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Got a great prompt, here it is! Just a short little almost-drabble.

GPS Problems

"Okay. Now apply light pressure to the-"

"I know Swan." Killian's accented reply comes out tightly, his hands grip the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turn white.

"Okay okay! Just trying to help." Emma mutters.

He manages to back out of the vacant lot, and all goes well.

Until he gets to the intersection.

Oh, Killian is a great driver. He had problems at the beginning, "what are these moving things in front of the windshield?" and, "BLOODY HELL, THERE'S A SINGING LADY TRAPPED IN THIS 'RADIO'!" but he got the hang of it.

So Emma has no clue why he's stressing out now.

"It's just a short drive to Henry's school..." She reminds him gently, misinterpreting his worry. "And you're a great driver."

" l know that," he snorts. "I just uh..."


"I don't know where to go."

Emma stares at him, he stops at the red light.

"We've driven there before."

"You did. I was in the passenger seat." He makes a wrong turn, and Emma points it out.

After, she says, "how the heck did you captain a ship if you don't have a sense of direction?"

"I had the stars! Or a sextant!" He protests. "And this land vessel is much different than my lovely Jolly Roger."

Emma's eyes gleam. "I know just what to get you."

"Turn left in four hundred meters."

"I don't know how long four hundred bloody meters is!"

"Recalculating. Make a u turn when possible."

"A what turn?"

"Recalculating. Turn right in ten meters."


"Recalculating. Turn right in ten metres."

"You can shove your 'recalculating' up your arse you disembodied voice!"


"Damn it."

Thank you for the prompt, I'd love more!