacked most of our soldiers and he seems to be hiding."

Rain looked down, smiling, thinking, Yep…hiding…the tactically most-used methods.

"Hmm, search and destroy," Zack ordered the soldiers.

"Yes sir!" The soldiers chanted as they then slowly began searching the room.

Stupid kid giving stupid orders, Rain thought as he pulled the pin on another grenade. Rain suddenly stood up, shot Zack with his Handgun, hurled the grenade towards the group, and then dove under another pile of debris.

Rain could soon hear the shrieks and whimpers of Zack coming out as well as from the group of soldiers. Another Disorter…hmm, who would've thought, Rain thought reloading his MP5, Good thing I was prepared with that Pain-Extract.

"Shit…Zack's out of commission…get him out of here!" One soldier ordered.

Rain finished reloading his MP5, then he dove out of the debris, unloading another clip on the remaining ten or so soldiers. Blood kept pouring out all over the ground, though Zack was now out of sight. Damn…well, I better get out of here. I'm right in the middle of the bee's nest, Rain thought, diving for the exit to the office.

Rain sprinted down the staircase that he had come up with Amelia just minutes ago. Rain reloaded his MP5, while thinking; I hope I can get out of here unseen…unseen by my group members at least.

Rain then sighed, as he saw two or three soldiers running up the staircase. Damn it…well, it has to be done, Rain thought pulling out his knife and magnum. Rain then pulled out one of his flash-grenades, and hurled it down across the staircase from him.

It went off…blinding the other soldiers. "Shit…we're under attack!" A young soldier yelled.

"Don't panic…take aim to the first Disorter you see!" Another young soldier yelled.

Rain sighed, taking aim in the cloud of smoke and dust, thinking, I'm just easing the internal suffering that you'll endure your entire life with S.I.D.O. Then Rain unloaded his MP5 clip into the cloud of dust, yet one young soldier seemed to have rolled out and taken cover behind a metal pillar.

Rain shook his head, looking back at the dispersing dust that revealed the bloody dead bodies. So…your hiding as well…good tactic…but can you defeat me? Rain thought, walking down, closer to the metal pillar protecting the young soldier.

Suddenly the young black haired soldier charged out from behind the pillar at Rain, but Rain quickly and harshly slammed the soldiers face to the ground.

Bold move…but you failed, Rain thought, taking out his knife.

Suddenly the young soldier then flipped Rain up and over him, and then he pinned Rain after falling down the stairway. That was when Rain harshly slashed out, slicing the young soldiers throat.

That was when Rain noticed who the young black haired soldier was…it was Sky.

Sky was on top of Rain, profusely bleeding out from his throat, all over Rain. Sky was still alive, gasping for air, looking at Rain with tears in his eyes.

S-Sky…no…I…I didn't mean to. I didn't want to…but now…I have to end your suffering, Rain thought, while he pulled out his magnum, and with a weak cracking voice, said, "I-I'm so sorry Sky."

Then Rain aimed at Sky's brain, and then he pulled the trigger.

Most of Sky's entire head blew off his shoulders, blood, brains, bits of skull, blew out everywhere…including all over Rain.

Oh my god…shit…I could of saved him…what have I done!? Then Rain sat up, and cradled Sky in his arms. "Wake up!" Rain yelled out at Sky's headless corpse. "I said WAKE UP SKY!" Rain then yelled again, it echoed through the stairway…but there was no response of course. No…he's dead…I ended his suffering…I still have to get out of here, Rain thought as he gently laid Sky's corpse on the stairway.

Rain then stood up, and said, "I'll never forget about you Sky." Then Rain continued running down the staircase with tears pouring out of his eyes. I promise…I'll never forget, Rain thought as he reached the central floor of the S.I.D.O. complex.

Rain then started running for the main entrance/exit of the S.I.D.O. complex; all the way across a large lobby.

Suddenly Rain was tackled by someone behind one of the empty lobby desks. What the hell…who is this!? Rain thought as he was hit.

The person was another soldier, but this one was more recognizable. It was Amatsu in his black elite uniform, tackling Rain to the ground.

Amatsu…shit not here, Rain thought, immediately throwing Amatsu off of him, and getting up off the ground.

"Rain…What the hell Rain!?" Amatsu yelled, getting up off of the ground.

I guess I have to deal with Amatsu now… great, Rain thought, glaring at Amatsu.

"Why are you doing all this Rain…I thought we were friends!?"

Rain then sighed, emotionlessly looking at Amatsu, then he plainly replied, "You are my friend…that's why I haven't killed you; despite the four different opportunities that I've had."

Amatsu then looked down, away from Rain, plainly saying, "I-I'm not going to let you pass."

Rain then sighed, thinking, Alright…don't kill him…just knock him unconscious, or something. Rain then started walking over towards the exit, past Amatsu.

"Hey…hey Rain!" Amatsu yelled as Rain passed him, while un-holstering his pistol.

Rain then looked down, thinking, It's now or never. Suddenly Rain then turned around and hurled a flash grenade at Amatsu; it went off right in front of him.

A bright flash of light exploded it front of both Rain and Amatsu, white dusk scattered everywhere…making it impossible to see or breathe, and the explosion made everything impossible to hear.

Amatsu…he's nearby…but where? Rain thought, trying to feel any vibrations coming from any direction. Suddenly Rain and Amatsu bumped into each other, and that's when Rain tackled Amatsu to the ground in a sleeping hold. Just knock him out…just make sure he's unconscious, Rain thought as he was cutting off Amatsu's circulation. It's just like when we were kids…fighting over nothing…he's just as easy as back then, Rain thought as Amatsu started to struggle. Soon the white dust started to disperse…and that was when Amatsu was finally knocked out unconscious. Sorry Amatsu…but I don't want there to be any more unnecessary deaths, Rain thought as he pushed Amatsu's sleeping body off of him.

Amatsu lightly fell to the lobby floor, as Rain started to get up and run away.

I just need to get out of the lobby, and make it for the woods, Rain thought, running for the lobby exit.

As Rain almost became out of sight from Amatsu's body, Kaori ran over towards Amatsu, to tend his wounds.

Rain ran out of the S.I.D.O. complex's main lobby, right out in front of the entrance, the bloody entrance, in front of the bloody field. I…I had just ran into this complex from here just a little while ago…Rain thought, looking around to see nobody. I have to make it for the woods…for freedom, Rain thought as he started running away from the complex.

Rain kept running away from the complex, past the bloody stone entrance scattered with bones and limbs. Damn it…this is too easy…I know something's going to happen, Rain thought as he made his way onto the bloody grass field.

Suddenly a figure appeared in the distance, a female figure.

W-who can that be now, Rain thought as he kept running towards it, without showing any signs of stopping. It's a woman…but who? Rain thought as he kept running towards the female-shaped shadow.

As Rain kept running towards the shadow, it became clear to him who it was. The young, slender, silver haired, blue eyed, Celes.

Rain then looked down, thinking, Shit…this is going to be my biggest obstacle…I wonder how this is going to end. Rain kept running towards the figure that he could clearly see was Celes, then he stopped, standing right in front of Celes while still covered in blood.

"Now where do you think you're going Rain," Celes merely said to Rain.

Rain looked up at Celes, panting, out of breath, thinking, This is it…let's see how it all plays out. Rain then took a deep breath, before saying, "I'm leaving…escaping from S.I.D.O.'s corrupt grasp."

Celes then looked down, yet she remained silent.

"I told you this day would come…though I never wanted it to end like this," Rain plainly said, looking up at Celes.

Celes then took a deep breath, saying, "You understand that if you wish to leave…then you have to get past me."

Rain then sighed, thinking, Damn it…I know I can't win…I know it…what am I doing? Rain then took another deep breath, before saying, "I know…but even though I lack the power…" Rain said, grasping the handle of his knife, "…I will still persist."

Celes looked up at Rain, smiling, as they locked eyes, then she sternly said, "Bold words child."

Rain looked straight into Celes's eyes, thinking, I guess this is it…I'll just give it everything that I have…up until my last breath.

Suddenly Celes sighed, and then she casually moved out of the way. "Get out of here Rain…leave this place," Celes softly said.

Rain looked down, thinking, Thank you Celes…I knew you'd understand.

"Going after Spirit?" Celes then casually asked.

Rain sighed, before he said, "Of course…you know me well Celes."

There was then a short awkward pause as Rain and Celes looked at each other, but then Celes plainly said, "Get away from here…go find and protect Spirit from the clutches of S.I.D.O….and I shall see you again some day."

Rain then nodded at Celes, before he took off, sprinting for the woods.

2 hours later…

Trent sat next to Zack's unconscious body in one of the S.I.D.O. private emergency rooms inside the complex. There were hundreds of dead bodies everywhere due to #24, as well as Rain's escape. Hundreds more were injured.

Trent looked down at Zack, mumbling, "How could a mere elite soldier defeat you? How?"

Suddenly one of the S.I.D.O. doctors rushed into the private room with a clipboard, and a stern look on his face.

"Dr. Haruka," Trent said looking up at the male doctor in his late twenties, auburn hair, blue eyes, and a fairly well built physic.

Dr. Haruka had been with S.I.D.O. for the last ten years, yet he never fought one battle, all he ever did was save the soldiers lives. The doctor, known as Dr. Haruka, looked at his clipboard, and then back down at Zack. "#47…or Zack as you call him, has been struck with a time-released pain neurotoxin that is still affecting him. He'll live…though he's not going to be able to use his powers until the toxin runs it's course."

Trent then looked up at Dr. Haruka, saying, "And when will that be?"

Dr. Haruka then sighed, and said, "It's varies with each person…as well as Disorter…so a time frame can't be pinpointed. Now that you know that his life is guaranteed…I have to go tend to other patients…those that are dying this second." That was when Dr. Haruka flipped to another page on his clipboard, and then left the room.

As Dr. Haruka left the room, Trent's secretary, Alyssa walked into the private emergency room. She was dressed in a black dress-suit, covered by a white gown coat. "There's been no word on the elite that escaped…we're not even sure of what direction he's heading in. The info on the missing soldier should be available once all dead and injured soldiers as taken accounted of." Alyssa said walking into the room.

Trent then looked up at Alyssa with his cold eyes, then he plainly said, "Thank you Alyssa…that's all for now."

Alyssa then nodded at Trent, before she turned around, and started walking out the door.

Before she actually left, Trent merely said, "Now we're looking for two S.I.D.O. operatives…this is going to keep us busy."

Alyssa stopped, though only for a brief second, before she continued walking out the door.

Amatsu, Kaori, and Amelia all sat in the same emergency room together, all doctors and soldiers were being scattered about.

"I-I can't believe it..." Kaori mumbled with an innocent tone, "…Why would Rain do such a thing?"

Amatsu then shook his head, looking down silently.

Amelia then took a deep breath, before saying, "He…he just snapped. Rain killed the Disorter…then all of the S.I.D.O. soldiers came…and started mutilating the Disorter's dead body. That was…that was when Rain started unloading on the soldiers…though…" She then looked up. "…when he looked at me…and when he knocked me out…I could tell that he was trying to protect me." Amelia added.

Amatsu kept looking at he ground, gritting his teeth, though he still kept silent.

Kaori then looked at Amelia with teary eyes, before saying, "But why Rain… why?"

Amatsu then looked up at Kaori, plainly saying, "For Spirit…he knew that S.I.D.O. would do the same thing to Spirit…that's why he snapped."

Amelia then looked at Amatsu, with worried eyes, before saying, "For Spirit? He did all of this for Spirit?"

Amatsu then nodded, saying, "Spirit escaped not hurting any of us... I also remember Rain and Spirit talking during Spirit's escape from the S.I.D.O. formal years ago… and then again on a mission a few years back. Plus…Rain didn't kill any of us…he said it was because we were his friends. ….He had to of been planning this…."

Suddenly Celes entered the emergency room, with a cold look in her eyes. "Sky's dead," Celes merely said as she stopped and leaned against the far wall.

Everybody then looked at Celes shocked, confused, and worried.

"W-What!?" Kaori shrieked in terror.

Celes just remained silent as she just looked down leaning against the wall.

"D-Did Rain kill him Celes," Amatsu loudly asked looking at Celes.

There was a semi-long silent pause as Amatsu, Kaori, and Amelia all looked at Celes looking down. "Yes," Celes then plainly said, breaking the silence, "Though he didn't mean to…he did kill Sky."

Amelia then shook her head, looking down, crying out, "God damn you Rain… why!?"

Kaori moved closer towards Amelia, comforting her, before saying, "Don't worry Amelia…nothing can be done now."

Amelia then sighed, before looking down in silence.

Dr. Haruka then walked into the emergency room with all of the elite soldiers. "So…how is you're head injury…uh, Amelia Silvestri?" Dr. Haruka said, looking up from his clipboard.

Amelia then looked up at the doctor nervously, but then she plainly said, "It-It's fine."

Dr. Haruka then looked at Amelia strangely, before saying, "Uh huh…well once the swelling and pain starts…just let me know." Then Dr. Haruka turned to Amatsu, confidently saying, "Amatsu is it?"

Amatsu then turned to the doctor, nodding.

"Huh," Dr. Haruka then blurted out, "The other one…Sky Otoni…he's deceased. But…wasn't there another male member in your group?"

Everybody, including Celes looked away from the Dr. Haruka, everybody also remained silent.

Dr. Haruka then started flipping through his clipboard, looking through the documents. Then he stopped on one page, examining it. "R-Rain Yatoni…isn't he apart of your squad?" Dr. Haruka urgently asked.

Celes then stood up from against the wall, and started walking out the door.

Dr. Haruka watched Celes leave, then he turned towards the rest of the squad, loudly saying, "He is…isn't he!?" Everybody still kept quiet, looking away from Dr. Haruka. Then the doctor looked towards the ground, merely saying, "I see," before walking out the door.

6 hours later…

It was mid-day, and Rain was still slowly jogging west through the dense thick forest. It's been hours…are they still after me? Rain thought, struggling as he ran through the woods, hungry and tired.

I wonder how long I've been running, it's definitely been awhile…I don't even know where I am anymore, Rain thought, dodging rocks and tree branches. Rain continued running through the woods as thoughts kept crossing his mind.

Sky…damn it…you had a long life ahead of you…that I merely robbed with a misunderstanding…though…I ended many innocent lives last night, Rain thought… struggling to put one foot in front of the other.

Celes…why did you just let me leave like that, Rain thought, Why'd you just let me pass so easily?

As Rain kept running through the dense woods, he also started stripping off his S.I.D.O. uniform, one layer at a time, thinking, Damn S.I.D.O.! I can't believe I had been sucked into it for about seven years… fighting with them for seven long years. I have to get rid of this uniform…if not for my protection…then for my soul. Rain just stripped down to his underwear and boots as he continued running through the lush thick forest.

As Rain kept slowly running through the woods, the thought came across Rain's mind, Where exactly am I going? I don't even know the first place to start looking for Spirit…I probably look crazy out here running through the woods…but I had to escape…and I have to find you, Spirit.

Rain then quickly ducked, dodging a large tree branch that was hanging off a large tree. Though Rain didn't stop running, he just kept thinking, Spirit…I should of just left with you…if you knew how corrupt S.I.D.O. was years ago…then why'd you tell me to stay? That's a promise that I have to break…for your sake.

Rain then jumped over a rock, landing on the other side of it, without slowing down or stopping. Spirit…I'll find you…I'll find you and protect you…that's a new promise…a new oath, Rain thought as he kept struggling to put his foot over the next.

Rain kept running as he jumped over a rock, though his foot caught on the very top of the rock, and then Rain fell face first to the ground. Ah…damn it…Rain thought in pain … I think I broke something! Rain thought, as he struggled to roll over on his back. Shit…two broken ribs…and a broken collar bone…damn it! Rain thought, examining his broken body.

Rain then saw a large gash across his chest and stomach, and then a large jagged bloody rock near him. Rain then took a slow deep breath, thinking, Not only is by body broken, but I'm also internally bleeding.

Rain then looked up towards the sun high in the sky. The dense woods shaded Rain a little bit, though sun light did creep through the trees. Well…I guess this is life…this is karma…what happens in the end, Rain thought, looking up at the sky. I mean…I'm fucking dying now…after all of that, Rain thought in pain, lying on the ground, gushing blood.

Rain then sighed, looking down and around the woods, thinking, Look at what I'm going to remembered for too…a life of nothingness…I'm never going to be remembered in the world…except for killing loved ones probably…damn it!

The sun crept its way through the holes in the trees, meeting Rain's face. Rain smiled up at the light, thinking, Yeah…take me God…I guess I'm ready. Then Rain's eyes started to get heavy, and his body started to become limp.

I'm sorry Spirit, Rain thought closing his tearing eyes, I'm sorry I couldn't find you Spirit…I'm sorry I couldn't protect you…. Rain thought as he slowly drifted away from consciousness.

A lost soldier has nothing worth fighting for, except fighting to find himself. The gears have begun turning, showing no signs of halting. Friendships have been shattered, and enemies have been created. For Rain Yatoni, he has succeeded in shielding his soul, although, he may already be dead. Time keeps moving, yet for how long?